Thursday, December 29, 2011

The History of Music and its Culture and Current Polemics of Local Music Industry

1) Music is part of our culture and daily lives. Wherever we go, we would hear songs, either in the house or in the car or while in the shopping center. A friend of mine used to said, one who do not like music has no taste. I would agree to this notion, we will know one taste after read his / her  taste in music. When we have seen one taste in jazz or blues, his / her taste would differ with those who like the other kind of songs.

2) Music were divided into 2 different distinctive, which is modern music and classical music. Modern music derived from the blues, which was invented by African American slaves during the end of 19th century, the genres that were combine of native African influences with the European influences. It was started somewhere in North Coast of US. While classical music on the other hand, derived from western music of Europe, and being played largely by white people.

3) Blues is the root of modern music that we are currently listening, either its Rock or R&B or Jazz or Rap or Hip Hop, all are rooted from the same root which is Blues. That why, one would says, music is universal, it is derived from the same root, and progressively evolve through times and culture.

4) Music also part of the culture. When African slaves were brought to American, working in white large plantations of cotton, tobacco, sugar and coffee in North Coast of America. These black African slaves were not only brought their culture, but also brought their music to American soil. In other words, culture and music are interrelated, which would define and influence the music that brought through cultural impact indirectly or directly.

5) Initially, black were not allowed to play musical instruments or sing a song, but as the time goes by, they were eventually allowed to play musics and sings, but were prevented from reading notes or cords to prevent them from being literated in music. Luckily, its turn-out to be a blessing in disguise, when they became not too dependence on the notes and chords structure as taught in classical music. Most of the early Blues musicians are alliterated to chords and notes i.e. BB King and Eric Johnson etc. By being alliterates to notes and chords, these early Blues men has developed a playing technique by relying on their feel, consequently notes and chords became free structure which allowed the black to develop the early Blues songs. There is when the Blue note being discovered, and became a fundamental ingredient for Blues rooted music. This Blue note often found in African work songs as well, which was developed to be a common feature in Blues song i.e. call-and-response format.

6) The history of native African slaves in US, are originated from West Coast, Central and Southeast Africa. Some of these countries, were used to be colonized by Islamic Empire of Arabs, which brought their culture and music upon the colonized African countries. Therefore, the Arabian influences can also be found in Blues. Brian Jones, one of the founder of British band, Rolling Stones, after visited Morocco 1965 was amazed to discovered the music he played were used to be played 175 years ago in Morocco. This discovery shows the Arabian leaving some influences to the Blues. Indeed some of the Western Blues or Rock musicians i.e. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Beatles, Sting etc, started to create their music with the blend of Arabian music as what Sting did through his Desert Rose, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page through their Most High.

7) Our local artists i.e. M Nasir and Ramli Sarip follow the same footstep by blending our local Malay music with the Arabian genre, resulted a new breed of Malay songs, looked more rugged and catchy through among current listeners. It was named as a Malay modern music or "Musik Nusantara as M Nasir called it".

8) This music reaches its peak during 90's and early 2000. Unfortunately, this momentum failed to carry-on by other Malaysian musicians, probably due to local musicians are not well competent to this trend or simply not interested in it. Furthermore, our local music industry is too small and recording studios don't look at it viable for commercial success.

9) As mentioned in previous post, Mencari Identiti Muzik Malaysia, Malay song need identity as Indonesian has Keroncong, Jamaican with their Reggae and US has Jazz. Unfortunately, the new breeds of local musicians are not well competent and some of them do not have a good basic learning in music. Most of them are more interested to fill the gap at mediocre level and don't know how to contribute to the local music industry. They simply do not have a soul and can't think like an original musician.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Letak Jawatan

1) Pilihanraya umum dijangka bakal berlaku dalam tahun 2012. Setiap parti yang akan bertanding pasti akan memastikan tiada sebarang bentuk masalah atau isu yang akan menggugat peluang mereka dalam pilihanraya nanti.

2) Sudah pasti isu projek ladang lembu yang melibatkan Datuk Seri Shahrizat bakal memberi kesan yang tidak baik kepada UMNO/BN pada pilihanraya nanti. Maka oleh itu, Datuk Seri Shahrizat haruslah meletak jawatan jika beliau benar - benar sayangkan UMNO/BN. Kalau tidak beliau akan menjadi liabiliti kepada UMNO/BN pada pilihanraya nanti.

3) Seperti yang diketahui umum beliau jelas enggan meletak jawatan kerana menganggap diri beliau tidak bersalah dalam isu tersebut. Aku tidak berminat untuk mengetahui sama ada beliau bersalah atau tidak, yang aku pentingkan sekarang ini ialah nasib UMNO/BN pada pilihanraya nanti. Pada aku beliau perlu meletak jawatan, samaada benar atau salah, itu perkara nombor dua. Yang penting ketika ini ialah reputasi UMNO/BN mestilah baik di mata rakyat. Jika beliau sayangkan UMNO/BN, beliau perlu meletak jawatan "full stop". Jika beliau tetap berkeras enggan meletak jawatan, PM perlu campur tangan.

4) Masalah dengan pemimpin politik sekarang ini, ialah tiadanya budaya sedia meletak jawatan. Pada mereka jawatan yang disandang adalah jawatan seumur hidup. Pemimpin yang beintegriti tinggi, adalah pemimpin yang sedia meletak jawatan jika merasakan diri sudah menjadi liabiliti kepada negara dan parti. Pemimpin ini terdiri dari golongan yang mempunyai "single mindset" yang sayangkan parti dan negara. Pemimpin jenis ini jelas berkurangan di kalangan pemimpin - pemimpin politik ketika ini.

5) Pemimpin terdahulu seperti Dato' Onn, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Hussein Onn dan Tun Mahathir adalah contoh pemimpin yang sayangkan parti dan negara. Mereka merupakan pemimpin yang berintegriti tinggi yang sedia meletak jawatan jika berpandangan khidmat mereka tidak lagi diperlukan atau diri sudah tidak mampu menyumbangkan sesuatu kepada parti dan negara. Integriti mereka jauh lebih tinggi daripada pemimpin sekarang yang ada di kalangannya naik hasil daripada politik wang atau rasuah.

6) Pemimpin - pemimpin ini adalah pemimpin - pemimpin hipokrit, yang lebih pentingkan poket sendiri, yang tiada penghayatan tentang erti perjuangan sebenar seorang pemimpin. Tidak perlulah dinamakan setiap seorang daripada mereka, yang pasti sikap jengkel ini telah menonjolkan hati budi  masing - masing. Baik dari yang bersikap kurang ajar terhadap pemimpin lama yang banyak sumbangan kepada negara dan parti, ada yang manis muka tetapi bermasam hati, malah ada yang bermain politik dalaman menjatuhkan sesiapa sahaja yang tidak sehaluan dengan mereka dan ada juga budaya mudah lupa di kalangan pemimpin ini. Inilah budaya politik orang UMNO dan orang Melayu.      

Friday, December 2, 2011


1) To most of us, politics is about seeking power, enriching oneself and family, nothing more than that.

2) There's no doubt, some of politicians did engulfed in corruption. Neither UMNO/BN nor opposition parties could escape from being labeled with corruptions. Its all the pot calling the kettle black. When UMNO/BN politicians accused for being corrupted while staying in power, opposition did the same thing too. PAS for instance, bribe the voters by promise them a stairway to heaven if they voted PAS candidates, PKR in Selangor is equally corrupted as previous leadership of UMNO/BN, in fact their de factor leader Mr. Anwar Ibrahim has engulfed himself with abnormal sex activities and corruptions as well. Because of corruption was too obvious, the general public perception towards politicians remains skeptical and prejudice.

3) Politics supposed to be regarded as a means of helping and defending the right of one community or certain group of people they representing. Because of too many shits being done by politicians, politics has been put to inappropriate place. It was so Pathetic.   

4) If we go back to history of UMNO during 1946, it was about defending the right of Malays and to abolish Malayan Union. When UMNO under leadership of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj, the focus of struggle shifted to seeking the independence from the British. After independence, its all about keeping and maintaining independence and filling with the values of being independence. These all has been done by politics, whether we like it or not, it is all the truth.

5) But after 54 years of independence, politicians turn to be more greedy, self centered, not knowing the true values of being politicians, not knowing it was a responsibility granted by people to serve people, not the other way around of believing that the people who has to serve him, the position that has to be proud of, not that has to be a responsibility granted by the people.

6) That is why, we have seen a lot of politicians walkabout to any functions or to any place together with his/her entourage. His/her courtier would always act boastfully, thinking they have reached to pinnacle level of society that should be enviable. That its so Malay.       


Monday, November 7, 2011

Seksualiti Merdeka 2011

1) Tindakan pihak Majlis Peguam menganjur Seksualiti Merdeka 2011 baru - baru ini jelas merupakan tindakan yang bertujuan menjolok sarang tebuan bagi menguji kesabaran orang Melayu terhadap hak mereka dalam perlembagaan persekutuan.

2) Perbuatan LGBT jelas bertentangan dengan fitrah manusia dan ajaran semua agama termasuklah Islam. Memandangkan Islam merupakan agama rasmi negara, perbuatan pihak Majlis Peguam jelas bertujuan untuk mencabar kedaulatan Islam dalam perlembagaan persekutuan.

3) Perbuatan menjolok sarang tebuan tersebut juga bertujuan untuk menguji atau "test market" yang mempunyai niat politik bagi mendapat sokongan daripada golongan minoriti LGBT. Maka tidak hairanlah terdapat beberapa NGO dan beberapa orang Melayu melatah dan berdemontrasi mengutuk program tersebut.

4) Memandangkan orang Melayu dan Islam mendapat tempat istimewa dalam perlembagaan persekutuan, pihak majlis peguam jelas cemburu dengan hak - hak keistimewaan orang Melayu ini. Maka pihak Majlis Peguam yang dikuasai oleh golongan bukan Melayu ini, berusaha sedaya upaya dan mencari ikhtiar untuk mencabar, malah kalau boleh menghapus terus hak - hak tersebut. Perbuatan menganjur program ini merupakan salah satu daripada usaha - usaha pihak Majlis Peguam.

5) Aku tidak berniat untuk mencampuri hak setiap manusia untuk melakukan dosa atau pahala terhadap Tuhan, walaupun perbuatan mereka jelas bertentangan dengan Islam. Pada aku LGBT tetap seorang Islam, jika akidah dan iman mereka masih kukuh terhadap Allah SWT dan mengakui Nabi Muhammad SAW itu pesuruh Allah. Dosa mereka terhadap Allah, biarlah mereka yang menanggungnya.

6) Tetapi perbuatan menganjurkan program Seksualiti Merdeka 2011 tersebut jelas bertentangan dengan undang - undang dan perlembagaan Malaysia, suatu perbuatan yang jelas mencabar hak majoriti rakyat Malaysia. Maka atas sebab tersebutlah aku menentang penganjuran program tersebut yang jelas bertujuan politik.

7) Pihak Majlis Peguam dan DAP sedar tentang implikasi pepecahan orang Melayu ini, mereka akan melakukan apa sahaja untuk memastikan orang Melayu terus berpecah agar cita - cita politik mereka tercapai. Percayalah orang Melayu dan Islam akan musnah suatu hari nanti jika kita terus berpecah jika anasir - anasir dan ajen pemecah belah orang Melayu seperti PKR dan AI, DAP, PAS dan Majlis Peguam dibiarkan terus bermaharaja lela.

8) Orang Melayu tidak akan kembali dapat hak - hak istimewa ini jika ditakdirkan terlepas suatu hari nanti. Orang Melayu harus bersyukur kerana perlembagaan kita bukan perlembagaan sekular seperti yang terdapat di negara - negara lain termasuklah negara jiran kita yang serumpun dengan kita, dimana majoriti rakyatnya beragama Islam. Oleh itu tidak hairanlah pemimpin - pemimpin negara tersebut tidak mampu mempertahankan akidah saudara seIslam sendiri daripada serangan pihak - pihak kafir dan beberapa pertubuhan sesat yang bertapak kukuh di negara tersebut. Mereka tidak mampu melakukan apa - apa memandangkan perlembagaan dan undang - undang negara mereka bersifat sekular.

9) Adakah orang Melayu Malaysia ingin jadi seperti saudara mereka di negara tersebut? Tepuk dada tanyalah selera.          

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Centrum Multi-Vitamin

1) Its been several years that I have consumed Centrum multi vitamin. Only recently, to my surprise, the sales assitant of Guardian farmacy had told me, that this Centrum that I have been consumed was contained with porcine and borcine gelatin's.

2) I am neither sure nor unsure that JAKIM knew this matter. It will not be surprised if JAKIM would someday declared this multi vitamin as HARAM. 

3) From my understanding, porcine is gelatin that was extracted from pig, while borcine is gelatin that was extracted from cow. As you know, pig was considered HARAM to eat by Muslim  Since before this I wasn't knew that this centrum contained by these gelatines, I assume, I am free from sins [only GOD knows].

4) These are the polemics that baffle most Muslims in Malaysia since the authorities like JAKIM started to implement the law of God. When one has committed adultery in enclosed area i.e. hotel etc, is a sin between him to God. Unless the sin was committed in public area, thus the JAKIM has every right to implement their jurisdiction.    

5) Even if, this Centrum multi vitamin does not contained porcine but still contained borcine, aren't this Centrum still HALAL? If HALAL, how JAKIM verify this? The questions of how it was extracted from cow also need to be defined and clarified. The method of how cow being slaughtered, whether it's according to Islamic law or syarak must be defined too. 

6) This Centrum originated from Canada, therefore JAKIM need to go round the globe to verify the methods of manufacturing of every multi-vitamins imported to Malaysia, as whether it's according to Islamic law or not. I have a strong believe that most of these multi-vitamins were manufactured by non Muslims countries. So how JAKIM going to do about it.

7) The true values of Islam being "Mudah" or easy was neglected by the body who should represent its. That body that makes simple things complicated. 

8) The same thing also happen to most of our community, when a friend of mine, whose son was embroiled in disciplinary issue. Problem started when the discipline teacher c/w religious teacher began to be JAKIM in school, a someone who think was held responsible by God to implement the law of God.              

9) What JAKIM going to says about the news exposed by OutSyed The Box about Tabasco Halal In Mecca. Tabasco was proclaimed HARAM in Malaysia, but in the country where our prophet was born, where all Muslims performing their pilgrimage and being look up to as a true Islamic country. How JAKIM going to answer this? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi & Democracy

1) English phrase says what goes around come around, this is what happen to Muammar Gaddafi, when egoism start to pull himself from the facts that his people are no longer behind him. For over 42 years of so-called tyrannic or dictatorship rule of Muammar Gaddafi, the people of Libya dares to rebel against him in searching of so-called democracy.

2) In order to lay down democracy in Libya, the Libyan chosen un-democratic manner by killing Muammar Gaddafi, overlook the democratic process of putting the accussed into trial before sentenced to death or whatever.

3) In the hope of democracy people tend to forget what is democracy all about and how it works. To my best understanding, democracy is nothing if its people are suffering from its. Its better to put it off and accepted dictatorian rule or communism if its can benefit its people. The democracy or whatever names, invented to works for the people not the other way round.

4) In order for democracy to works, first of all, one need to install stability in its country. The people also need to be instilled with true values of democracy and process has to be gradually. Otherwise, the state of anarchy may return and that state will never forever be in peaceful order.

5) China is one clear example of what Deng Xiaoping says "I dont care if its a white or black cat. Its a good cat as long as it chatches mice". In other words one need to understand the true meaning or  its purpose. China started to accept democracy in gradual manner whiles keeping the good values of communism intact. In the end, the country and its people benefited from its. Being a good system, its has to be in practical manner. As a doctor always did, to chop-off one hand to save one life, why not.

6) The questions of whether democracy could bring good to Libyan people or not, is lies in the wisdom of its leader. I hope the fate that was befell to Muammar Gaddafi would not happen to whoever chose as Libyan leader. Only time will tell.        

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perjuangan Ikhlas

1) Baru - baru ini aku berkesempatan bertemu dengan Datuk Idris ketika menghadiri suatu program majlis sambutan hari raya Kelab Chedet bersama Tun Dr. Mahathir. Ia merupakan pertemuan singkat yang berlaku secara kebetulan sahaja.

2) Datuk Idris yang dikenali melalui mulut saudara Najieb Mokhtar, merupakan seorang pejuang yang jujur dalam perjuangannya - perjuangan dalam mempertahankan dan memartabatkan bangsa, agama dan negara. Beliau yang dikenali merupakan seorang yang "behind the scenes" ketika era Tun Dr. Mahathir menjadi PM dan merupakan seorang yang rendah diri.

3) Ini dapat dipastikan ketika beliau datang ke majlis tersebut tanpa dikenali, beliau terus pergi ke meja belakang untuk mendapatkan tempat, berebut bersama dengan hadirin yang lain. Nasib baik aku agak mengenali beliau walaupun pada mulanya agak kabur jugak. Selepas disapa dan diajak ke tempat VIP di hadapan, beliau pada mula keberatan, namun akhirnya bersetuju untuk duduk di meja VIP di hadapan. Maka benarlah bahawa beliau merupakan seorang yang rendah diri, tidak kisah di mana perlu duduk, tidak seperti sesetengah orang yang begitu memillih dan berasakan diri hanya layak duduk di tempat tertentu dan yang disukai sahaja. Sedangkan setiap umat Islam sama sahaja di sisi Allah yang maha adil, tidak kira kaya atau miskin, tua atau muda, semuanya sama, tak lebih dan tak kurang.

4) Sikap beliau yang low profile kadang - kadang membuatkan orang ramai tidak mengenali beliau, tetapi tanpa disedari beliau telah memberikan sumbangan yang amat besar kepada negara. Aku pun kira bernasib baik jugak kerana sahabat baik ku sudi menceritakan perihal mengenai beliau, kalau tidak aku pun sama dengan orang lain - yang tak mengenali beliau. Terima kasih saudara Najieb.

5) Pada aku, jika kita benar - benar jujur dan ikhlas dalam perjuangan serta tawaduk, kita akan kekal lama dalam setiap perjuangan kita. Tun Dr. Mahathir dan Datuk Idris adalah salah satu contoh baik. Bila kita memperjuangkan untuk menaikkan diri, bukannya atas dasar pejuangan yang kita dasari atau percaya, perjuangan tersebut tidak akan kekal lama.

6) Lalu aku teringat pertemuan dengan sepupu ku yang datang ke KL dari Melaka baru - baru ini. Kami ada berbual tentang polemik politik negara ketika ini, masalah yang masih berkarat dalam bahagian UMNO Sungai Petani. Politik cantas mencantas yang masih berlaku di dalam bahagian UMNO Sungai Petani, yang jelas merencatkan proses pemulihan UMNO. Perjuangan diri yang melebihi perjuangan parti, yang akhirnya menghancurkan UMNO. Walaupun PRU12 yang lalu jelas merupakan wake-up call kepada pemimpin - pemimpin UMNO dan ahli - ahli UMNO, malangnya pemimpin dan ahli UMNO ini masih belum belajar dari pengajaran pahit tersebut.

7) Seperti yang aku telah jelaskan kepada beliau ketika dalam pertemuan tersebut, pemimpin - pemimpin ini jelas menggunakan UMNO sebagai vehicle untuk mendapatkan kuasa dan wang bagi memenuhi sifat tamak dan bangga dalam diri.

8) Ia mengingatkan kami kepada nasib yang berlaku kepada Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, yang gagal mempertahankan jawatan ketua wanita UMNO kepada Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil dalam pemilihan parti yang lalu. Kami berpendapat, kesilapan strategi Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz ialah apabila beliau menyatakan akan meletakkan jawatan ketua wanita UMNO dalam jangka masa 2 atau 3 tahun selepas menang dalam pemilihan tersebut. Ini jelas merupakan kesilapan besar yang mempengaruhi undi akar umbi kepada beliau pada pemilihan tersebut. Ia jelas merendahkan hak dan kepercayaan pengundi kepada beliau.

9) Sentimen yang terhasil daripada kenyataan tersebut adalah apabila akar umbi merasakan kepercayaan yang diberi tidak dihargai kerana jawatan ketua wanita UMNO merupakan jawatan yang dipilih bukannya yang dilantik. Malah masalah akan timbul jika jawatan tersebut dikosongkan kelak apabila Tan Sri Rafidah letak jawatan, siapa pulak yang akan memangku jawatan timbalan ketua wanita? Situasi masa dan keadaan jelas tidak sesuai kepada UMNO khususnya wanita UMNO yang amat memerlukan kepimpinan yang kukuh sebelum PRU13 nanti.

10) Satu lagi faktor yang aku rasakan kebanyakan kita terlepas pandang ialah percaturan Tan Sri Rafidah untuk melepaskan jawatan ketika diri masih lagi diperlukan seperti yang berlaku kepada Tun Dr. Mahathir pada 2002 dahulu. Jelas di sini TSRA lebih mengutamakan nama beliau agar kekal disanjungi sehingga beliau melepaskan jawatan mahupun selama lamanya. Ini bukanlah perjuangan yang ikhlas, perjuangan yang ikhlas adalah perjuangan yang jujur yang tidak mengharapkan apa - apa balasan pun. Balasan hanya akan datang atas kehendakNya.

11) Contoh yang dapat dilihat ialah Mother Theresa yang terkenal sebagai seorang yang membuat sesuatu tanpa mengharapkan sesuatu balasan, malah Tun Dr. Mahathir pun boleh dijadikan contoh, mereka tidak takut diri dibuang atau dipadam dalam memori masyarakat serta tidak takut dipandang serong atau buruk kerana diri mempunyai kepercayaan yang teguh dan yakin terhadap perjuangan masing - masing. TDM pernah berkata, biarlah sejarah mengadili beliau. Niat ikhlas seseorang hanya dapat dilihat setelah melihat hasil kerjanya. Namun begitu ia bergantung kepada siapa dan bagaimana seseorang tersebut yang melihatnya. Kalau dilihat seperti Mat Sabu melihat sejarah tragedi Bukit Kepong, maka hasilnya akan menjadi sebaliknya.  

12) Sejarah Cleopatra juga boleh dijadikan teladan, beliau yang mempergunakan Julius Ceasar untuk merebut kuasa dari suaminya Ptolemy XIV yang juga sedarah sedaging dan juga menggunakan Mark Antony untuk kekal ditampuk kuasa. Akhirnya beliau sendiri terpaksa menamatkan riwayat beliau ketika berada diambang kejatuhan, wallahhualam.

13) Begitu jugalah dengan Pak Lah yang cuba mencari jalan untuk dikenang sebagai PM Malaysia dengan memansuhkan beberapa projek yang telah diluluskan oleh kepimpinan terdahulu beliau, malah ada yang telah dibatalkan terus walaupun kerja sudah dijalankan. Beliau memutuskan untuk membatalkan projek jambatan bengkok di Johor yang telah diilhamkan oleh kepimpinan terdahulu, tetapi sebaliknya, membina jambatan baru yang ke-2 bagi menghubungkan Pulau Pinang dengan tanah besar. Tetapi peliknya rakyat Pulau Pinang tidak pula memberi hadiah kemenangan kepada beliau ketika PRU12 dahulu, sebaliknya rakyat Johor tetap setia memberi sokongan dengan kekal menjadi save deposit kepada BN/UMNO.       

14) Kesimpulannya di sini, bila kita tidak jujur dengan membuat sesuatu dengan harapan mencari nama, tidak akan kekal lama. Contoh yang telah dijelaskan di atas boleh dijadikan panduan.              

Saturday, September 17, 2011


1) The main problem with most of the people are judge the book by its cover. Failed to articulate the things happen rasionally and wisely, which consequently would fustrate us from reaching the ultimate truth.

2) This is what happen to most of us when DS Najib announced to abrogate ISA. As a substitution to it, 2 new laws will be drawn up by the government, please clicks here. The details of the new laws could not be reach out, believe its still pending government study, before it could be tabled in the parliament.

3) At the first glance, it seems that government of BN through DS Najib was trying to grab popular votes from people - another indication of 13GE drawing near. Nevertheless, as Tun Dr. Mahathir said, he knows DS Najib well, but he did not know what circulating in his mind. What we can do is just judging and predicting based on certain circumtances and evidence.

4) As we all knows, DS Najib has pledged since the first day he has taken over the PM office, that he would review the ISA. Therefore, during the eve of Malaysia day, he walk the talk by keeping his early pledge. Judging from the first day until today, most of the people including us tend to forget what was said after many years passed especially when the things receded.

5) I dont asked us to support this decision, but to me it is still too early to judged.          


Why are we need ISA? Initially ISA was meant to curb comunism by using pre-emptive strike against PKM during Malayan emergency. But today comunism is no longer treat to national security, therefore government should devise a new ISA as to accomodate with current needs and circumtances. It could be named ISA, ISA II, SIA or whatever names, as long its stay relevance with current needs and be progressive.

The greatest treat of being progressive is conservative which would frustrate any development of any society.

Most of us always forget that Islam also is a progressive religion. The values that being practicizing during 6th centuries ago may not suit nowaday i.e., hudud law [I was not meant to oppose hudud law, but its clearly could not be implemented nowaday]. The syariah laws have to be relevance to whatever circumtances in order for Islam to remain relevance and exist.

Unfortunately, there were too many politicians nowaday are trying to be a champion of Islam but instead they were being ignorance and interpreting Islam as they wish to suit their political ideology.  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Russians - Sting

1) This song was written in the early 80's during the cold war period.

2) A friend of Sting of Columbia University, New York has invented a quite extraordinary device of that day, which could inferior for today standard. The device would able to steal tv signal of Russian satellite.

3) On the Saturday night, after having a couple of beers, they came back to University, while having looking out the device, they were forced to see Russian cartoon tv, children programs and Russian version of sesame street.

4) What really struck his mind was how well constructed the program is, clearly shows how much Russian really love their children as we are.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Truth, Lies and Politics

1) I am not a politician, therefore I may perceived not qualified to talk about politics. Unfortunately, I have my own views on what is politics all about, what politician should do and THINK. Furthermore, my formal education is not as high as among politicians and never studied in politics as KJ has in Oxford.

2) I have seen and study a little about current and past politicians including Tun Dr. Mahathir. From my own observation, for these politicians to stay relevance and be accepted by the public, they have to stay firm with their views and principles even though its may not popular to most of the people. As a politician one must have keep his / her principle and fought remain firm although may received resistance by his / her opponent and the public at large. When Tun Dr Mahathir was sacked by Tunku Abdul Rahman in 1969, he remain loyal to UMNO/BN because he still believe UMNO/BN fought remain parallel with his fought. It just because of his differences with the then UMNO - Perikatan leadership has set him apart from UMNO a little while.

3) When Tun Razak ascended to Prime Ministership, Tun Dr Mahathir was accepted as being someone that remain with his principle as before he was sacked. His book Malay Dilemma, although was banned by then leadership wasn't perceived by previous leadership as a treat to their leadership - instead it was treated as his own personal views that also has merit to be considered with, and may have certain truth that hard to be swallowed.

4) Fight for the truth always being Tun Dr Mahathir principle as a politician, the truth that always against the general perception of public at large, the truth that will remain forever while the lies only short-lived. Therefore, we could see Tun Dr Mahathir views of 42 years ago is still remain the same as present. Please bear in our mind, the truth is come from God while lies is come from ourselves or from devil. God is eternal and remain forever while lies will only remain until afterlife, therefore lies are short-lived.

5) In believing their principles, a politician should uphold to their believe and remain firm with it until it became irrelevance due to the time and circumstances that has not allowed it.

6) The truth also about your true intention - about the truth of why you want  to be a politician - is it for yourself or for your people. You will never be forever obscure your true intention to be a politician, sooner or latter people will find it, only time will tell. The good analogy is Anwar Ibrahim. AI true intention was so bloody covered during his time in UMNO/BN, but when his true face stripped off - his ill intention started to prevail as we can see currently.

7) PAS also another good analogy. When PAS founded in 1956, the original principle was - to established an Islamic state of Malaysia [PAS own view of Islamic state]. PAS politicians has cursed UMNO politicians  for being un-Islamic, abandon Islam just for the sake of power as well as sharing the political reign with non-Muslims. At one time UMNO members and politicians was accused infidel. But today, after 54 years UMNO still remain dominance party in BN in managing this country. PAS on the other hand, remain small fraction in PKR, and have no gut to defend Islam as they should do.

8) When our Muslim brothers faith currently under treat, PAS has lose their teeth and succumbed to it fellow non-Muslims party. PAS became coward, not as what they did in defending 1985 Memali incident, blaming UMNO/BN for granted alcohol and gambling licenses, blaming UMNO/BN for upholding non-Islamic economic values and etc. PAS disillusion will curse them, they will eventually led them into internal bleeding for chasing short-lived lies instead of searching for eternal truth.

9) DAP on the other hand, remain firm with their own political principles, DAP has in so far managed to force PAS to abandon their principles from establish Islamic state into welfare state. Since founded in 1965, DAP remain firm with their Malaysian Malaysia principle until today, while the Islamic Malay party of PAS will change their principle along with time and circumtances as long as it would benefit their political mileage.                  

10) In this case, we know who is chasing the eternal truth and who is chasing short-lived lies.

Monday, August 8, 2011

An Old Friends Personal Experiences

1) I had visitors came to my house recently, it was an old friend of mine which we never met since our school days of year 1994. We just recently managed to contact each other through social media network, thanks to Facebook for being a truly social network media by bringing a long old ties back to a nearer.

2) He is currently working as police officer after graduated from college. We have been chatting all night long, recalling our past memorable moment of our school and hostel life after has been so many years gap.

3) It was by coincidence he took this profession. Initially, he though it was a nightmare being a police officer. Its took him 2 years to acclimatize and mentally acceptance to this profession. The initial resistance came after that, when most of his old friends started to behave differently and awkward to his appearance when he going to meet them. It was very annoying to received a questions of how much did he have in his personal account, does he change to a bigger car already and does he already bought a new big house. These are the questions were raised during their first meeting. A friend who honestly eager to meet-up an old friends has received such an annoying circumstances, would of-course will break the spell of a friendship. 

4) Since then, he knows that this profession comes with the price, the price of a friendship due to public acceptance and impression of being an enforcement officer, who's profession is to uphold public order and to safe guard national security. I am feel pity to him. A profession that was supposed to be look-up to, instead was seen opposite by the public.

5) Why is these things happen? I am sure all the readers knows it. It is back to politics, when the law of the jungle being perpetrate by certain factions in order to gain power either illegally or immorally course.                   

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perbezaan Pendapat & Embrace Diversity

1) Aku berpendapat tidak salah untuk setiap orang berbeza pendapat. Malah ia merupakan salah satu prinsip demokrasi dalam Islam itu sendiri. Maka, aku mengambil pendirian menamakan blog ini sebagai My View, yang secara terang menjelaskan dan menyuarakan pendapat peribadi ku.

2) Para pembaca boleh menyuarakan pendapat masing - masing di ruangan komen setiap tampalan "post" yang dikeluarkan. Pembaca boleh menyatakan pendapat samaada bersetuju atau tidak, terpulanglah.

3) Marina Mahathir di dalam blog beliau menulis "Embrace Diversity" bagi mempelopori pandangan yang berbagai - bagai dan menghormati perbezaan pendapat, budaya dan agama dalam masyarakat kita. Sama ada beliau benar - benar mendokong semangat "Embrace Diversity" tidaklah diketahui jika dilihat pandangan beliau di dalam blog mahu pun dalam kolum akhbar The Star.

4) Adakah dengan menyuarakan pendapat dengan melakukan konfrontasi serta mengkritik pandangan seseorang itu bermakna kita telah "Embrace Diversity", atau pun mengadakan sesi dialog dan bertukar pendapat itu barulah boleh dianggap "Embrace Diversity" dalam erti kata sebenar? Pada aku, seseorang tersebut haruslah jujur dan bersedia menerima pandangan yang berbagai - bagai hatta berbeza sekali pun.

5) Adakah perbincangan dan perbualan aku dengan saudara Najieb yang sering mencakupi bermacam - macam tajuk, baik dalam soal agama, politik, teologi, hubungan kemanusiaan, psikologi, sejarah dan lain - lain boleh diterima sebagai "Embrace Diversity"? Berbalik kepada soal pokok iaitu mencari titik pertemuan, sedia menerima pandangan yang berbagai - bagai yang kadang kalanya bertentangan tetapi tetap menjurus kearah matlamat yang satu barulah boleh dianggap sebagai "Embrace Diversity"?

6) Bagaimanakah pula dengan pandangan Nik Aziz yang satu ketika dahulu pernah menyatakan "Jika melawan UMNO tiba - tiba meninggal dunia, maka kita dikira mati syahid" - bukankah itu merupakan fatwa yang bukan pandangan yang tidak boleh kita pertikaikan? Jika dipertikaikan kita akan dianggap sebagai tidak "Embrace Diversity"? Dimanakah salahnya? Pandangan dan fatwa beliau ke atau kita yang tidak "Embrace Diversity"? Bukankah halal dan haram, dosa dan pahala itu adalah hak Allah? Bukankah perbuatan beliau itu boleh dianggap sebagai melanggari hak Allah?

7) Bagaimanakah pula dengan amanat Hadi Awang yang pernah menyatakan " Saudara - saudara sekalian percayalah, kita menentang UMNO bukan kerana namanya UMNO. Kita menentang BN bukan kerana lama dia memerintah kerajaan. Kita menentang dia ialah kerana dia mengekalkan perlembagaan penjajah, mengekalkan undang - undang kafir, mengekalkan peraturan jahilliah. Oleh kerana itulah kita menentang mereka. Oleh kerana itulah kita menghadapi mereka. Oleh itulah kita cuba berlawan dengan mereka. Percayalah saudara - saudara sekalian, perjuangan kita adalah jihad, ucapan kita adalah jihad, derma kita adalah jihad. Bergantunglah kita kepada Allah dengan (menghadapi) puak - puak ini kerana kalau kita mati melawan puak - puak ini, mati kita adalah syahid. Mati kita adalah Islam. Kita tak perlu masuk Buddha, kita perlu masuk Hindu, kita tak perlu masuk Kristian. Tapi kita menjadi kafir dengan mengamalkan politik suku, agama suku". Adakah dengan "Embrace Diversity" kita perlu biarkan sesiapa saja malah Hadi Awang sekali pun boleh menyatakan pendapat peribadi beliau seperti di atas?

8) Ya mungkin pemikiran kita masih belum lagi matang atau masih lagi ketinggalan zaman, masih lagi dibuai oleh abad ke 6. Bagaimanakah pula dengan pihak berkuasa khususnya pihak polis yang bertanggungjawab menjaga keselamatan awam termasuk ketika mengawal demontrasi Bersih tempoh hari, adakah mereka juga tidak "Embrace Diversity"? Yang menghalang penyokong dan penganjur Bersih menyuarakan pandangan mereka di atas jalan raya? Adakah penganjur dan penyokong demontrasi Bersih adalah merupakan pihak yang "Embrace Diversity" manakala pihak berkuasa pula tidak "Embrace Diversity"?

9) Soalnya di sini sejauh manakah "Embrace Diversity" boleh diterima pakai, apakah sempadannya? Atau bagaimana pulanya dengan blog ini, yang berbicara tentang soal agama? Adakah blog ini juga melanggari hak Allah? Itu tidak dapat dipastikan, tetapi setahu aku, aku tidak pernah cuba menjatuhkan hukum terhadap seseorang tetapi hanya sekadar menyuarakan pandangan peribadi ku berkenaan sesuatu isu.

10) Bagaimanakah pula dengan orang yang dituduh ada "affair" dengan isteri orang, sedangkan hakikatnya tidak semua orang tahu yang perhubungan tersebut memberi kesan sebaliknya. Melihat dari syariatnya ternampak kesalahannya, tetapi adakah hakikatnya salah? Pemikiran kita sering telah "preoccupied" dengan maksud perkataan "affair" itu adalah salah, lalu akhirnya kita telah menutup diri kepada kebenaran yang hakikat. Tanpa disedari kita telah dan sering mendahului orang lain hatta Tuhan sekali pun dalam menghukum orang disebabkan pemikiran yang telah "dipreoccupiedkan" tersebut, yang menutup diri kepada kebenaran yang hakikat. Mungkin ada betulnya apa yang dikatakan oleh Robert Greene, manusia mempunyai terlalu banyak "insecurities" atau bayang - bayang diri yang cuba diselindunginya.

11) Begitulah bahana bila ramai yang ingin menjadi Tuhan, menghukum sesama manusia mengikut selera hati. Tanpa disedari mengata dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia yang lebih. Berapa ramaikah kita sedar tentang hal tersebut? Kenapa ia terjadi? Mungkin kerana jiwa yang tawaduk yang lahir dari cahaya iman tidak terpancul keluar dari dalam diri.

12) Inilah belengu yang juga sering melanda orang yang berpendidikan tinggi yang juga berilmu agama tinggi yang sering dinobatkan sebagai ulama. Sering kali dalam menyuarakan pendapat, golongan terpelajar dan ilmuwan tersebut gagal dalam mengartikulasikan sesuatu isu tersebut secara prakmatik dan praktikal. Terlalu hendak bersarjana, mendokong pandangan berteori yang dicedok bulat - bulat dari buku. Inilah polemik yang sering melanda golongan yang datang dari dunia undang - undang, ilmuwan dan akedemik , yang sering melihat sesuatu isu tersebut dalam bentuk hitam dan putih. Realitinya akan dilupakan. Akhirnya kegagalan berfikir di luar kotak akan melanda, yang akan membantutkan pengembangan minda dalam masyarakat keseluruhannya.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I Love Islam

1) Salah satu penyakit yang sering melanda orang Melayu ialah riak. Bila sudah belajar tinggi, mereka akan berasa diri sudah bijak daripada orang lain, maka mereka akan cuba mengajar orang lain tentang perkara yang dirasakan mereka lebih tahu.

2) Bila belajar agama sampai ke universiti, mereka sudah merasakan diri lebih Islam daripada orang lain. Polemik ini juga terdapat di kalangan beberapa penulis blog I love Islam, yang sesetengah daripadanya merasakan sudah cukup pandai atau lebih bijak daripada orang lain. Malangnya isu yang diketengahkan merupakan perkara yang berkaitan agama Islam yang suci. Mungkin niat sebenar pemilik blog tersebut adalah baik, iaitu ingin membantu umat Islam dalam soal berkaitan keagamaan, samaada dalam soal tauhid mahupun fiqah.

3) Tetapi jika dibiarkan tanpa tapisan, blog tersebut bakal dimanipulasi oleh penulis - penulis berfahaman kepartian, yang bakal menjadi virus yang akan merosakkan Islam itu sendiri. Dimana pendekatan secara halus yang dijalankan dengan cuba menjelaskan permasalahan hukum agar bersesuaian dengan pendirian politik mereka. Pendekatan tersebut dijalankan dengan menyamakan perkara - perkara atau elemen - elemen yang bersifat menentangkan Islam dengan polemik yang melanda dunia politik negara ketika ini. Contohnya dengan menyamakan berjuangan nasionalis Zionist dengan perjuangan nasionalis UMNO, sila baca di sini. Ia bertujuan agar perjuangan UMNO itu ditolak oleh orang Melayu.

4) Inilah bahana yang melanda orang Islam jika dibiarkan golongan yang mempunyai kepentingan diri dan tertentu berleluasa melakukan dakyah politik masing - masing atas tiket Islam. Lebih malang lagi fitnah tersebut akan lebih mudah disiarkan secara berleluasa keseluruh pelusuk dunia melalui blog, facebook, twitter dan lain - lain portal lagi - hasil kerja tangan golongan yang sudah dibrainwashkan pemikiran mereka. Golongan ini adalah golongan pengikut yang sudah jelas keliru antara yang benar dan yang salah, yang mempunyai sindrom kegagalan berfikir yang bukan hanya terdapat di kalangan mereka yang berpelajaran rendah, malah juga terdapat ramai dari kalangan yang berilmu tinggi dan berpelajaran tinggi.

5) Facebook, twitter, blog, google+ [yang bakal dilancarkan oleh Google nanti] dan lain - lain lagi, bukan lagi menjadi platform untuk kita bertukar pendapat, berkongsi maklumat, mendekatkan silaturrahim, mengimbau kenangan lampau, sebaliknya telah bertukar menjadi medan dakyah politik dan saluran penyebaran fitnah yang bertujuan untuk menarik sokongan dan juga bertujuan melakukan character assassin terhadap sesiapa yang tidak disukainya.

6) Kemudahan teknologi yang dibangunkan untuk kesejahteraan manusia telah disalah gunakan oleh manusia sendiri. Begitulah juga dengan syiar Islam yang telah diamanahkan oleh Allah melalui rasulnya iaitu Nabi Muhammad SAW kepada sekalian umatnya, juga telah diselewengkan oleh umatnya sendiri. Siapakah yang bersalah? Umat Islam ke atau musuh Islam? Tepuk dada tanyalah selera.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something To Think About

1) I might be accused of being secular and non-Islamic. To me its doesn't matter since I know who I am, and know how deep my faith is to God. Only God knows it.

2) I have several questions would like to raise here about PAS state government decision to ban 13 types of entertainment outlets during Ramadhan.
  • Who going to pay for losses incurred by owner of the entertainment outlets during Ramadhan? Aren't they are willing to use people money to pay for it?
  • Aren't they are willing to shut-off Kedah-Thai border in Bukit Kayu Hitam to stop from Malaysian Muslim going to Danok, Thailand for non restriction of entertainment during Ramadhan?
  • Aren't they are willing to bear the losses incurred by tourism industry particularly in Langkawi?
  • Aren't Muslims would behave accordingly to Islamic rite during Ramadhan?
  • Is this measure / enforcement would justify them as Islamic state of Kedah?
3) What a pathetic decision DAP had, all this while DAP has given unreserved support to their PAS friend. This decision would of course will haunt DAP Chinese votes to Kedah- PAS lead government. The decision would mean of reverting to Islamic state, which is contradict to benevolent state as they had declared recently. It does make me wonder of Kedah-PAS government stand over its party decision during muktamar day recently - to establish a benevolent state rather than Islamic state? I am sure their allies would not happy either.

4) What is Islamic state all about? Is it by enforcing of prevention of un-Islamic activities i.e., going to entertainment outlets, drinking alcohol etc. Or imposing Muslims to wear turban, preserve beard, putting jawi signboard by the road side etc. Is that Islam all about?

5) What about the right of non-Muslims to practice their rites? Is this Islam really means, by enforcing law against Muslims, but on the other hand have a repercussion against non-Muslims?

6) Its  same goes to hudud, can anyone prove to me that hudud can be executed fairly to all races in this 21st century. The facts was that NO you cant. We cant execute hudud law as what has been practising during 6th century in the 21st century. We always neglected that hudud is about being JUST to Muslims and non-Muslims. We are more emphasize on the manner its supposed to be executed.

7) How about the other values that we should promote i.e., the right of Muslims to be judged in Syariah court, the right of Muslims to use Islamic banking as means to avoid "riba" in conventional banking, the right of Muslims to have a convenience in performing pilgrimage through Tabung Haji, the right of Muslims to have a proper Islamic education via public religious schools or Islamic public higher learning i.e., UIA etc. Aren't these are not the values of Islam?   

8) PAS have no idea and being "jumud" as Muslims. Whereas Islam is progressive religion since the beginning of life.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Egoism II

1) It is not surprising to see Marina Mahathir joining Bersih rally, considering her American / Western
view of human right, gender equality and democracy.

2) The Bersih rally should carry-on as to show to the whole that the Malaysian authority and the people of Malaysia are truly embraced the wide diversity among them. She had even willing to put her family name at stake for the name of human right of every citizen. The human right of every citizen to gather in the enclosed area was neglected by Bersih, instead they opted to rally on the street of KL since the police disallowed them to use Merdeka stadium although have the alternative.

3) Her farther was clearly opposed to Bersih rally as I have mentioned in Egoism. She may thought that it was a cleverest idea since it was contradict to Tun Dr. Mahathir view. To her, Malaysian are still not truly embrace the wide diversity and differences among them, she thought Malaysian are still bigot in their view, not knowing that the pot calling the kettle black she was.

4) She may proud of being herself, differ than the father view as most people are sought to. The authority including the PM and police department was accused of being bigot, not understand the true meaning of Embrace Diversity. As such they should be taught on how to embrace it, the participation in Bersih rally as a means to lecture the authority. The police was accused of might going to use physical force to disperse Bersih crowd. Her daughter and public safety was used as a reason for her to participate.

5) I have several questions would like to ask her, did she know that Bersih has been used as a stepping stone by opposition to gauge the current people acceptance toward PKR? Did she know, Bersih has been used by certain parties to incite subversive purposes for some reason? Did she know, there were 3593 police reports has been made against Bersih rally [including me]?

Did she know, who is this Ambiga? What is her role in IFC? Did she know Bersih was using by PKR as to show the people resurgence against current government [which used to be led by her father], as was happen in West Asia and Northern Africa? Did she know Bersih was used by PKR to initiate a momentum before GE13 as they did in 2007 [soon before GE12]?

6) Dear Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, don't let your human right, gender equality and egoism blinded your eyes from the facts as mentioned above. The freedom has been granted [to gather in the stadium outside KL area], instead you still chose the wrong manner.

7) Are you going to be responsible for any side effects or chain reaction due to Bersih rally? Believed, my answer is NO you don't. Instead you will further accusing authority for do not understand and do not embrace diversity among the people. The authority will be accused for obstructing the people right to exercise their freedom of expression.

8) You can keep continuing your efforts in promoting the so called human right, gender equality, freedom of expression etc. But once you crossed the line, you have to pay for it. Because sometime, things come with price. And some of the time would clash with the right of majority as protected by the law. The police has been granted with those responsibilities by law maker, if they failed to exercised it, they would be accused for not carrying-out their duty and consequently the right of majority will be deterred.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


1) I think Marina Mahathir has personal character problem - trying to be seen differ with her father. The common definition on human conceptual character is that they would describe someone would have the same character or being better than his / her father or at least equal. Tun Dr. Mahathir has left a huge benchmark to his son and daughter to be catches on. The general tendency between people is, he / she would follow the same footstep as what the father has did.

2) In trying to be seen differ, Marina decided to support Bersih rally - joining the other mobs i.e., Ambiga and Mat Sabu etc. While her father point of view over this issue can be clearly seen through his blog Chedet - which is totally opposite to her view. It is like American way of thinking - about the human right, freedom and liberalism - these are sacred American cardinal rules, which you cannot question someone right even though its may caused huge distress to the public at large. These cardinal rules is above everything else i.e., the national security and safety, the general acceptance of status-quo, the right of the majority etc.

3) After read Tun Dr. Mahathir memoir which he had described on Marina manner after she came back from US. It seems to me it is all about her ego - Tun Siti Hasmah did mentioned about Marina manner when they were told to shift to KL after the farther has been appointed as Ministerial post in KL. What she did was in answering "so what". It shows to me how big her ego was.

4) This is how American teaches their people - being arrogance to their inferior counterpart - believing they are most civilised people than the rest of the world. Going to America, you have to accept their cardinal rules which are American law, everyone in the US is subjected to that rule, while being outside America, we are subjected to their Patriot Act, an act the would applies to anyone deemed terrorist or any countries deemed promoting terrorism or seen against American homogamy. The freedom of speech, the human right or democracy is just a tool for their homogamy, anyone who against it, would be described as uncivilised, backward or against their cardinal rules. Their enemy would be threaten with psychical or psychological force i.e., through sanctions or even military force or by pomposity of their media.

5) Is that the country that Marina Mahathir look up to?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Konsert 2 Raksasa Tunda

1) Untuk perhatian, Konsert 2 Raksasa terpaksa ditunda ke 1 Oktober 2011 disebabkan faktor - faktor keselamatan atas arahan pihak polis.

2) Seperti yang telah diduga, penganjur akan menanggung kerugian disebabkan pertambahan kos promosi dan kadar sewa yang perlu dibayar oleh penganjur kepada pihak stadium, memandangkan jarak penganjuran telah dianjakkan ke 1 Oktober 2011. Inilah harga yang perlu dibayar oleh rakyat Malaysia disebabkan tindakan yang tidak bertanggungjawab gangster - gangster Bersih ini.

3) Sepatutnya penganjur Bersih yang perlu bayar ganti rugi ini kepada penganjur konsert. Kalau tidak pun biar parti PKR lah yang bayar, memandangkan mereka merupakan Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Bersesuaian dengan moto parti tersebut, malah rakyat akan dapat melihat PKR sebagai parti yang benar - benar ADIL.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inayah - Zainal Abidin

1) Ketika pulang dari Pantai Timur, aku terdengar lagu Inayah, nyanyian Zainal Abidin dari album Hijau. Ia mempunyai maksud yang sangat mendalam.

2) Jadi aku mengambil keputusan untuk menyiarkan lagu ini agar kita dapat menikmati serta menghayati maksudnya bersama - sama.

Lirik :

Biar ku berdiam saja
Dari ku berpura - pura 
Ku jauh dari gembira
Ku lihat anak di bumi
Melarat merana kerna
Dosa kami

Sengketa yang berlaku
Salah mereka
Bukan salah ku
Bertepuk hanya tangan kiri
Dapatkah sebelah berbunyi

Tangan - tangan setiap insan di bumi
Jangan musnahkan 
(Segala yang diberi) 2x

Maka harus kita
Biar pun jalan berbeza
Bersekutu bersama
Dunia ini hanya fana
Biar dia yang menentukan

Biar dia yang menjaminkan masa depan mu
Sabar, sabarlah
(Walau apa yang menimpa mu) 2x
Larilah lari dari bala di bumi
Janganlah kau dibutakan oleh kesenangan
Larilah lari dari jalan dikeji
Percayalah dunia ini pasti
Disuatu hari diambil kembali

Ohh ohh uhmm uhmm
Adalah harapan segalanya 
Biar mereka saling 
(Menyintai saudara yang ada) 2x
Larilah lari dari bala di bumi
Janganlah kau dibutakan oleh kesenangan
Larilah lari dari jalan dikeji
Percayalah dunia ini pasti
Disuatu hari diambil kembali

3) Album Hijau - Zainal Abidin, pada aku merupakan antara album Melayu terbaik selain dari M Nasir, Ramli Sarip dan lain - lain, yang harus disimpan sebagai koleksi khazanah muzik Melayu.

4) Suatu ketika industri muzik tempatan terutama sekali muzik Melayu telah mencapai tahap tinggi, terutama sekali ketika 80an dan 90an dahulu. Walaupun dihimpit dengan masalah cetak rompak dan beberapa lagi larangan dari pihak berkuasa, pemuzik - pemuzik tempatan masih mampu menghasilkan karya yang bermutu tinggi seperti album ini.

5) Benarlah kata M Nasir, pemuzik dan artis sekarang tiada "soul" atau jiwa baik dalam muziknya mahupun dalam kariernya. Berbeza dengan artis dahulu, yang bermula dengan bermain muzik dan menyanyi di kelab malam, malah ada yang bermula dengan bermain muzik di majlis kenduri kahwin, kemudian itu naik menjadi "recording" artis, sehinggalah popular, dan kekal menjadi lagenda muzik tanahair. Muzik yang dimain adalah "muzik cari makan" kerana ia bakal menentukan masa depan masing - masing dalam industri muzik. Akhirnya roh atau penjiwaan pun datang secara tidak langsung.

6) Berbeza dengan kebanyakan artis zaman sekarang yang kadang - kadang lebih kuah dari sudunya. Bintang mereka sering bergemelapan sekejap sahaja, kemudian itu hilang ditiup angin. Kerana apa ini berlaku? Kerana tiadanya penjiwaan dalam muzik masing - masing.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thank You PAS

1) UMNO / BN should thankful to PAS for their decision to abandon Islamic state of PAS. What was PAS did was to garner non Muslims or non Malays votes in order for them to secure victory in 13GE. Then of course, their coalition partners would welcome it, since it would benefit them most than PAS.

2) It also would benefit UMNO greatly, since the Malay votes would shift towards UMNO/BN because PAS would be deemed no longer fought for their original goals to establish Islamic country of Malaysia. To establish benevolence country, was already in place since 1957 under current leadership of UMNO/BN, therefore I found their motto wont be appealing to masses. In fact, they are digging their own graveyard should UMNO managed to exploit this issue wisely.

3) Tun Dr Mahathir through his blog Che Det has given a very sarcastic view over Nik Aziz commentary in defending PAS decision to abandon its Islamic state, see here. To PAS, thank you very much, you make our life easier.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Konsert 2 Raksasa

1) Kepada otai - otai peminat Sweet Charity dan Blues Gang, akan mengadakan konsert 2 raksasa di Stadium Merdeka pada 9hb Julai 2011 nanti.

2) Tiket konsert boleh didapati di Air Asia Red Tix atau di Rock Corner outlet di Mid Valley, the Garden Mid Valley, KLCC, Subang Parade, The Curve dan One Utama. Victoria Music outlet pula di Sg. Wang Plaza, Amcorp, Tropicana dan di BSC. Kota Raya outlet.

3) Blues Gang dan Sweet Charity telah mengadakan sidang akhbar baru - baru ini di Hard Rock Cafe bagi mengumumkan perancangan tersebut. Kalau berminat anda boleh dapatkan tiket - tiket yang berharga RM73.00 di outlet yang telah disebutkan di atas.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Notes To The Prime Minister

1) Herewith another book should be read, the untold story of exchange control during 1998 which was undertook during Tun Dr. Mahathir premiership - it was considered as biggest challenge and toughest decision by Tun Dr. M 22 years of premiership.

2) The book was edited by Datuk Wong Sulong. The book consists of series of notes which were written by Tan Sri Nor Mohamed to Dr. Mahathir. Contributed to the implementation of what came to the termed unorthodox measure.

3) Tun Dr. Mahathir did wrote a small book somewhere 2006 concerning to the same subject, The Malaysian Currency Crisis. I am sure the whole contents of this book would differs from those of 2006. Where the author would describe more precise on the subject which containing series of his conversation and notes with Tun Dr. Mahathir.

4) The book also was wrote in not much technicality as to appeal to average readers, which was good. I do hope, it would be a good lesson to all Malaysian that what we have achieved so far, is not come cheap.             

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Common Sense of Law

1) I have read The Malay Mail, reported on "Serdang Cat Killer" may not be prosecuted due to red tape. Readers can read full report below.


'Serdang cat killer' may not be prosecuted due to red tape

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 12:36:00
Serdang cat killer
CAUGHT: The video clip of the incident

THE Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) may not be able to prosecute 'Serdang cat killer' Chow Xiao Wei, 21.

The decision to bring her to justice is being hampered by the lack of legal support as the process involves going through multiple governmental agencies.

DVS director-general Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin said one of the delays in prosecuting Chow, who had admitted publicly for torturing three kittens with an umbrella and stomping them to death in March, was due to the authenticity of the video.

"This is the role of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) as they probably have to develop protocols for video authentication that is accepted under general multimedia laws. We have submitted the video to them.

"Subsequently, the DVS, with advice from the Attorney-General's (AG) Chambers, will open the case for further investigations."

However, Dr Abdul Aziz said an investigation methodology could not be determined.

"This is because the Animals Act 1953 does not have the provision for a video recording to be used as court evidence. The government should develop an effective Act to prosecute perpetrators for any offence based on video evidence."

However, several lawyers said there was no need for DVS to limit themselves to the Animals Act 1953 as there were other avenues for the department to bring Chow to face justice (see below).

Asked on the status of the amendment of the Act, which was called for by various animal rights groups, Dr Abdul Aziz said the AG's Chambers was doing their best to finalise changes recommended by DVS and the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry.

"The next stage will be the inclusion of provision for prosecution of cases based on video evidence."
Upon checking with MCMC, The Malay Mail learnt the video is not in their possession and instead with CyberSecurity Malaysia. However, CyberSecurity Malaysia declined to comment.

Currently, animal abusers found guilty under the Act only face a maximum fine of RM200 and a threat of six months jail.

Animal activists have asked for the fine to be increased to RM50,000 so as to serve as a proper deterrent.

Prosecute cat killer under Evidence Act, say lawyers

SEVERAL lawyers told The Malay Mail there are other avenues for the department to bring the cat killer to justice.

Senior criminal lawyer Salim Bashir said, even if the Animals Act 1953 did not have the provisions for video evidence to be submitted in court, the Evidence Act 1950 did.

"As such, the Serdang cat killer can be prosecuted under this Act. They could also bring in a charge through the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission using Section 90(a) of the Evidence Act 1950.

"If the conditions in the Section are satisfied, this could overwrite the Animals Act 1950."
Senior lawyer Datuk Seri Shafee Abdullah said it was not entirely correct to put the blame on the Animals Act 1953 for not having a provision for video evidence in court.

"The Animals Act 1953 governs matters of substance, including offences, created to protect animals. It does not wholly cover procedure and evidential matters. Similarly, the Penal Code provides for offences of cruelty against animals.

"All the offence-creating statutes must use the Evidence Act 1950 for evidence admissibility purposes as it is a statute of general application. The Evidence Act covers evidence by video or Internet provided preconditions of admissibility are met."

Shafee said the Animals Act could be blamed in this matter as the Evidence Act governed presentation of all evidence in any offence.

Lawyer Datuk Jahabardeen Mohamed Yunoos said the video of the cat abuse was not critical.

"If the authority is serious about charging the cat killer in court, then go ahead. The authentication of the video has to be done by any certified forensic department such as the police.

"The video in this case is relevant but not critical as the abuser has admitted to the offence she had committed. There are also other evidence such as news reports written based on the public apology she made and the journalists who were present during the Press conference."

Jahabardeen said the level of animal rights consciousness in this country was extremely low.

"It is embarrassing that animal abusers found guilty under the Animals Act 1953 only face a maximum fine of RM200 and a threat of six months jail. Furthermore, the provisions under Sections 428 and 429 of the Penal Code is highly disappointing in terms of animal's life as it is tied to economic value."


2) Red tape is 1 of few problem that really baffle us now-days, but there are also certain things that we normally tend to forget, which also attribute to red tape - there was too much technicality interpretation of law which caused its defeat the real purpose of law, which is about being just.

3) In this case, due to red tape the "Serdang cat killer" Chow Xiao Wei could walk away free by just admitting her offence. If that the case, I could do the same thing - by killing somebody, latter admit it publicly, then walk away free. Wow! how liberal was our law is, even a criminal could escape punishment by just admitting it.

5) At least lawyer Datuk Seri Shafee Abdullah could see the provision of evident act 1950 which could be used to supersede the provision of animal act 1953. Unfortunately this idiot lawyer Datuk Jahabardeen Mohamad Yunoos failed to see this, since it just a cat - so nothing important at all.

6) Cat still a living things, by undermine living things means inhuman, as human who blessed with brain, one should be able to THINK. Probably being a lawyer, one should be heartless, inhuman and without common sense since the profession require them to do so.    

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kepimpinan Najib dan UMNO/BN

1) Sebagai rakyat marhein, aku hanya dapat melihat dari jauh dan hanya dapat merasai kesan perlaksanaan dasar hasil dari kepimpinan Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak [DSN]. Kesimpulan yang dibuat hanya berdasarkan apa yang aku tempuhi dan rasai serta hasil dari maklumat yang tidak rasmi dari mulut ke mulut yang mungkin ada benarnya atau mungkin tidak benar sama sekali.

2) Jadi pandangan yang bakal akan dikemukakan nanti mungkin bersifat sempit dan hanya dapat melihat dari kulitnya sahaja, hakikatnya mungkin jauh beza sama sekali. Oleh itu terlebih dahulu ingin ku memohon maaf atas kedangkalan ini.

3) DSN telah menerajui kepimpinan negara lebih daripada 2 tahun, tempoh tersebut masih lagi singkat bagi seseorang PM dan rakyatnya untuk melihat hasil setiap polisi yang dilaksanakan. Seperti yang telah Tun Dr. Mahathir pernah nyatakan, setiap PM memerlukan tempoh sekurang - kurangnya 2 tahun untuk merangka dan melaksanakan polisi, manakala 2 tahun lagi untuk melihat hasil dari polisi yang telah dilaksanakan itu. Maka setiap PM memerlukan sekurang - kurangnya 4 tahun untuk rakyat melihat hasilnya. Maka tempoh 5 tahun merupakan tempoh yang amat sesuai bagi rakyat menilai dan membuat keputusan samaada mahu mengekalkan pemimpin tersebut atau pun tidak.

4) Tun Abdullah telah pun melalui tempoh tersebut, beliau hanya kekal sepenggal sebagai PM kerana polisi dan perlaksanaan beliau jelas tidak disukai oleh kebanyakan rakyat. Hasilnya BN kalah teruk dalam PRU12 yang lalu. Sikap tamak haloba pemimpin tertinggi UMNO/BN, sombong dan terlalu beretorik merupakan alasan rakyat menolak kepimpinan BN/UMNO di bawah teraju Pak Lah.

5) Pengalaman yang dilalui oleh Pak Lah merupakan pengajaran yang sangat berguna kepada DSN, UMNO/BN dan orang Melayu khususnya. Aku yakin DSN belajar dari kesilapan tersebut, dan aku berharap ia merupakan "blessing in disguise" kepada UMNO/BN dan juga orang Melayu. Pengajaran pahit PRU12 jelas merupakan "wake-up call" kepada orang Melayu - kerana selain tamak haloba, sombong dan hasad dengki, orang Melayu juga terkenal dengan sikap mudah lupa.

6) Pendekatan perlaksanaan dasar yang dilakukan oleh DSN secara "reverse psychology" setakat ini agak berjaya, malah membuahkan hasil jangka pendek, manakala pendekatan dasar jangka panjang masih terlalu awal untuk didebatkan.

7) Kritikan pembangkang telah dijawab dengan kerja keras - pendekatan yang jelas tidak beretorik berbanding ketika era Pak Lah. Kepimpinan yang lebih inklusif - jelas dapat dilihat apabila PM telah cuba berhubung dengan rakyat melalui pelbagai medium, samaada secara maya [facebook, twitter dan blog] atau pun melalui radio serta melalui siri jelajah negara untuk bertemu rakan maya beliau. Salah satu lagi pendekatan yang menampakkan sikap atau daya kepimpinan inklusif beliau, apabila PM secara peribadi memberi sokongan kepada pasukan bolasepak kebangsaan dalam piala Suzuki, malah beliau turun bersama - sama rakyat menonton secara langsung perlawanan bolasepak pasukan kebangsaan bermain di kejohanan piala AFF Suzuki.    

8) Dalam sektor korporat pula, PM telah melantik beberapa individu yang jelas mempunyai kreadibiliti serta keupayaan untuk menerajui setiap syarikat yang dikuasai kerajaan [GLC]. Contoh yang jelas apabila beliau melantik Datuk Nazmi Salleh untuk menerajui Proton, manakala Tan Sri Hassan Merican telah digantikan oleh Datuk Shamsul untuk menerajui Petronas, Tan Sri Isa Samad dilantik sebagai sebagai pengerusi FELDA. Secara kasarnya syarikat - syarikat tersebut mengekalkan momentum pertumbuhan masing - masing, malah Proton telah kembali menguasai pasaran kereta tempatan sambil turut mencatat keuntungan. Datuk Nadzmi Salleh yang berlatar belakangkan bidang automotif jelas nampak kehendak dan keperluan Proton untuk terus kekal sebagai salah sebuah syarikat automotif tempatan yang bebas dan berdaya saing. Kepentingan dan keperluan teknologi terus dititik beratkan oleh Datuk Nadzmi Salleh, yang jelas merupakan aset yang paling berguna kepada sesebuah syarikat automotif untuk kekal dalam industri yang amat mencabar dan sengit ini.

9) Manakala dalam soal politik pula, UMNO/BN sudah mula menunjukkan kestabilan - hasilnya jumlah sokongan orang Melayu dan India kepada BN mula kembali dan menampakkan penambahan. Malangnya sokongan kaum Cina masih belum kembali, sebaliknya bertambah buruk lagi. Contoh yang jelas dapat dilihat, ketika pilihanraya Sarawak. Sokongan kuat dari pengundi Bumiputera menyebabkan BN dapat mengekalkan Sarawak dengan majoriti 2/3. Mungkin kaum Cina memerlukan sedikit masa lagi untuk kembali memberi sokongan kepada BN.

10) DSN mungkin boleh kekal menerajui UMNO/BN selama beberapa tahun lagi jika kerja kuat dan daya kepimpinan sekarang dapat dikekalkan. Peranan yang dimainkan oleh isteri beliau Datin Seri Rosmah [DSR] mungkin juga merupakan faktor pembantu - beliau ternyata aktif dalam aktiviti sosial serta NGO. Seperti unsur Yin dan Yang yang memerlukan antara satu sama lain. Faktor yang menjadi "catalyze" kepada 2 elemen bertentangan yang menjadi nadi penggerak. Contoh jelas terdapat antara Tun Dr. Mahathir dan Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, dimana Tun Siti Hasmah yang berjiwa lembut adalah merupakan nadi penggerak kepada Tun Dr. M yang berjiwa keras. Seperti kata Robert Greene dalam bukunya "Art of Seduction" chapter "The Ideal Lover" yang menghuraikan perhubungan dua manusia yang saling memerlukan antara satu sama lain. Faktor yang menjadi elemen penggerak kepada sesuatu perhubungan.

11) Aku beranggapan, untuk melihat DSN "true colours" kita mungkin dapat melihatnya jika BN berjaya mengembalikan majoriti 2/3 pada PRU13 nanti. Ketika ini dasar yang dilaksanakan perlu mengambil pendekatan menarik benang dalam tepung. Jika beliau berjaya mengatasinya, ia akan menjadi pengalaman yang sangat berguna kepada beliau bila berhadapan soal pengurusan dan kepimpinan negara - kerana pada aku cabaran dan dugaan yang sedang dilalui sudah kuat magnitudnya.

12) Namun begitu, faktor DSR boleh menjadi elemen perosak jika ia gagal ditangani dalam jangka masa panjang, tetapi jika DSN berjaya "to keep her in check" sebaliknya ia juga bakal memberi impak positif kepada kepimpinan beliau dalam jangka masa panjang, Insyaallah. Pengalaman yang telah dilalui oleh President Ferdinand Marcos perlu dijadikan teladan.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

F1 2011

1) I am fully agree to Fernando Alonso point of view, which I think he is realistic. Of all 6 grand prix, Sebastian Vettel claims 5 victories with 1 second place. Which mean, he just throw away 7 maximum championship points.

2) Given example of 2009 championship, which Jenson Button took 6 grand prix under his belt during early season, he just maintaining his consistency during 2nd part of the season which already enough for him to be crowned as world champion of 2009.

3) Seba and Red Bull Renault has learned a lesson from last season. They are not waste too much points this season, where Seba has translated 5 grand prix winning out of 5 pole positions. Unlike last year championship, Seba have to wait until final grand prix to be crowned as world champion despite having quickest car. Red Bull so far has shown good reliability and maintaining its aerodynamic competitiveness whiles Seba on the other hand has committed less mistake. Unlike last year, those are the mains flaws which haunted Red Bull and Seba dearly. Luckily, it was Ferrari and Fernando Alonso mistake during final grand prix had handed Seba with world championship crown.

4) Probably McLaren and Lewis Hamilton is closest contender who could squander Red Bull and Seba chance. But with 58 points different which equal to more than 2 races winning proved too far to catch. However, mathematically it is reachable, considering the current season has only completed just 6 grand prix so far.

5) Luck and competitiveness must work of Lewis / McLaren hands, otherwise there would be another empty handed season for Lewis / McLaren.

6) Lewis / McLaren cannot throw away another golden opportunity as they experienced during recent Monaco grand prix. Monaco circuit demanding high mechanical grip, as compared to other circuits which require more aerodynamic grips which tend to be on Red Bull hands.

7) Hence I can understand Lewis disappointments even though they simply have pace to compete with Red Bull and Seba. It is all due to strategy mistake during Q3 plus with bad lucks. They cant afford to do the same mistake again, especially when it comes to circuit that is more suit to their car. Otherwise they can throw in the towel again if they keep repeating mistake when in need most.                    

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chelsea and Football Development

1) As expected Roman Abramovich decides to sack Carlo Ancelotti, 2 seasons after he guided Chelsea its first double championship crown.

2) This is the price that football manager have to pay, how good you are and how much the success you have brought to the club, wont guarantee your position in the future.

3) Of all European clubs only English Premier League clubs would tolerate with it managers except Chelsea - who own by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Roman has so far sacked 7 coaches since all of them failed to deliver an overnight success to Chelsea.

4) Unlike Manchester United, Arsenal, Everton or even Barcelona - the board of management is more patient and give ample time for its manager to deliver success. The good example is Sir Alex Ferguson, who took 9 years to deliver MU with the first EPL after 26 years drought. Arsenal also following the same footstep - Arsene Wanger thus far completed its 15 years as Arsenal manager. For your info, both managers remain coaches of both clubs.

5) I was told, both Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wanger has full authority over club youth coaching - to ensure smooth succession of young players to senior level. These are the key ingredients of Barcelona success recently - the senior player has been playing together for over 10 years since their youth apprenticeship. To name a few Xavi Hernandez, Pedro Rodriguez, Andries Iniesta, Victor Valdez are the products of this youth development program initiated by Barcelona. The success of this program has not stand still but also has spilled over to Spain, where the same players brought Spain to be crowned as World Champion and European Champion.

6) All these successes are due to tireless works, good working program and good implementation by these clubs. Without this initiative the club or any country would not go far in the domestic or international competition. France also has proved that by being World Champion in 1998 and European Champion in 2000, all of this is due to bunch of good talents blended with good coaching staff who brought their first ever World Champion. As Aime Jacquet and Vicente Del Bosque enjoyed, they came at the right time with good the stuff for the right players.

7) Probably these are the things that Roman Abramovich should learn. It is no point spending on good players and sacking coaches if you neglected the youth breeding in your team. Of course it would take time to see the result, its the matter of patient and right ingredient for it's to bear fruitful. In the end it is better to safe your financial burden from having to buy expensive players, its more wiser to invest on the youth development program  for long lasting of talents breeding. In fact Ajax Amsterdam, Barcelona, MU, Arsenal and etc has did it.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kes Sodomi II - Suatu Penilaian

1) Utusan Malaysia melaporkan Mahkamah Tinggi telah mengambil keputusan untuk menolak permohonan barisan pembelaan yang memohon agar menolak hujah Dr. Seah Lay Hong dan Nor Aidora Seadon yang bersependapat bahawa DNA lelaki Y dalam rektum Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan adalah sepadan dengan DNA Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

2) Aku tak berminat atau berniat sama sekali untuk mencampuri urusan mahkamah. Aku cuma ingin menjelaskan strategi yang dimainkan oleh barisan pembelaan untuk mewujudkan keraguan terhadap terhadap saksi - saksi pendakwa, barisan pendakwa, hakim serta elemen - elemen luaran kononnya terdapat campur tangan PM dalam prosiding mahkamah. Jika berjaya mewujudkan keraguan tersebut serta berupaya meyakinkan mahkamah dan rakyat mengenai cerita rekaan tersebut, DSAI akan berjaya membuktikan kepada dunia:
  • Proses judiciary Malaysia adalah tidak telus serta penuh dengan keraguan - terdapat campur tangan dari pihak eksekutif bagi mempengaruhi keputusan mahkamah.
  • Beliau tidak bersalah sejak kes yang terdahulu lagi - akhirnya beliau berjaya membuktikannya melalui kes sekarang. 
  • Jika beliau berjaya membuktikan keraguan tersebut dan beliau tidak bersalah, ia bakal meningkatkan prospek beliau sebagai ketua parti pembangkang yang akhirnya akan memberi impak besar kepada pembangkang.
  • Peranan media mainstream seperti Utusan dan NST sebagai kuda tunggangan UMNO/BN berjaya dibuktikan.
  • Kononnya rakyat Malaysia selama ini telah ditipu dengan dakyah pembohongan yang dijalankan oleh media mainstream dan sistem yang korup.    
3) Pada aku, hakim telah cuba sedaya upaya yang mungkin untuk berlaku adil terhadap barisan pendakwa dan pembela. Sebagai contoh - dengan menolak permohonan pendakwa untuk mengambil sampel DNA DSAI, tetapi bagi berlaku adil kepada pendakwa, hakim telah menarik balik keputusan beliau yang sebelum ini menolak permohonan menggunakan sampel DNA DSAI ketika dalam tahanan lokap. 

4) Sebaliknya barisan pembelaan gagal untuk berlaku adil malah menuduh hakim sebagai tidak layak dan biased - malah DSAI telah menuduh hakim telah pun membuat pra-penghakiman ketika prosiding mahkamah masih berjalan lagi. Beliau telah menyatakannya ketika menjawab soalan wartawan sebaik sahaja mahkamah membuat keputusan DSAI perlu mengemukakan hujah pembelaan beliau. 

'Anwar adalah Lelaki Y, DNA mereka sepadan'

KUALA LUMPUR 16 Mei - Mahkamah Tinggi di sini hari ini menerima keterangan dua ahli kimia yang mendapati bahawa asid deoksiribonukleik (DNA) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim adalah sepadan dengan DNA Lelaki Y yang ditemui di dalam rektum bekas pembantu peribadinya, Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Hakim Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd. Diah menyatakan, walaupun barisan pembelaan memohon agar keterangan Dr. Seah Lay Hong dan Nor Aidora Saedon ditolak kerana terlalu banyak keraguan, mahkamah tidak mempunyai alasan untuk berbuat demikian.

Beliau dalam penghakimannya menyatakan, ini kerana selain meneliti keterangan kedua-dua pakar tersebut di mahkamah, maklumat latar belakang mereka juga menunjukkan bahawa Lay Hong dan Nor Aidora mempunyai pengetahuan, latar belakang pendidikan dan pengalaman yang tiada cacat cela.
''Bukti ini (padanan DNA Anwar dan Lelaki Y), jika diterima masuk, membuktikan bahawa penyumbang air mani yang tidak dikenali dan dinamakan Lelaki Y yang ditemui di dalam dubur pengadu berasal daripada tertuduh,'' katanya.

Selain itu, terdapat bukti daripada tiga doktor yang memeriksa mangsa pada 28 Jun 2008 di Pusat Khidmat Krisis Sehenti (One Stop Crisis Centre - OSCC) Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL); Dr. Siew Sheue Feng, Dr. Razali Ibrahim dan Dr. Khairul Nizam Hassan, serta Lay Hong yang menyokong keterangan Mohd. Saiful Bukhari bahawa telah berlakunya penetrasi.

''Keterangan ketiga-tiga doktor itu berdasarkan latar belakang mangsa dan lokasi calitan-calitan kapas diambil juga secara positif merumuskan bahawa telah berlaku kemasukan zakar ke dalam dubur mangsa,'' katanya.

Merujuk kepada ketiadaan kesan luka pada bahagian dubur, hakim tersebut menyatakan, Sheue Feng dan Khairul Nizam dalam keterangan mereka telah menjelaskan bahawa penetrasi boleh berlaku tanpa sebarang kecederaan atas beberapa faktor termasuk penggunaan pelincir.

Mengenai isu pencemaran dan degradasi, hakim itu memberitahu, tiada bukti-bukti lain bahawa keadaan tersebut wujud sehingga boleh menjejaskan profil DNA diperoleh.

Ujarnya, Lay Hong dalam keterangannya menyatakan bahawa degradasi akan sentiasa berlaku dalam mana-mana sampel DNA tetapi apa yang penting ialah tahap keseriusannya.

''Walaupun terdapat kemungkinan berlakunya degradasi tetapi ia tidak cukup untuk memusnahkan DNA. Dalam kes ini, saksi pendakwa kelima (Lay Hong) menyatakan bahawa profil DNA yang diperoleh daripada calitan-calitan putik kapas adalah jelas,'' ujarnya.

Selain itu, keterangan doktor- doktor yang memeriksa mangsa di HKL turut menunjukkan bahawa setiap sampel yang diambil daripada tubuh Mohd. Saiful Bukhari telah dimasukkan ke dalam bekas steril, dimeterai dan dilabel sebelum diserahkan kepada pegawai penyiasat untuk diberikan kepada Lay Hong.

Atas sebab itu, mahkamah mendapati kemungkinan berlakunya sebarang pencemaran ke atas sampel-sampel selepas ia diperoleh adalah sangat terpencil.

Mengenai isu pegawai penyiasat mengganggu bahan bukti apabila membuka bungkusan plastik mengandungi sampel-sampel yang diambil itu, Hakim Mohamad Zabidin menyatakan tiada cara Supritendan Judy Blacious Pereira untuk berbuat demikian.

Ujar beliau, pada ketika barang-barang kes dari lokap Bahagian Siasatan Jenayah Berat (D9) Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen (IPK) Kuala Lumpur pada 17 Julai 2008, sampel-sampel yang diambil di OSCC telah diserahkan kepada Lay Hong dan telah berada di Jabatan Kimia Malaysia.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


1) If it is true the Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development [RAPID] in Pengerang, Johor, would be develop by Petronas, I would welcome it. But the feasibility studies and environmental & health impacts studies have to be carried out first.

2) I believe it has to do with current rapid development of Oil & Gas complex in Jurong Island, Singapore, where I thought certain portion of those refined products would be sell and transfer to Jurong Island. Or else, its may a tactic by the government to compete with Singapore Jurong Island. To me, whatever it is, it was a good tactics by the government to woo foreign investment or FDI into our country.

3) To make this investment worthwhile, I suggests the government and Petronas would consider on more active participation by local contractors in this project. I have a strong believe that our local contractor have the capabilities to participate actively in this project. I am sure they have all the resources i.e. financial and technical capabilities to carry out this huge project successfully along with thier own foreign partners.

4) Unlike Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal [SOGT] in Kimanis and Plant Rejuvenation and Revamp 2 [PRR2] package in Kerteh, Terengganu, local participation in these project seems only to comply the government and Petronas procedure, where Naim Holdings Bhd and PFCE seems only being sleeping partners while the actual works of engineering and construction were fully carry out by their respective foreign partners. As I always stressed in earlier post on Petronas VDP, it is not the system is wrong but human whether it was the authority or receptive people are the real culprits. This is what has made our national social engineering i.e. NEP less successful, its all due to human error and negative behaviour.

5) There are several potential local constructors which I assume have that capability i.e. Kencana Petroleum, Sapura Crest, Sime Darby Engineering and etc. To me these companies have all the resources i.e. engineering and financial to be active participant along with their respective foreign partners.

6) I hope Petronas will look into this matter seriously and learn from the past mistakes. I am sure there are a lots good local engineers who are still hungry to learn more. The brain drain would normally happen when there are no opportunities available in the local industries or their capabilities are not being heard and simply neglected by the respective industries.