Monday, August 8, 2011

An Old Friends Personal Experiences

1) I had visitors came to my house recently, it was an old friend of mine which we never met since our school days of year 1994. We just recently managed to contact each other through social media network, thanks to Facebook for being a truly social network media by bringing a long old ties back to a nearer.

2) He is currently working as police officer after graduated from college. We have been chatting all night long, recalling our past memorable moment of our school and hostel life after has been so many years gap.

3) It was by coincidence he took this profession. Initially, he though it was a nightmare being a police officer. Its took him 2 years to acclimatize and mentally acceptance to this profession. The initial resistance came after that, when most of his old friends started to behave differently and awkward to his appearance when he going to meet them. It was very annoying to received a questions of how much did he have in his personal account, does he change to a bigger car already and does he already bought a new big house. These are the questions were raised during their first meeting. A friend who honestly eager to meet-up an old friends has received such an annoying circumstances, would of-course will break the spell of a friendship. 

4) Since then, he knows that this profession comes with the price, the price of a friendship due to public acceptance and impression of being an enforcement officer, who's profession is to uphold public order and to safe guard national security. I am feel pity to him. A profession that was supposed to be look-up to, instead was seen opposite by the public.

5) Why is these things happen? I am sure all the readers knows it. It is back to politics, when the law of the jungle being perpetrate by certain factions in order to gain power either illegally or immorally course.                   


  1. Emm kadang2 manusia begitu mudah membuat andaian dengan prinsip masing2 tanpa menilai dan mengerti akan erti persahabatan yang sebenar. Membuat andaian tanpa memikirkan perasaan sesorang, mengkritik dan menuduh hanya kerana kefahaman politik....Sayang kerana politik di kaitkan dalam persahabatan....persahabatan yang telah lama terputus dan bertemu kembali akan menjadi terputus kembali kerana "POLITIK"...

  2. Salam,

    Demarcation dlm diri tak wujud - gagal membezakan antara persahabatan & politik. Campur aduk semua sekali dlm 1 kuali, itulah yg terjadi, masam2 manis, pahit, pedas semuanya ada. Inilah polemik yg sering melanda org kita, banyak sgt campur aduknya. Cth, bila terdapat "ustaz" & kononnya ulamak yg cuba bercakap agama dlm pentas politik, dia campur aduk habis semua, caca merba jadinya. Hukum agama akan diselari dgn perjuangan politik, yg tak ada dlm ajaran diadakan, yg ada dlm ajaran diselindungkan, yg kecil diperbesarkan, yg besar dikecilkan. Semuanya atas nama agama yg dipolitikkan.

    Kalau dh sgt nk jadi ahli politik, jadilah ahli politik, kalau nk sgt jadi ustaz @ ulamak jadilah ustaz @ ulamak. Jgn campur aduk semuanya. Lebih baik dilihat secular drpd jadi ulamak @ ustaz yg kerjanya merosakkan agama utk kepentingan diri.....