Sunday, August 21, 2011

Truth, Lies and Politics

1) I am not a politician, therefore I may perceived not qualified to talk about politics. Unfortunately, I have my own views on what is politics all about, what politician should do and THINK. Furthermore, my formal education is not as high as among politicians and never studied in politics as KJ has in Oxford.

2) I have seen and study a little about current and past politicians including Tun Dr. Mahathir. From my own observation, for these politicians to stay relevance and be accepted by the public, they have to stay firm with their views and principles even though its may not popular to most of the people. As a politician one must have keep his / her principle and fought remain firm although may received resistance by his / her opponent and the public at large. When Tun Dr Mahathir was sacked by Tunku Abdul Rahman in 1969, he remain loyal to UMNO/BN because he still believe UMNO/BN fought remain parallel with his fought. It just because of his differences with the then UMNO - Perikatan leadership has set him apart from UMNO a little while.

3) When Tun Razak ascended to Prime Ministership, Tun Dr Mahathir was accepted as being someone that remain with his principle as before he was sacked. His book Malay Dilemma, although was banned by then leadership wasn't perceived by previous leadership as a treat to their leadership - instead it was treated as his own personal views that also has merit to be considered with, and may have certain truth that hard to be swallowed.

4) Fight for the truth always being Tun Dr Mahathir principle as a politician, the truth that always against the general perception of public at large, the truth that will remain forever while the lies only short-lived. Therefore, we could see Tun Dr Mahathir views of 42 years ago is still remain the same as present. Please bear in our mind, the truth is come from God while lies is come from ourselves or from devil. God is eternal and remain forever while lies will only remain until afterlife, therefore lies are short-lived.

5) In believing their principles, a politician should uphold to their believe and remain firm with it until it became irrelevance due to the time and circumstances that has not allowed it.

6) The truth also about your true intention - about the truth of why you want  to be a politician - is it for yourself or for your people. You will never be forever obscure your true intention to be a politician, sooner or latter people will find it, only time will tell. The good analogy is Anwar Ibrahim. AI true intention was so bloody covered during his time in UMNO/BN, but when his true face stripped off - his ill intention started to prevail as we can see currently.

7) PAS also another good analogy. When PAS founded in 1956, the original principle was - to established an Islamic state of Malaysia [PAS own view of Islamic state]. PAS politicians has cursed UMNO politicians  for being un-Islamic, abandon Islam just for the sake of power as well as sharing the political reign with non-Muslims. At one time UMNO members and politicians was accused infidel. But today, after 54 years UMNO still remain dominance party in BN in managing this country. PAS on the other hand, remain small fraction in PKR, and have no gut to defend Islam as they should do.

8) When our Muslim brothers faith currently under treat, PAS has lose their teeth and succumbed to it fellow non-Muslims party. PAS became coward, not as what they did in defending 1985 Memali incident, blaming UMNO/BN for granted alcohol and gambling licenses, blaming UMNO/BN for upholding non-Islamic economic values and etc. PAS disillusion will curse them, they will eventually led them into internal bleeding for chasing short-lived lies instead of searching for eternal truth.

9) DAP on the other hand, remain firm with their own political principles, DAP has in so far managed to force PAS to abandon their principles from establish Islamic state into welfare state. Since founded in 1965, DAP remain firm with their Malaysian Malaysia principle until today, while the Islamic Malay party of PAS will change their principle along with time and circumtances as long as it would benefit their political mileage.                  

10) In this case, we know who is chasing the eternal truth and who is chasing short-lived lies.

Monday, August 8, 2011

An Old Friends Personal Experiences

1) I had visitors came to my house recently, it was an old friend of mine which we never met since our school days of year 1994. We just recently managed to contact each other through social media network, thanks to Facebook for being a truly social network media by bringing a long old ties back to a nearer.

2) He is currently working as police officer after graduated from college. We have been chatting all night long, recalling our past memorable moment of our school and hostel life after has been so many years gap.

3) It was by coincidence he took this profession. Initially, he though it was a nightmare being a police officer. Its took him 2 years to acclimatize and mentally acceptance to this profession. The initial resistance came after that, when most of his old friends started to behave differently and awkward to his appearance when he going to meet them. It was very annoying to received a questions of how much did he have in his personal account, does he change to a bigger car already and does he already bought a new big house. These are the questions were raised during their first meeting. A friend who honestly eager to meet-up an old friends has received such an annoying circumstances, would of-course will break the spell of a friendship. 

4) Since then, he knows that this profession comes with the price, the price of a friendship due to public acceptance and impression of being an enforcement officer, who's profession is to uphold public order and to safe guard national security. I am feel pity to him. A profession that was supposed to be look-up to, instead was seen opposite by the public.

5) Why is these things happen? I am sure all the readers knows it. It is back to politics, when the law of the jungle being perpetrate by certain factions in order to gain power either illegally or immorally course.                   

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perbezaan Pendapat & Embrace Diversity

1) Aku berpendapat tidak salah untuk setiap orang berbeza pendapat. Malah ia merupakan salah satu prinsip demokrasi dalam Islam itu sendiri. Maka, aku mengambil pendirian menamakan blog ini sebagai My View, yang secara terang menjelaskan dan menyuarakan pendapat peribadi ku.

2) Para pembaca boleh menyuarakan pendapat masing - masing di ruangan komen setiap tampalan "post" yang dikeluarkan. Pembaca boleh menyatakan pendapat samaada bersetuju atau tidak, terpulanglah.

3) Marina Mahathir di dalam blog beliau menulis "Embrace Diversity" bagi mempelopori pandangan yang berbagai - bagai dan menghormati perbezaan pendapat, budaya dan agama dalam masyarakat kita. Sama ada beliau benar - benar mendokong semangat "Embrace Diversity" tidaklah diketahui jika dilihat pandangan beliau di dalam blog mahu pun dalam kolum akhbar The Star.

4) Adakah dengan menyuarakan pendapat dengan melakukan konfrontasi serta mengkritik pandangan seseorang itu bermakna kita telah "Embrace Diversity", atau pun mengadakan sesi dialog dan bertukar pendapat itu barulah boleh dianggap "Embrace Diversity" dalam erti kata sebenar? Pada aku, seseorang tersebut haruslah jujur dan bersedia menerima pandangan yang berbagai - bagai hatta berbeza sekali pun.

5) Adakah perbincangan dan perbualan aku dengan saudara Najieb yang sering mencakupi bermacam - macam tajuk, baik dalam soal agama, politik, teologi, hubungan kemanusiaan, psikologi, sejarah dan lain - lain boleh diterima sebagai "Embrace Diversity"? Berbalik kepada soal pokok iaitu mencari titik pertemuan, sedia menerima pandangan yang berbagai - bagai yang kadang kalanya bertentangan tetapi tetap menjurus kearah matlamat yang satu barulah boleh dianggap sebagai "Embrace Diversity"?

6) Bagaimanakah pula dengan pandangan Nik Aziz yang satu ketika dahulu pernah menyatakan "Jika melawan UMNO tiba - tiba meninggal dunia, maka kita dikira mati syahid" - bukankah itu merupakan fatwa yang bukan pandangan yang tidak boleh kita pertikaikan? Jika dipertikaikan kita akan dianggap sebagai tidak "Embrace Diversity"? Dimanakah salahnya? Pandangan dan fatwa beliau ke atau kita yang tidak "Embrace Diversity"? Bukankah halal dan haram, dosa dan pahala itu adalah hak Allah? Bukankah perbuatan beliau itu boleh dianggap sebagai melanggari hak Allah?

7) Bagaimanakah pula dengan amanat Hadi Awang yang pernah menyatakan " Saudara - saudara sekalian percayalah, kita menentang UMNO bukan kerana namanya UMNO. Kita menentang BN bukan kerana lama dia memerintah kerajaan. Kita menentang dia ialah kerana dia mengekalkan perlembagaan penjajah, mengekalkan undang - undang kafir, mengekalkan peraturan jahilliah. Oleh kerana itulah kita menentang mereka. Oleh kerana itulah kita menghadapi mereka. Oleh itulah kita cuba berlawan dengan mereka. Percayalah saudara - saudara sekalian, perjuangan kita adalah jihad, ucapan kita adalah jihad, derma kita adalah jihad. Bergantunglah kita kepada Allah dengan (menghadapi) puak - puak ini kerana kalau kita mati melawan puak - puak ini, mati kita adalah syahid. Mati kita adalah Islam. Kita tak perlu masuk Buddha, kita perlu masuk Hindu, kita tak perlu masuk Kristian. Tapi kita menjadi kafir dengan mengamalkan politik suku, agama suku". Adakah dengan "Embrace Diversity" kita perlu biarkan sesiapa saja malah Hadi Awang sekali pun boleh menyatakan pendapat peribadi beliau seperti di atas?

8) Ya mungkin pemikiran kita masih belum lagi matang atau masih lagi ketinggalan zaman, masih lagi dibuai oleh abad ke 6. Bagaimanakah pula dengan pihak berkuasa khususnya pihak polis yang bertanggungjawab menjaga keselamatan awam termasuk ketika mengawal demontrasi Bersih tempoh hari, adakah mereka juga tidak "Embrace Diversity"? Yang menghalang penyokong dan penganjur Bersih menyuarakan pandangan mereka di atas jalan raya? Adakah penganjur dan penyokong demontrasi Bersih adalah merupakan pihak yang "Embrace Diversity" manakala pihak berkuasa pula tidak "Embrace Diversity"?

9) Soalnya di sini sejauh manakah "Embrace Diversity" boleh diterima pakai, apakah sempadannya? Atau bagaimana pulanya dengan blog ini, yang berbicara tentang soal agama? Adakah blog ini juga melanggari hak Allah? Itu tidak dapat dipastikan, tetapi setahu aku, aku tidak pernah cuba menjatuhkan hukum terhadap seseorang tetapi hanya sekadar menyuarakan pandangan peribadi ku berkenaan sesuatu isu.

10) Bagaimanakah pula dengan orang yang dituduh ada "affair" dengan isteri orang, sedangkan hakikatnya tidak semua orang tahu yang perhubungan tersebut memberi kesan sebaliknya. Melihat dari syariatnya ternampak kesalahannya, tetapi adakah hakikatnya salah? Pemikiran kita sering telah "preoccupied" dengan maksud perkataan "affair" itu adalah salah, lalu akhirnya kita telah menutup diri kepada kebenaran yang hakikat. Tanpa disedari kita telah dan sering mendahului orang lain hatta Tuhan sekali pun dalam menghukum orang disebabkan pemikiran yang telah "dipreoccupiedkan" tersebut, yang menutup diri kepada kebenaran yang hakikat. Mungkin ada betulnya apa yang dikatakan oleh Robert Greene, manusia mempunyai terlalu banyak "insecurities" atau bayang - bayang diri yang cuba diselindunginya.

11) Begitulah bahana bila ramai yang ingin menjadi Tuhan, menghukum sesama manusia mengikut selera hati. Tanpa disedari mengata dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia yang lebih. Berapa ramaikah kita sedar tentang hal tersebut? Kenapa ia terjadi? Mungkin kerana jiwa yang tawaduk yang lahir dari cahaya iman tidak terpancul keluar dari dalam diri.

12) Inilah belengu yang juga sering melanda orang yang berpendidikan tinggi yang juga berilmu agama tinggi yang sering dinobatkan sebagai ulama. Sering kali dalam menyuarakan pendapat, golongan terpelajar dan ilmuwan tersebut gagal dalam mengartikulasikan sesuatu isu tersebut secara prakmatik dan praktikal. Terlalu hendak bersarjana, mendokong pandangan berteori yang dicedok bulat - bulat dari buku. Inilah polemik yang sering melanda golongan yang datang dari dunia undang - undang, ilmuwan dan akedemik , yang sering melihat sesuatu isu tersebut dalam bentuk hitam dan putih. Realitinya akan dilupakan. Akhirnya kegagalan berfikir di luar kotak akan melanda, yang akan membantutkan pengembangan minda dalam masyarakat keseluruhannya.