Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unity Government

I'm not agree with the idea to form a unity government between UMNO and PAS. I'm sure this idea came out after PAS president Hadi Awang has seen disunity that Malay currently facing.

I'm sure this idea came out from the bottom of Hadi Awang heart, it probably due weak PAS in PKR coalition. PAS may loose it voice in PKR, there is why he trying to think out of the box.

The question is, how about the other BN component parties? What is their view about this issue? UMNO should seek their view first before initiating to holding up any talk with PAS. My view, unity government already took place in BN itself, therefore I see there is no need to have another unity government.

I would only support UMNO move, if UMNO and PAS would like to hold a talk in discussing on how to share a common view among Malay in relate to disparity state that Malay currently facing.

Apart from that, UMNO should seek it grassroots view about this idea which I think it is tantamount because today decision would eventually produce the consequence in the future. Furthermore, the basic UMNO principles with regard to religious view, social unity view and social economy view which currently upheld would not be sacrificed.

My small heart says that Hadi Awang found PAS in difficult state in PKR, that why he trying to change his approach to regain Malay support by forming unity government with UMNO which could consequently produce a better performance by PAS during next general election.

Whatever it is, to hold any talk to discuss about it would be good. To find another solution would be another matter. The most important is we should not close our eyes and mind from other views as well.

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