Saturday, July 16, 2016


1) A friend of mine contacted me, asking on my opinion on current damaging political scenario, happening in our country. He's clearly doesn't agree with the decision to invite DAP in the coalition to topple BN in the next GE.

2) I have told him, I'm too disagree for a new political party forming alliance with DAP, knowing the latter were strong opponent of NEP, and promoting Malaysian Malaysia mooted by their predecessor PAP. But current reality that struck our economic and political climate require radical approaches in combating corrupted BN.

3) We are in between the devil and the deep blue sea. And we have no option other than have to choose the less detrimental between the two, and clearly we don't have other option at the moment. As what Tun Dr M said, who's should be PM after Najib is secondary. At the moment our mind and focus should concentrate on removing Najib from his current post.

4) Since all doors through UMNO/BN and legislative assembly has been shutdown by Najib and his cronies. The citizen then resorted through citizen declaration lead by Tun Dr M, to push our king to step-in in pushing Najib to step down. However looking at current scenario, it seems this way going to be resulted in vain either. That is why, the idea of forming new political party to rival BN in the next GE came into mind. And knowing Tun Dr M - giving-up is not in his vocabulary, he will find every ways and means to make it happen. It was same during Asian financial crisis in 1997-1998, where various methods were implemented by previous administration lead Dr M to overcome currency speculators from destroying our economy. Eventually government came with unorthodox approach by pegging RM against USD. This approach wasn't in line with general consensus of world top financial theorist of that time. Even George Soros acknowledged that we were wright in pegging RM. Tun Dr M never quiet from being in the spot light due to his maverick approaches and decisions in politic and leadership. He would not afraid in taking dangerous way with calculated risk in mind. 

5) Going back into current scenario, forming a new political party to rival BN is not surprising if we understood para 4 mentioned above. This is the quality of former medical doctor cum politician. As what I told him (my friend), at the moment we should think about our survival first. Who should lead our nation after Najib is secondary, learn from Indonesia and Philipines fate where the corruption was so rampant until it's hard for these countries to develop since the corruption has slipped-through their social fabric already. Are we ready to accept Greece fate befall on us? Definitely we don't, the affect would be too catastrophic, and therefore we have to act now before it's too late.

6) The problem with our society is, we are too tactical until we forget main objective. Our mind and focus should concentrate on main objective which is our survival and future generations, PERIOD.