Saturday, July 16, 2016


1) A friend of mine contacted me, asking on my opinion on current damaging political scenario, happening in our country. He's clearly doesn't agree with the decision to invite DAP in the coalition to topple BN in the next GE.

2) I have told him, I'm too disagree for a new political party forming alliance with DAP, knowing the latter were strong opponent of NEP, and promoting Malaysian Malaysia mooted by their predecessor PAP. But current reality that struck our economic and political climate require radical approaches in combating corrupted BN.

3) We are in between the devil and the deep blue sea. And we have no option other than have to choose the less detrimental between the two, and clearly we don't have other option at the moment. As what Tun Dr M said, who's should be PM after Najib is secondary. At the moment our mind and focus should concentrate on removing Najib from his current post.

4) Since all doors through UMNO/BN and legislative assembly has been shutdown by Najib and his cronies. The citizen then resorted through citizen declaration lead by Tun Dr M, to push our king to step-in in pushing Najib to step down. However looking at current scenario, it seems this way going to be resulted in vain either. That is why, the idea of forming new political party to rival BN in the next GE came into mind. And knowing Tun Dr M - giving-up is not in his vocabulary, he will find every ways and means to make it happen. It was same during Asian financial crisis in 1997-1998, where various methods were implemented by previous administration lead Dr M to overcome currency speculators from destroying our economy. Eventually government came with unorthodox approach by pegging RM against USD. This approach wasn't in line with general consensus of world top financial theorist of that time. Even George Soros acknowledged that we were wright in pegging RM. Tun Dr M never quiet from being in the spot light due to his maverick approaches and decisions in politic and leadership. He would not afraid in taking dangerous way with calculated risk in mind. 

5) Going back into current scenario, forming a new political party to rival BN is not surprising if we understood para 4 mentioned above. This is the quality of former medical doctor cum politician. As what I told him (my friend), at the moment we should think about our survival first. Who should lead our nation after Najib is secondary, learn from Indonesia and Philipines fate where the corruption was so rampant until it's hard for these countries to develop since the corruption has slipped-through their social fabric already. Are we ready to accept Greece fate befall on us? Definitely we don't, the affect would be too catastrophic, and therefore we have to act now before it's too late.

6) The problem with our society is, we are too tactical until we forget main objective. Our mind and focus should concentrate on main objective which is our survival and future generations, PERIOD.         

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mak Damailah Mu di Sana

Kau pergi selama - lamanya meninggalkan ku
Namun ku berdoa semoga Engkau ketemukanlah ku dgn dia
Di suatu tempat dan ketika yang telah Engkau janjikan
Aku berdoa agar Engkau tempatkan dia di kalangan hamba Mu yang soleh

Kau pergi meninggalkan ku, bertemu Pencipta mu di sana
Damailah mu di sana
Hari terakhir mu, wajah mu tenang
Mungkinkah kau redha atau sedia?

Aku bersyukur dapat ketemu mu di hari terakhir mu
Bersyukur dalam duka
Sedih tapi pasrah
Pasrah atas apa yang telah Engkau janjikan

Wahai mak, janganlah engkau bersedih
Akan ku sedekahkan doa hingga ke akhir hayat ku
Jasad mu pergi meninggalkan ku, tapi roh mu kekal di sini
Kerna kasih sayang dan cinta itu kekal

Kasih dan sayang mu murni
Murni itu benar
Kebenaran itu kejujuran - bakal jadi bekal di akhirat kelak
Kau pergi bersama ayah yang tersayang, setelah genap 20 tahun lamanya

Pusara mu bersebelah, moga kalian berdua bangkit bersama
Doa ku bertambah kata - dengan ungkapan arwah
Namun wajah dan kata - kata mu bakal tersemat - kekal dalam kalbu

Lagu ini sebagai tanda kasih sayang ku terhadap mu mak.

Nationalism & Paradigm Shift

1) The history of the past during early 20th century and after WWII have taught us that 2 dominant ideologies i.e. the western capitalism and eastern socialism / communism, were the main tools used by politicians to garner support from the people. Russian revolution in 1917 has resulted big influence throughout European continent, and spread into Asia. This revolution resulted the fallen of Russian monarchy. And some of the Asian coutries including China have followed the same footstep or at least allaying themselves to this ideology. Meanwhile the other part of the western European supporting capitalism.

2) The magnitude of this hostility spread into our political and social landscape. It gave a new dynamism among Malay society to up against British colony. The majority of these Malay nationalist united under UMNO banner against British Malayan Union, while certain minority of Malays coalesced under PKM (Parti Komunis Malaya) banner. Despite the differences, one could not deny that the level of patriotism among these leaders is higher. They were separated by the ideology only.

3) If you look at Malaysia's history prior and after independence, one can't deny that these 2 ideologies has dominated the early struggle of independence by our fore-father. The British created act ISA (Internal Security Act) was enacted to prevent communism / socialism influence among society. It has resulted the jailing of some communism / socialism sympathisers under this act in Singapore and Malaysia.

4) Those who's came from this era, were hard on their principle, would not easily give-up even if it might detrimental their own health. It has been examplied by the Tun Dr Mahathir, at 91 years old he's still active in defending people right and the country he love, despite reaching twilight years of his time. He neither stand any personal gain nor loosing anything if he chose to stay quiet. We as a young generation should feel ashamed to ourselves by this old man.  

5) Tun Dr Mahathir, while still in power has wrote in one of his book (which I can't remember which one), the idea to eradicate corruption, that one have to instil a patriotism spirit within it society. And politicians must also embrace this value, in order to keep country's society and economic remain healthy - free from corruption. If these values embraced, one would not hesitate to sacrifice own believe and principle, willing to step down just for the sake of the country they love. An instance that do not occur present-day.

6) Looking at psychology point of view, our society need a paradigm shift that similar to Malayan Union time or independence day. A state of safety net being removed and our own future at stake in jeopardy, might initiate this kind paradigm shift within our society.

7) In fact Tun Dr Mahathir in one of his speech during UMNO general assembly has warned Malays about not to be forgetful, which famously described as "Melayu Mudah Lupa". Nevertheless Malays remain forgetful, therefore I think paradigm shift is required to remind Malays that their future are at stake presently. Otherwise they will remain forgetful.        

Monday, March 14, 2016

Pembabtisan UMNO

1) Iklim politik, ekonomi dan sosial yang melanda negara ketika ini jelas memberi masa depan yang amat gelap kepada kita rakyat Malaysia. Ia berpunca akibat daripada kelemahan dan amalan korupsi yang berleluasa dalam kepimpinan UMNO dan kerajaan.

2) Satu dunia tahu kisah 1MDB dan derma 2.6 billion yang masuk dalam akaun peribadi DS Najib. Malah tiada tindakan dan penafian dilakukan oleh DS Najib. Sebaliknya beliau menguatkan genggaman politik dalam UMNO dengan membuang pemimpin - pemimpin yang berani mempersoalkan wang derma 2.6 billion dan 1MDB. Semua pintu telah pun ditutup. Peluang yang ada mungkin melalui gerakan massa / rakyat yang dipelopori oleh Tun Dr Mahathir. Najib mungkin lupa kuasa dan wang tidak kekal - ia hanya sementara. Mungkin didorong oleh perasaan takut (in-secure), beliau bertindak demikian.

3) Namun kerosakan telah pun berlaku, dan telah menyebabkan rakyat menanggung akibatnya. Tiada jalan lain selain dari tindakan drastik yang perlu dilakukan. "Deklarasi Rakyat" mungkin solusinya - ia menuntut perletakan jawatan Najib dari jawatan PM dan President UMNO dan perletakan jawatan keseluruhan kabinet beliau serta merta. Ini bertujuan bagi suatu siasatan menyeluruh yang tidak berat sebelah dan adil, agar mencapai keadilan kepada setiap orang.

4) Umum mengetahui Tun Dr M adalah "season politician" dan juga pemimpin berkaliber yang berpandangan jauh dan objektif. Ketika beliau masih menjawat jawatan PM, banyak polisi dan idea yang tidak popular diketengahkan, tetapi sering kali polisi - polisi ini memberi manfaat jangka masa panjang kepada rakyat dan negara. Tidak perlulah aku nyata satu persatu, umum mengetahuinya. Begitulah juga dalam kontek politik dimana aku berpandangan yang sama. UMNO yang menjadi tiang, yang menjadi dasar penggerak kini telah menjadi begitu korup. Justeru tiada jalan lain selain dari proses penyucian menyeluruh perlu dilaksanakan demi kelangsungan orang Melayu dan negara.

5) Proses ini memerlukan pengasingan beberapa pemimpin korup dan rasuah, yang memakan dedak, yang tidak jujur dalam perjuangan parti, yang hanya mementingkan diri sendiri. Pemimpin begini haruslah dibuang bersama ketua / tuan mereka. Manakala segelintir pemimpin yang masih berpegang pada paksi yang betul, yang jujur dan amanah harus dikekalkan melalui proses penyulingan ini. Malangnya proses ini bakal menyebabkan UMNO turut jatuh bersama, tetapi apakan daya, inilah satu - satunya jalan untuk memulihkan kembali UMNO.

6) Mujur terdapat ramai pemimpin begini yang telah masuk dalam kapal, bersama - sama kapten Bugis ini. Kapal ini dipandu oleh nakhoda yang sedang bergelut menyelamatkan kapal beliau daripada karam di lautan yang bergelora. Jika bahtera ini karam, semua nakhoda dan anak kapal beliau akan turut tenggelam bersama - sama, Insyaallah.

7) Jika dikaji sejarah, UMNO telah melalui beberapa fasa penyucian, dua daripadanya telah berlaku ketika era Tun Dr Mahathir. Pertama ketika UMNO diharamkan, yang menyebabkan ramai kelompok yang menyokong Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah berpisah dengan team A yang menyokong Dr Mahathir (Ketika inilah politik wang mula popular dalam UMNO).

8) Kemudian, ketika DS Anwar Ibrahim dipecat dari UMNO dan kerajaan. Ramai penyokong dan tali barut AI telah keluar meninggalkan UMNO. Ramai juga daripada mereka ini yang korup yang telah  menerima suapan AI, manakala yang setia dengan perjuangan Dr Mahathir, kekal dalam UMNO.

9) Setelah lapan belas tahun berlalu, timbul satu lagi peristiwa besar dalam UMNO yang ketika ini dipimpin oleh DS Najib. Berbanding peristiwa - peristiwa sebelum ini, president UMNO itu sendiri yang terpalit dengan pelbagai skandal. Justeru cabaran yang dihadapi amatlah besar, memandangkan semua institusi penguatkuasaan dan kerajaan, serta UMNO sendiri sudah menjadi kotor - dikotori oleh president serta kuncu - kuncu beliau. Ketika ini semua pemimpin - pemimpin jujur, yang bercakap benar telah dan sedang dibuang daripada UMNO.      

10) Sudah terlalu lama, kita rakyat Malaysia disajikan dengan penampilan mewah dan sombong pemimpin - pemimpin UMNO ini. Mereka ini sudah lupa siapa diri mereka, dan daripada mana mereka berasal. Tiada jalan lain selain dari penarikan kuasa daripada pemimpin - pemimpin ini. Inilah dilemma orang Melayu, yang sering kita panggil Melayu mudah lupa, yang telah berjangkit ke setiap pemimpin UMNO selama ini.

11) Virus yang merebak yang menjangkiti UMNO ini amat terlalu kuat. Ubat yang ada hanyalah penolakan secara total, agar pemimpin - pemimpin begini kembali sedar apakah itu erti perjuangan asli.

12) Sahabat ku Najieb pernah berkata "jika kesilapan ia masih boleh diampun, kerana kesilapan itu memang lumrah kejadian manusia. Tetapi jika jenayah, ia harus dihukum". Justeru situasi yang membelengu negara dan kepimpinan UMNO ketika ini menuntut suatu hukuman terhadap pemimpin - pemimpin begini. Jika tidak, ia bakal menjadi virus yang sukar dibuang, yang bakal menular hingga ke rakyat bawahan seperti yang berlaku terhadap masyarakat Indonesia, dimana ia telah menjadi salah satu budaya yang tidak baik. Wallahuaklam.    

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

PRU14 - BN Harus Kalah

1) Adalah amat pahit untuk aku akui tetapi keadaan terlalu mendesak untuk mengakui BN harus dikalahkan pada PRU14 nanti. Kenapa? Disebabkan kebanyakan pemimpin UMNO/BN sudah terlalu bongkak dan lupa diri. Mereka sudah berada ditampuk kuasa terlalu lama hingga lupa dan bongkak lalu lupa tanggungjawab kepada rakyat diwakili. Bermula dari PM Najib, Zahid Hamidi, Nazri Aziz, Salleh Keruak dan ramai lagi, membuat rakyat muak dan menyampah melihat perangai dan kelakuan pemimpin - pemimpin ini.

2) Maka tidak hairanlah ramai pemimpin bahagian - bahagian UMNO turut sama berlakuan serupa dengan ketua mereka. Jawatan yang dikejar digunakan untuk kepentingan diri sendiri, bukan lagi untuk rakyat yang diwakili. Boleh dikatakan semua pemimpin - pemimpin bahagian UMNO mempunyai sikap yang serupa. Baik dari bahagian Gombak hinggalah Sungai Petani, semuanya boleh dikatakan sombong belaka.

3) Jika tidak sombong sekali pun, mereka akan tergolong dikalangan yang tiada prinsip murni dan yang tak jujur. Jawatan politik hanyalah untuk kepentingan diri sendiri. Mereka ini merupakan golongan yang Tun Mahathir pernah katakan dahulu Melayu Mudah Lupa, yang rakus terhadap kuasa yang sanggup berlaku kejam terhadap kawan dan musuh politik demi sebuah kuasa dan wang. Maka tidak hairanlah ramai yang jadi pemakan dedak dan pembodek.

4) Jika hendak dipulihkan kembali UMNO, terlalu ramai pemimpin yang aku kira perlu digugurkan, boleh dikatakan sembilan puluh peratus jumlahnya. Mereka perlu digugurkan agar kembali sedar. Kalau tidak, rakyat akan selama - lamanya akan teraniaya oleh perbuatan mereka ini. Jika tidak digugurkan, barah yang terdapat dalam akan merebak menjadi lebih teruk, lalu bakal melumpuhkan UMNO, dan akhirnya akan menyebabkan rakyat menderita akibat perbuatan tidak bertanggungjawab ini.

5) Jika diamati dari luar, penampilan PM kita akan berasa senang dengan beliau, beliau dilihat inclusive dan mesra dengan rakyat, begitulah juga dengan penampilan Anwar Ibrahim. Tetapi jika diamati lebih mendalam - tingkah laku beliau dibelakang kita, masyaallah buruknya. Maka tidak hairanlah isu - isu seperti kontroversi 1MDB, SRC dan derma 2.6 billion boleh terpalit terhadap beliau. Lagi banyak beliau hendak selindung, lagi banyak Tuhan dedah kepada rakyat, hinggakan beliau sendiri sudah jadi liabiliti kepada parti dan negara. Beliau tiada pilihan selain dari perlu letak jawatan demi bangsa, agama dan negara.

6) Semua orang tahu, Najib bergantung penuh pada kuasa sebagai PM Malaysia untuk menyekat sebarang usaha untuk membawa beliau ke muka pengadilan. Benarlah kata Tun Dr M suatu ketika dahulu, Najib amat takut jika beliau jatuh. Rupa - rupanya inilah sebab beliau takut. Malangnya beliau bertindak kurang bijak (yang bakal memberi kesan yang lebih buruk kepada diri beliau sendiri akhirnya). Tidakkah beliau sedar, suatu masa nanti beliau tetap akan jatuh. Pada ketika itu musuh beliau akan mendedah segala salah laku beliau, dan ketika itu beliau tiada lagi tempat untuk bergantung harap, dan tiada lagi kuasa bagi menyelamatkan diri. Nasib yang menimpa beliau bakal menjadi lebih teruk dari nasib yang menimpa Ferdinand Marcos dan Imelda.

7) Jika beliau seorang yang gentleman dan pahlawan (seperti yang digembar - gemburkan sebelum ini) - maka sudah lama beliau letak jawatan, demi bangsa, agama dan negara. Tetapi malangnya nasi sudah jadi bubur, dan mungkin tidak boleh patah balik kembali, memandangkan siasatan telah pun dijalankan oleh badan - badan bertanggungjawab termasuklah SPRM dan BNM. Tindakan beliau juga telah turut sama mengheret rakyat menanggung akibatnya. Adakah ini sikap gentleman yang beliau gembar gemburkan?  

8) Aku percaya untuk kembali membersihkan UMNO dari pemimpin - pemimpin korup dan tak jujur, suatu tindakan drastik harus diambil. Tiada jalan lain lagi yang aku nampak selain dari BN perlu kalah pada PRU nanti. Pembersihan dari dalam adalah mustahil dapat dilakukan memandangkan pemimpin - pemimpin yang jujur dan amanah telah digugurkan, yang tinggal hanyalah pemakan - pemakan dedak yang kehausan wang dan kuasa. Maka jalan yang tinggal hanyalah pembersihan dari luar yang memerlukan penolakan menyeluruh dari segenap lapisan masyarakat dan kaum, yang sudah pasti akan menyakitkan. Harap - harap pemimpin begini akan kembali sedar siapakah bos sebenar mereka, rakyat atau PM.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Business Longevity Japanese-Style

I found this piece of article from China Daily newspaper that I read somewhere in June 29, 2015. I think its good to read and share among ourselves. The author is China Daily's bureau chief in Tokyo Ms Cao Hong. Enjoy reading;


Japanese people have the longest life expectancy in the world - 84 years, according to the World Health Organization, or to be precise, about 80 years for men and 87 for women. 

The island nation is also home to around 40 percent of the world's longest-surviving businesess - the highest globally. A 2011 survey by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry showed Japan had 21,666 business that were more than 100 years old, and 3,146 of them had been around for more than 200 years. 

In fact, quite a few flourishing Japanese family businesses can trace their origins to the 17th or 18th century. They include Mitsui, Sumitomo and department store chain Daimaru. Mitsubishi and Suzuki, founded in the 19th century, are much younger in comparison.

The latest story of succession is about Japan's electronics manufacturer Casio. Its 86-year-old president Kazuo Kashio will hand the reigns of power to his eldest son Kazuhiro Kashio in June after staying at the helm for 27 years.

According to the US-based Family Business Institute, 30 percent of family businesses survive into the second generation, 12 percent continue into the third generation and only 3 percent make it into the fourth generation and beyond.

So what has enabled so many of Japan's old-world companies to continue doing business this long?

My recent trip to Kyoto helped me find part of the answer.

In his office and at his home, Kizaemon Tsukamoto, president of Kyoto-based Tsukaki Group, was proud to present scrolls with credo the encourages family members to accumulate "merit" to benefit their descendants.

The statement is from I Ching, or Book of Changes, an ancient Chinese masterpiece the says the cosmos is ever-changing yet harmonious. Today, the book has become a guide for success in many fields.

The scrolls has been passed down to Tsukamoto, the sixth-generation keeper of the family-run business founded in 1867, from earlier generations. The company that started as kimono maker has grown into major enterprise dealing in garments, fir, jewellery and real estate. 

A museum on the outskirts of Kyoto exhibits the credos of may local business families. They share many values in common: Frugality, diligence, honest, restraint and sharing. These values are the basis of a strong corporate culture that unites the old companies, which earnestly live by the tenets instead of just highlighting them on their websites.

Such old companies are cohesive in their practice and have strong sense of purpose and identity.

By viewing their relationships with business partners and customers as something that goes beyond just an exchange of goods and services for financial gains, these companies have built supportive networks that have ensured their success, not just survival, in the long run.

These companies usually believe in leanness and efficiency, which could be termed frugality. They are conservative in terms of financing and do not risk their capital gratuitously. They understand the meaning of money in an old-fashioned way and know the value of having spare cash in the kitty.

Having cash in had gives them flexibility and independence of action. They can pursue options that their competitors cannot. They can grasp opportunities without first having to convince third-party financiers of their attractiveness.

Conservative financial practices also mean these companies tend to be very profitable. Studies done years ago showed the average net profit of old Japanese companies was 5.5 percent while that of all Japanese companies was 2.7 percent.

In Tsukamoto's words, businesses that treat their employees, customers, suppliers and the local community well can live and thrive long.

"Profitability is necessary condition for their existence and a means to more important ends, but it is not the end in itself" says Yohei Nakanori, the fourth-generation president of Tsukiji Tama Sushi, a restaurant founded in Tokyo in 1924.

Japan's century-old companies know the value of making their credos, passion and entrepreneurial skills and prowess a part of their DNA, and they cherish and protect it, as well as built upon it.

Of course, some have not succeeded, and others are struggling. 

Founded in 578 AD, Japanese temple builder Kongo Gumi was being run by the founder's descendant s until it succumbed to excessive debts and an unfavourable business climate in 2006.

Different management styles have fueled a family feud at Japanese furniture retailer Otsuka Kagu. Its 71-years-old chairman, Katsuhisa Otsuka, who founded the business in 1969, focused on high end customers.

His eldest daughter, Kumiko Otsuka, took over the company as its president in 2009 with sights on the mass market. During her 5 years tenure, the business returned to profitability in 2011 for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis.

But the senior Otsuka fired his daughter in July last year. The company board reappointed her in January while the shareholders voted for her on March 27.

The latest sentiment reading of small Japanese businesses has slumped to two-year low as the weaker yen continues to weight on smaller, domestic-oriented companies, while benefiting the nation's biggest exporters. 

The number of Japanese companies citing the weaker yen among the reasons for going bankrupt almost tripled in 2014 to 301 as fast-rising costs of imports squeezed small businesses, according to Teikoku Databank. It expects more such bankruptcies, especially outside large cities.

In this sense, the old companies could serve as valuable example for the younger ones.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Something To Think About

1) Believe me nothing will last forever, either life or power or wealth there's no exception. And looking at this, we can conclude about how is Najib's thinking - does he not worry that one day he will fall, one by one god has shown to us all the evidences of his blunders on 2.6B donation and 1MDB fiasco. Actually there's nothing to hide anymore - like Anwar Ibrahim, Najib himself having thick skin too.

2) If you watching movie American Gangster, played by Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe. The method employs is same with Najib approaches in politics. All the enforcement officers in NYPD were bribed by drug mafia. The drug lord have set aside funds to bribe all these police officers in order to facilitate their unlawful activities. In the context of our current political issue, 1MDB fund was used to help to facilitate Najib political agenda. Therefore, it wasn't surprise all the politicians either in UMNO or BN parliament representatives or even opposing side, seems reluctant or lacking political will to oppose all the wrong doing's of PM.

3) Eventually we the people who's voted in recent GE, will be the victims of the fraud made by our chosen leaders. Today's politic is not about fighting for the people right or being the voice of the people they representing. Today's politic is about personal agenda - lust for power and enriching oneself.

4) I'm sure all of us missed all first 4 PM leaderships dearly. The era that we stood by our own, stand by our own feet, speak our mind freely without influence from anyone else - a pride of our own-self. Now we have lost all of these spirit and pride - the disunity among all races also became larger, Malays being the centre of unity among all races also dividing - corrupted by the lust for money and power of it leaders. We Malaysians have no one to look at.

5) The small fragments of sincere leaders were casted away, they have no more power or influence, let alone follower to  support. Consequently UMNO/BN become irrelevant and eventually people will turn against them in the next GE.

6) However the situation will not improve even if oppositions rule this country. Why? Because each party in the opposition pact have no common agenda and direction. Most of the time they were in contradicting opinion and cannot work together. The people will caught in between - and have no other option to choose from. The future look very bleak for us and generation to come.