Saturday, February 15, 2014

Islamic Renaisance

1) A friend of mine suggested there will be the renaissance of Islamic empire or civilisation from the East, which will be from Malaysia. Honestly, I am doubt about it. And the first question came out from my mind, are we Malaysian Muslims practicing a true teaching of Islam that will elevate and redeem back the dignity and pride of our religion? My answer is not exactly. Why? Because the current scenario that happening around us prove my notion.

2) Generally Malaysian Muslims are religious addicted. Addicted with series of ceramah of so called religious preacher who fills their follower with a believe that do not bring added value to us as muslim and ummah. What we are more interested is the sin and reward we might get if we do this and that. We never ask this preacher, how we should do to change the fate of our muslim world? Our question is more incline towards a self centred issue, what we can and what we can't.

3) Fiqh creeds is more enticing than think Islam is a way of life. Frequently we ignoring other positive teaching that Islam taught us. We are easily deceived by certain preachers who disguise in Arabic customs, and accepted their teaching blindly without thinking twice. Eventually it lead us towards club of dooms, and thus a so called of Islamic renaissance gone with the wind, left in the memory never materialized.

4) The foundation and position of Islam in this country are well placed in the constitution, initiated by our forefather since independent. There's no constitution in any countries including Arab's that recognizing race by it religion. Only Malay have this privileges. Unfortunately there are many ungrateful Malays and "mudah lupa" [easy to forget]. They forget where they come from - obsessed by ego, considering their achievement solely theirs. Taking liberal thinking up to the point of obstructing other fellow brother from achieving the same feat - which is totally unfair.

6) They become ego, though they know everything, trying to lecture the government how to manage and run the country. A plague that infecting to most Malay nowadays. They never set on the reality drown in idealism. My worry is. If we do not change by now, a sort of punishment will come that will remove all the privileges that we enjoyed all this while. We do not have any one else to blame other than us. We can't blame other races for taking opportunities available. We can't blame other races for maximising opportunity they have.

7) We have ourselves to blame for allowing our inferior trait swallowed other races. We need to be more self centred against other races, have to be a type of Malaysian Jew, a kind of tit-for-that of doing things.