Monday, July 25, 2011

I Love Islam

1) Salah satu penyakit yang sering melanda orang Melayu ialah riak. Bila sudah belajar tinggi, mereka akan berasa diri sudah bijak daripada orang lain, maka mereka akan cuba mengajar orang lain tentang perkara yang dirasakan mereka lebih tahu.

2) Bila belajar agama sampai ke universiti, mereka sudah merasakan diri lebih Islam daripada orang lain. Polemik ini juga terdapat di kalangan beberapa penulis blog I love Islam, yang sesetengah daripadanya merasakan sudah cukup pandai atau lebih bijak daripada orang lain. Malangnya isu yang diketengahkan merupakan perkara yang berkaitan agama Islam yang suci. Mungkin niat sebenar pemilik blog tersebut adalah baik, iaitu ingin membantu umat Islam dalam soal berkaitan keagamaan, samaada dalam soal tauhid mahupun fiqah.

3) Tetapi jika dibiarkan tanpa tapisan, blog tersebut bakal dimanipulasi oleh penulis - penulis berfahaman kepartian, yang bakal menjadi virus yang akan merosakkan Islam itu sendiri. Dimana pendekatan secara halus yang dijalankan dengan cuba menjelaskan permasalahan hukum agar bersesuaian dengan pendirian politik mereka. Pendekatan tersebut dijalankan dengan menyamakan perkara - perkara atau elemen - elemen yang bersifat menentangkan Islam dengan polemik yang melanda dunia politik negara ketika ini. Contohnya dengan menyamakan berjuangan nasionalis Zionist dengan perjuangan nasionalis UMNO, sila baca di sini. Ia bertujuan agar perjuangan UMNO itu ditolak oleh orang Melayu.

4) Inilah bahana yang melanda orang Islam jika dibiarkan golongan yang mempunyai kepentingan diri dan tertentu berleluasa melakukan dakyah politik masing - masing atas tiket Islam. Lebih malang lagi fitnah tersebut akan lebih mudah disiarkan secara berleluasa keseluruh pelusuk dunia melalui blog, facebook, twitter dan lain - lain portal lagi - hasil kerja tangan golongan yang sudah dibrainwashkan pemikiran mereka. Golongan ini adalah golongan pengikut yang sudah jelas keliru antara yang benar dan yang salah, yang mempunyai sindrom kegagalan berfikir yang bukan hanya terdapat di kalangan mereka yang berpelajaran rendah, malah juga terdapat ramai dari kalangan yang berilmu tinggi dan berpelajaran tinggi.

5) Facebook, twitter, blog, google+ [yang bakal dilancarkan oleh Google nanti] dan lain - lain lagi, bukan lagi menjadi platform untuk kita bertukar pendapat, berkongsi maklumat, mendekatkan silaturrahim, mengimbau kenangan lampau, sebaliknya telah bertukar menjadi medan dakyah politik dan saluran penyebaran fitnah yang bertujuan untuk menarik sokongan dan juga bertujuan melakukan character assassin terhadap sesiapa yang tidak disukainya.

6) Kemudahan teknologi yang dibangunkan untuk kesejahteraan manusia telah disalah gunakan oleh manusia sendiri. Begitulah juga dengan syiar Islam yang telah diamanahkan oleh Allah melalui rasulnya iaitu Nabi Muhammad SAW kepada sekalian umatnya, juga telah diselewengkan oleh umatnya sendiri. Siapakah yang bersalah? Umat Islam ke atau musuh Islam? Tepuk dada tanyalah selera.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something To Think About

1) I might be accused of being secular and non-Islamic. To me its doesn't matter since I know who I am, and know how deep my faith is to God. Only God knows it.

2) I have several questions would like to raise here about PAS state government decision to ban 13 types of entertainment outlets during Ramadhan.
  • Who going to pay for losses incurred by owner of the entertainment outlets during Ramadhan? Aren't they are willing to use people money to pay for it?
  • Aren't they are willing to shut-off Kedah-Thai border in Bukit Kayu Hitam to stop from Malaysian Muslim going to Danok, Thailand for non restriction of entertainment during Ramadhan?
  • Aren't they are willing to bear the losses incurred by tourism industry particularly in Langkawi?
  • Aren't Muslims would behave accordingly to Islamic rite during Ramadhan?
  • Is this measure / enforcement would justify them as Islamic state of Kedah?
3) What a pathetic decision DAP had, all this while DAP has given unreserved support to their PAS friend. This decision would of course will haunt DAP Chinese votes to Kedah- PAS lead government. The decision would mean of reverting to Islamic state, which is contradict to benevolent state as they had declared recently. It does make me wonder of Kedah-PAS government stand over its party decision during muktamar day recently - to establish a benevolent state rather than Islamic state? I am sure their allies would not happy either.

4) What is Islamic state all about? Is it by enforcing of prevention of un-Islamic activities i.e., going to entertainment outlets, drinking alcohol etc. Or imposing Muslims to wear turban, preserve beard, putting jawi signboard by the road side etc. Is that Islam all about?

5) What about the right of non-Muslims to practice their rites? Is this Islam really means, by enforcing law against Muslims, but on the other hand have a repercussion against non-Muslims?

6) Its  same goes to hudud, can anyone prove to me that hudud can be executed fairly to all races in this 21st century. The facts was that NO you cant. We cant execute hudud law as what has been practising during 6th century in the 21st century. We always neglected that hudud is about being JUST to Muslims and non-Muslims. We are more emphasize on the manner its supposed to be executed.

7) How about the other values that we should promote i.e., the right of Muslims to be judged in Syariah court, the right of Muslims to use Islamic banking as means to avoid "riba" in conventional banking, the right of Muslims to have a convenience in performing pilgrimage through Tabung Haji, the right of Muslims to have a proper Islamic education via public religious schools or Islamic public higher learning i.e., UIA etc. Aren't these are not the values of Islam?   

8) PAS have no idea and being "jumud" as Muslims. Whereas Islam is progressive religion since the beginning of life.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Egoism II

1) It is not surprising to see Marina Mahathir joining Bersih rally, considering her American / Western
view of human right, gender equality and democracy.

2) The Bersih rally should carry-on as to show to the whole that the Malaysian authority and the people of Malaysia are truly embraced the wide diversity among them. She had even willing to put her family name at stake for the name of human right of every citizen. The human right of every citizen to gather in the enclosed area was neglected by Bersih, instead they opted to rally on the street of KL since the police disallowed them to use Merdeka stadium although have the alternative.

3) Her farther was clearly opposed to Bersih rally as I have mentioned in Egoism. She may thought that it was a cleverest idea since it was contradict to Tun Dr. Mahathir view. To her, Malaysian are still not truly embrace the wide diversity and differences among them, she thought Malaysian are still bigot in their view, not knowing that the pot calling the kettle black she was.

4) She may proud of being herself, differ than the father view as most people are sought to. The authority including the PM and police department was accused of being bigot, not understand the true meaning of Embrace Diversity. As such they should be taught on how to embrace it, the participation in Bersih rally as a means to lecture the authority. The police was accused of might going to use physical force to disperse Bersih crowd. Her daughter and public safety was used as a reason for her to participate.

5) I have several questions would like to ask her, did she know that Bersih has been used as a stepping stone by opposition to gauge the current people acceptance toward PKR? Did she know, Bersih has been used by certain parties to incite subversive purposes for some reason? Did she know, there were 3593 police reports has been made against Bersih rally [including me]?

Did she know, who is this Ambiga? What is her role in IFC? Did she know Bersih was using by PKR as to show the people resurgence against current government [which used to be led by her father], as was happen in West Asia and Northern Africa? Did she know Bersih was used by PKR to initiate a momentum before GE13 as they did in 2007 [soon before GE12]?

6) Dear Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, don't let your human right, gender equality and egoism blinded your eyes from the facts as mentioned above. The freedom has been granted [to gather in the stadium outside KL area], instead you still chose the wrong manner.

7) Are you going to be responsible for any side effects or chain reaction due to Bersih rally? Believed, my answer is NO you don't. Instead you will further accusing authority for do not understand and do not embrace diversity among the people. The authority will be accused for obstructing the people right to exercise their freedom of expression.

8) You can keep continuing your efforts in promoting the so called human right, gender equality, freedom of expression etc. But once you crossed the line, you have to pay for it. Because sometime, things come with price. And some of the time would clash with the right of majority as protected by the law. The police has been granted with those responsibilities by law maker, if they failed to exercised it, they would be accused for not carrying-out their duty and consequently the right of majority will be deterred.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


1) I think Marina Mahathir has personal character problem - trying to be seen differ with her father. The common definition on human conceptual character is that they would describe someone would have the same character or being better than his / her father or at least equal. Tun Dr. Mahathir has left a huge benchmark to his son and daughter to be catches on. The general tendency between people is, he / she would follow the same footstep as what the father has did.

2) In trying to be seen differ, Marina decided to support Bersih rally - joining the other mobs i.e., Ambiga and Mat Sabu etc. While her father point of view over this issue can be clearly seen through his blog Chedet - which is totally opposite to her view. It is like American way of thinking - about the human right, freedom and liberalism - these are sacred American cardinal rules, which you cannot question someone right even though its may caused huge distress to the public at large. These cardinal rules is above everything else i.e., the national security and safety, the general acceptance of status-quo, the right of the majority etc.

3) After read Tun Dr. Mahathir memoir which he had described on Marina manner after she came back from US. It seems to me it is all about her ego - Tun Siti Hasmah did mentioned about Marina manner when they were told to shift to KL after the farther has been appointed as Ministerial post in KL. What she did was in answering "so what". It shows to me how big her ego was.

4) This is how American teaches their people - being arrogance to their inferior counterpart - believing they are most civilised people than the rest of the world. Going to America, you have to accept their cardinal rules which are American law, everyone in the US is subjected to that rule, while being outside America, we are subjected to their Patriot Act, an act the would applies to anyone deemed terrorist or any countries deemed promoting terrorism or seen against American homogamy. The freedom of speech, the human right or democracy is just a tool for their homogamy, anyone who against it, would be described as uncivilised, backward or against their cardinal rules. Their enemy would be threaten with psychical or psychological force i.e., through sanctions or even military force or by pomposity of their media.

5) Is that the country that Marina Mahathir look up to?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Konsert 2 Raksasa Tunda

1) Untuk perhatian, Konsert 2 Raksasa terpaksa ditunda ke 1 Oktober 2011 disebabkan faktor - faktor keselamatan atas arahan pihak polis.

2) Seperti yang telah diduga, penganjur akan menanggung kerugian disebabkan pertambahan kos promosi dan kadar sewa yang perlu dibayar oleh penganjur kepada pihak stadium, memandangkan jarak penganjuran telah dianjakkan ke 1 Oktober 2011. Inilah harga yang perlu dibayar oleh rakyat Malaysia disebabkan tindakan yang tidak bertanggungjawab gangster - gangster Bersih ini.

3) Sepatutnya penganjur Bersih yang perlu bayar ganti rugi ini kepada penganjur konsert. Kalau tidak pun biar parti PKR lah yang bayar, memandangkan mereka merupakan Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Bersesuaian dengan moto parti tersebut, malah rakyat akan dapat melihat PKR sebagai parti yang benar - benar ADIL.