Thursday, August 13, 2015

Najib Mistakes - A Lesson and Learn for Us

  • Najib do not have right quality / character in leadership - too soft, always playing safe, sprinkling money to buy loyalty and popularity, which he said CASH IS KING. Unlike (Tun) Dr Mahathir who's like debating and answering questions raised. His approaches in allowing dissent within and outside party actually have allowed him succeeded in his political endeavour. In other words, Najib approaches was short sighted, would not last long.
  • Najib do not have Malay blood in his vein, he just lucky having a late father who was founding father of his nation and his own party. He built his political ascendency through his late father influence and Malay feudalism character of loyalty without questioning.
  • Najib was also wasn't seen as a true political fighter that fighting for his own people interest, furthermore this 1MDB polemic have tarnished his reputation and widening public perception towards him as a corrupt leader.  
  • Najib also failed to quash public perception towards his wife - he was seen under control of his wife (queen control), which every leaders must avoid in order to be seen as a credible leader to the nation and people he representing.
  • Najib decision to remove those internal dissenters will only brought in disaster for his political mileage. Eventually the messages from the grassroots will not reaching his ear, will be filtered by his apple polishers who's cares only their self interest - this wasn't in line with democratic principle.
  • Najib have elephant in the room of 1MDB polemic that currently under public scrutiny. Everyday new discoveries exposed to the public either deliberately or inadvertently. The more he's trying to conceal it, more evident exposed. It's remind me of Sir Isaac Newton 3rd law of motion - For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action - the current political crisis fits that bill.
  • Najib have ruined this country, there's no turning back to bring back the reputation he once have, therefore his resignation inevitable. In fact the magnitude of this offence requires punishment. If you look back the history of Daim Zainuddin in politic, Daim was asked to leave on the basis of the public perception that was detrimental to the party, even though there's no evident to prove his misconduct or misdeed. Nevertheless Daim stepped down voluntarily without any drama or controversy. Maybe some of us forgotten to remember that (Tun) Dr Mahathir himself has stepped down voluntarily, this is lead by example that he have taught us all this while.