Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mak Damailah Mu di Sana

Kau pergi selama - lamanya meninggalkan ku
Namun ku berdoa semoga Engkau ketemukanlah ku dgn dia
Di suatu tempat dan ketika yang telah Engkau janjikan
Aku berdoa agar Engkau tempatkan dia di kalangan hamba Mu yang soleh

Kau pergi meninggalkan ku, bertemu Pencipta mu di sana
Damailah mu di sana
Hari terakhir mu, wajah mu tenang
Mungkinkah kau redha atau sedia?

Aku bersyukur dapat ketemu mu di hari terakhir mu
Bersyukur dalam duka
Sedih tapi pasrah
Pasrah atas apa yang telah Engkau janjikan

Wahai mak, janganlah engkau bersedih
Akan ku sedekahkan doa hingga ke akhir hayat ku
Jasad mu pergi meninggalkan ku, tapi roh mu kekal di sini
Kerna kasih sayang dan cinta itu kekal

Kasih dan sayang mu murni
Murni itu benar
Kebenaran itu kejujuran - bakal jadi bekal di akhirat kelak
Kau pergi bersama ayah yang tersayang, setelah genap 20 tahun lamanya

Pusara mu bersebelah, moga kalian berdua bangkit bersama
Doa ku bertambah kata - dengan ungkapan arwah
Namun wajah dan kata - kata mu bakal tersemat - kekal dalam kalbu

Lagu ini sebagai tanda kasih sayang ku terhadap mu mak.

Nationalism & Paradigm Shift

1) The history of the past during early 20th century and after WWII have taught us that 2 dominant ideologies i.e. the western capitalism and eastern socialism / communism, were the main tools used by politicians to garner support from the people. Russian revolution in 1917 has resulted big influence throughout European continent, and spread into Asia. This revolution resulted the fallen of Russian monarchy. And some of the Asian coutries including China have followed the same footstep or at least allaying themselves to this ideology. Meanwhile the other part of the western European supporting capitalism.

2) The magnitude of this hostility spread into our political and social landscape. It gave a new dynamism among Malay society to up against British colony. The majority of these Malay nationalist united under UMNO banner against British Malayan Union, while certain minority of Malays coalesced under PKM (Parti Komunis Malaya) banner. Despite the differences, one could not deny that the level of patriotism among these leaders is higher. They were separated by the ideology only.

3) If you look at Malaysia's history prior and after independence, one can't deny that these 2 ideologies has dominated the early struggle of independence by our fore-father. The British created act ISA (Internal Security Act) was enacted to prevent communism / socialism influence among society. It has resulted the jailing of some communism / socialism sympathisers under this act in Singapore and Malaysia.

4) Those who's came from this era, were hard on their principle, would not easily give-up even if it might detrimental their own health. It has been examplied by the Tun Dr Mahathir, at 91 years old he's still active in defending people right and the country he love, despite reaching twilight years of his time. He neither stand any personal gain nor loosing anything if he chose to stay quiet. We as a young generation should feel ashamed to ourselves by this old man.  

5) Tun Dr Mahathir, while still in power has wrote in one of his book (which I can't remember which one), the idea to eradicate corruption, that one have to instil a patriotism spirit within it society. And politicians must also embrace this value, in order to keep country's society and economic remain healthy - free from corruption. If these values embraced, one would not hesitate to sacrifice own believe and principle, willing to step down just for the sake of the country they love. An instance that do not occur present-day.

6) Looking at psychology point of view, our society need a paradigm shift that similar to Malayan Union time or independence day. A state of safety net being removed and our own future at stake in jeopardy, might initiate this kind paradigm shift within our society.

7) In fact Tun Dr Mahathir in one of his speech during UMNO general assembly has warned Malays about not to be forgetful, which famously described as "Melayu Mudah Lupa". Nevertheless Malays remain forgetful, therefore I think paradigm shift is required to remind Malays that their future are at stake presently. Otherwise they will remain forgetful.