Thursday, July 14, 2011

Egoism II

1) It is not surprising to see Marina Mahathir joining Bersih rally, considering her American / Western
view of human right, gender equality and democracy.

2) The Bersih rally should carry-on as to show to the whole that the Malaysian authority and the people of Malaysia are truly embraced the wide diversity among them. She had even willing to put her family name at stake for the name of human right of every citizen. The human right of every citizen to gather in the enclosed area was neglected by Bersih, instead they opted to rally on the street of KL since the police disallowed them to use Merdeka stadium although have the alternative.

3) Her farther was clearly opposed to Bersih rally as I have mentioned in Egoism. She may thought that it was a cleverest idea since it was contradict to Tun Dr. Mahathir view. To her, Malaysian are still not truly embrace the wide diversity and differences among them, she thought Malaysian are still bigot in their view, not knowing that the pot calling the kettle black she was.

4) She may proud of being herself, differ than the father view as most people are sought to. The authority including the PM and police department was accused of being bigot, not understand the true meaning of Embrace Diversity. As such they should be taught on how to embrace it, the participation in Bersih rally as a means to lecture the authority. The police was accused of might going to use physical force to disperse Bersih crowd. Her daughter and public safety was used as a reason for her to participate.

5) I have several questions would like to ask her, did she know that Bersih has been used as a stepping stone by opposition to gauge the current people acceptance toward PKR? Did she know, Bersih has been used by certain parties to incite subversive purposes for some reason? Did she know, there were 3593 police reports has been made against Bersih rally [including me]?

Did she know, who is this Ambiga? What is her role in IFC? Did she know Bersih was using by PKR as to show the people resurgence against current government [which used to be led by her father], as was happen in West Asia and Northern Africa? Did she know Bersih was used by PKR to initiate a momentum before GE13 as they did in 2007 [soon before GE12]?

6) Dear Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, don't let your human right, gender equality and egoism blinded your eyes from the facts as mentioned above. The freedom has been granted [to gather in the stadium outside KL area], instead you still chose the wrong manner.

7) Are you going to be responsible for any side effects or chain reaction due to Bersih rally? Believed, my answer is NO you don't. Instead you will further accusing authority for do not understand and do not embrace diversity among the people. The authority will be accused for obstructing the people right to exercise their freedom of expression.

8) You can keep continuing your efforts in promoting the so called human right, gender equality, freedom of expression etc. But once you crossed the line, you have to pay for it. Because sometime, things come with price. And some of the time would clash with the right of majority as protected by the law. The police has been granted with those responsibilities by law maker, if they failed to exercised it, they would be accused for not carrying-out their duty and consequently the right of majority will be deterred.

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  1. Dengar kata dia dapat penyakit besar kepala. Perasan dia saja betul. Dalam blog dia siap cerita 'kenangan bersama bersih'. Konon-konon sungguh mencengkam jiwa, podah.