Saturday, October 29, 2011

Centrum Multi-Vitamin

1) Its been several years that I have consumed Centrum multi vitamin. Only recently, to my surprise, the sales assitant of Guardian farmacy had told me, that this Centrum that I have been consumed was contained with porcine and borcine gelatin's.

2) I am neither sure nor unsure that JAKIM knew this matter. It will not be surprised if JAKIM would someday declared this multi vitamin as HARAM. 

3) From my understanding, porcine is gelatin that was extracted from pig, while borcine is gelatin that was extracted from cow. As you know, pig was considered HARAM to eat by Muslim  Since before this I wasn't knew that this centrum contained by these gelatines, I assume, I am free from sins [only GOD knows].

4) These are the polemics that baffle most Muslims in Malaysia since the authorities like JAKIM started to implement the law of God. When one has committed adultery in enclosed area i.e. hotel etc, is a sin between him to God. Unless the sin was committed in public area, thus the JAKIM has every right to implement their jurisdiction.    

5) Even if, this Centrum multi vitamin does not contained porcine but still contained borcine, aren't this Centrum still HALAL? If HALAL, how JAKIM verify this? The questions of how it was extracted from cow also need to be defined and clarified. The method of how cow being slaughtered, whether it's according to Islamic law or syarak must be defined too. 

6) This Centrum originated from Canada, therefore JAKIM need to go round the globe to verify the methods of manufacturing of every multi-vitamins imported to Malaysia, as whether it's according to Islamic law or not. I have a strong believe that most of these multi-vitamins were manufactured by non Muslims countries. So how JAKIM going to do about it.

7) The true values of Islam being "Mudah" or easy was neglected by the body who should represent its. That body that makes simple things complicated. 

8) The same thing also happen to most of our community, when a friend of mine, whose son was embroiled in disciplinary issue. Problem started when the discipline teacher c/w religious teacher began to be JAKIM in school, a someone who think was held responsible by God to implement the law of God.              

9) What JAKIM going to says about the news exposed by OutSyed The Box about Tabasco Halal In Mecca. Tabasco was proclaimed HARAM in Malaysia, but in the country where our prophet was born, where all Muslims performing their pilgrimage and being look up to as a true Islamic country. How JAKIM going to answer this? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi & Democracy

1) English phrase says what goes around come around, this is what happen to Muammar Gaddafi, when egoism start to pull himself from the facts that his people are no longer behind him. For over 42 years of so-called tyrannic or dictatorship rule of Muammar Gaddafi, the people of Libya dares to rebel against him in searching of so-called democracy.

2) In order to lay down democracy in Libya, the Libyan chosen un-democratic manner by killing Muammar Gaddafi, overlook the democratic process of putting the accussed into trial before sentenced to death or whatever.

3) In the hope of democracy people tend to forget what is democracy all about and how it works. To my best understanding, democracy is nothing if its people are suffering from its. Its better to put it off and accepted dictatorian rule or communism if its can benefit its people. The democracy or whatever names, invented to works for the people not the other way round.

4) In order for democracy to works, first of all, one need to install stability in its country. The people also need to be instilled with true values of democracy and process has to be gradually. Otherwise, the state of anarchy may return and that state will never forever be in peaceful order.

5) China is one clear example of what Deng Xiaoping says "I dont care if its a white or black cat. Its a good cat as long as it chatches mice". In other words one need to understand the true meaning or  its purpose. China started to accept democracy in gradual manner whiles keeping the good values of communism intact. In the end, the country and its people benefited from its. Being a good system, its has to be in practical manner. As a doctor always did, to chop-off one hand to save one life, why not.

6) The questions of whether democracy could bring good to Libyan people or not, is lies in the wisdom of its leader. I hope the fate that was befell to Muammar Gaddafi would not happen to whoever chose as Libyan leader. Only time will tell.