Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

It has been 11 years already since 1998 that my father had passed away. How I wish if he still around, I'm sure I will be his good friend. There are many things which I would like to share with him, unfortunately it would not going to happen.

It was a such everlasting effects that he had left to me in particular and my family as well. There are several good examples that I and we should follow such as make reading as our hobby. Even thought, I'm not as hard reader as him, but I'm as curious as him.

My late father was a someone who has self dignity in which I really admired. He always firm on his decision or stand in whatever circumstances while not let himself being too rigid. Every fathers should follow this example.

For someone who still have a father should use this valuable moment before it too late.

May Allah bless the late Ahmad b. Shaffie.

To the other fathers out there.........


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unity Government

I'm not agree with the idea to form a unity government between UMNO and PAS. I'm sure this idea came out after PAS president Hadi Awang has seen disunity that Malay currently facing.

I'm sure this idea came out from the bottom of Hadi Awang heart, it probably due weak PAS in PKR coalition. PAS may loose it voice in PKR, there is why he trying to think out of the box.

The question is, how about the other BN component parties? What is their view about this issue? UMNO should seek their view first before initiating to holding up any talk with PAS. My view, unity government already took place in BN itself, therefore I see there is no need to have another unity government.

I would only support UMNO move, if UMNO and PAS would like to hold a talk in discussing on how to share a common view among Malay in relate to disparity state that Malay currently facing.

Apart from that, UMNO should seek it grassroots view about this idea which I think it is tantamount because today decision would eventually produce the consequence in the future. Furthermore, the basic UMNO principles with regard to religious view, social unity view and social economy view which currently upheld would not be sacrificed.

My small heart says that Hadi Awang found PAS in difficult state in PKR, that why he trying to change his approach to regain Malay support by forming unity government with UMNO which could consequently produce a better performance by PAS during next general election.

Whatever it is, to hold any talk to discuss about it would be good. To find another solution would be another matter. The most important is we should not close our eyes and mind from other views as well.

Jambatan Ketiga

Adakah jambatan ketiga merupakan satu keperluan untuk rakyat Johor?

Banyak faktor perlu diambil kira untuk memastikan idea ini merupakan satu pelaburan yang berjaya kepada negara. Di bawah beberapa faktor yang perlu diambil kira :

1) Mengganggu perjalan kapal - kapal dari dan ke Kepelabuhan Pasir Gudang.
2) Meningkatkan kualiti air dengan adanya aliran air di selat Johor akibat dari perobohan tambak Johor.
3) Mengurang masalah kesesakan trafik di kawasan tersebut.
4) Meningkatkan potensi pengembangan ekonomi di selatan Johor hasil dari perobohan tambak Johor.
5) Membolehkan Kompleks Pemeriksaan Kastam, Imigresen dan Kuarantin (CIQ) di Tanjung Puteri dapat digunakan sepenuhnya.

Maklumat diatas merupakan idea yang diperoleh dari komen - komen yang dikeluarkan oleh Tun Dr. Mahathir di akhbar Utusan baru - baru ini dimana saya dapati pandangan beliau agak logik dan mempunyai fakta kukuh.

Oleh itu kerajaan haruslah mempertimbangkan fakta - fakta di atas dengan teliti agar setiap pelaburan yang dikeluarkan menguntungkan dikemudian hari kelak. Saya percaya, Malaysia mempunyai ramai pakar - pakar yang arif dalam bidang ini dimana saya berpendapat kerajaan juga harus mendapatkan imput dari mereka.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

McLaren 2009

After 7 races past and most recent Turkish GP slump, I personally feel that McLaren should forget this season championship and started concentrating next year by building a race winning car to follow Brawn GP footstep.

With 83 constructor points and 52 driver points gap respectively as well as 10 remaining GP's left, it is virtually impossible for McLaren to secure either driver or constructor championship. Hence, they should divert or focus more on next season championship. Furthermore, Brawn GP had shown no sign of deterioration in performance, therefore they are likely will collecting more points in comings GP's.

Lewis Hamilton has shown it remarkable performance in using a lousy car, thus it is undoubtedly proof of his worth. Now the ball is in McLaren court to turn it lousy car into a race winning car. Based on my observation from several past GP's, McLaren car clearly losing a aerodynamic grip for fast circuit, there only Monaco circuit where it need a mechanical grip in which McLaren had squandered by losing a valuable points there.

Compared to last season, there were slim margin between McLaren, Ferrari and BMW Sauber since the very first day, thus it had forced the championship to be decided right down to the wire.