Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Renungan Untuk Peringatan Bersama

1) Sedarkah ketika kita sibuk mendedah aib orang, tanpa disedari kita telah membuka aib diri sendiri. Mungkin terlalu marah dan disaluti oleh dendam kesumat dan kebencian, kita terlupa terdapat 1001 aib diri yang diketahui oleh orang lain juga.

2) Orang putih kata "it takes one to know one" - mungkin bidalan ini boleh diguna pakai dalam situasi di atas. Macam abang aku kata, kalau kita hendak mendedahkan keburukan orang lain, kita haruslah benar - benar bersih / baik, kalau tidak ia tidak laku / valid.

3) Sentiasa beringatlah jika ingin melakukan sesuatu dan sentiasa bermuhasabahlah, kerana jika jujur dengan diri sendiri kita akan dapat mengelak dari melakukan kesilapan dan kesalahan.

4) Walaubagaimanapun aku ingin mengucap ribuan terima kasih kepada semua pengunjung blog ini kerana sudi meluangkan masa membaca dan mengulas setiap post yang disiarkan. Untuk pengetahuan semua, setiap post yang disiarkan hanyalah pengalaman dan pandangan peribadi aku yang bukan bertujuan untuk membuka aib orang. Kalau ada di kalangan pengunjung yang tidak puas hati, aku cadangkan agar pengunjung bukalah blog sendiri, ceritalah sepuas - puas hati apa yang tersirat di dalam hati. Bukanlah niat aku untuk jadi ajen penyiar fitnah pembuka aib orang.

5) Memandangkan keadaan sudah menjadi "PANAS", aku tidak akan teragak - agak untuk tidak menyiarkan ulasan yang dihantar jika didapati terlalu sensitif dan membuka aib orang yang berniat jahat dengan cara menfitnah.

6) Pada aku kita haruslah beretika baik dengan berlaku, jujur, adil, matang, "gentlemen", berterus terang dan bertanggungjawab atas setiap ulasan diberi, yang bukannya melempar batu sembunyikan tangan.

7) Sekian terima kasih.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mukhriz Berani Berubah

1) I had a long sms conversation with good friend Arbain regarding UMNO election result recently. Both of us agreed, the transformation promoted is merely a rhetoric by current leadership as to maintain the status quo, not about UMNO or Malay future in this country. In fact it is contradictory when president wish delegates to maintain the status quo while at the same time promoting transformation. The elected leaders in UMNO hierarchy doesn't mean acceptance of the people of Malaysia since UMNO only represent a small fraction of people of Malaysia. This result would not dictate much in coming GE14 result.

2) In this election Mukhriz has lost by mere 9 votes despite none of Pahang and a handful of Johor divisions voted him. Nonetheless he still racked up more votes than Hishammuddin - an achievement despite being not the chosen one by top leadership. Hishammuddin on the other hand has caught red face dissatisfied although being announces retained his position despite received a helping hand from president through his elusive campaign. While the UMNO supreme council has seen only 4 young leaders elected from 25 available. The rest are the same old faces and some dinosaur species elected.

3) I am speculate Hishamuddin post VP is a must for president as he need an ally since his cousin is a perfect choice to do that job as to contain his deputy influence in Johor since the latter came from the same state as his cousin. Johor is known a backbone of UMNO, a strong support from Johor is a must to maintain influence in UMNO. Without strong support from Johor means a sign of political demise.

4) Actually I am not too concern on who is the president, deputy president or VP of UMNO. What worries me more is what future hold for UMNO after this election. Are the 146,000 of UMNO delegates represent a true representation of the 28 million population of Malaysia? All of these will be answered in next GE14.

5) I am dare to say if Shahrizad elected to contest in any election that BN have an equal chances as opposition, the latter will lost in that election. Why? It is simply because her tainted reputation will drag UMNO/BN together. Unfortunately UMNO delegates doesn't see this, they are more incline to succumb president wish of maintaining status quo rather than thinking UMNO future. UMNO members doesn't see what happening outside of UMNO, they are tend to living in the comfort zone. But when the reality started to bites in, it was too late already and UMNO will gone with the wind. Consequently Malays fate will be gone too. All of these due to UMNO members and leaders failed to acknowledged and adjust to current situation or reality that happening around them.

6) This scenario prompted Mukhriz vying VP post as he has seen this reality that happening in recent GE13. Probably his idea and effort would bring sustainability to UMNO in the future. The party needs to be progressive and up to date with current scenario happening surround them, while at the same time maintaining its fundamental cause. Unfortunately UMNO members and delegates do not see this.

7) In today reality politic is about walk the talk, being dare and bold in every decision made, while at the sane time being inclusive to everyone - not only in the comfort zone but also in the outside world. Dr Mahathir has these qualities, 1999 election has proved that. He was once labeled Malay ultra, but during his premiership, he was seen as PM for all Malaysian. At one stage even DAP members voted him in the election.

8) To avoid from these unwanted scenario happen to UMNO and Malays, one need to go back to its original cause. Malay proverb once says "kalau sesat balik ke pangkal jalan". And this Malay proverb suits to current polemic. If no bold and brave decision made, UMNO can kiss goodbye in next GE14.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tongkat Nik Aziz

1) Have read this story. Our muslim brothers getting even worst in their political obsessions towards this political cult and muslim brotherhood divider.

2) Drived by his political lust, he divide muslims in this country by creating confusion between Malay and Islam. All of these done by portraying his Islamic image, by implying the image of "warak", low self-esteem "tawaduk", using special Islamic jargon etc, as a means to confuse people.

3) As usual, the Malaysian Muslim are easily deceived by the appearance of any person who use Islam as their tools. That is why large majority are obsessed by this fellow too

4) If you went to any book shops, you will find a lot of books about him written by his obsessed followers. Wasn't sure any kind of royalty were paid or not - the no money no religion syndrome, a syndrome "ketagihan agama" or religious addiction that has been engulfed all religions for centuries.

Monday, May 27, 2013

GE13 Result - My Two Cents Worth Opinion

1) I like to highlight the following facts as I seen it, on the reason why BN fared baldy in the last GE13 as well as my two cents worth opinion for current leadership to remedy and improving any shortcomings deemed relevant.

2) Communication and information department failed to deliver massage to public, particularly to public, especially young generation. UMNO/BN still lack behind opposition in capturing social media and blogs. Something has to be done on this - DAP has successfully disseminate false perception among young voters who's generally lacked in knowledge of our nation history (Ministry of Education should look into it and review if necessary).  

3) Wrong advise received on election strategy, notably in Selangor. BN fared even worst than 2008 election, opposition managed to retain the state with improved majority - PR rule the state with 2/3 majority this time. Wrong selection of candidates, are one of the factors, as exemplified in Gombak and Shah Alam constituency.

4) BN strategy to play the video of opposition leader misconduct failed to bear fruitful. Nurul Izzah managed to retain Lembah Pantai constituency despite rarely seen in the ground compare to Raja Nong Chik. This indicates the power of perception is greater than your delivery as MP in your constituency. People will easily forget what you have done in the past, they will look into your personality and appealing affect you brought in, as exemplified by KJ - his majority increased compare to 2008 election. Anwar Ibrahim still managed to retain Permatang Pauh constituency with strong majority despite having sex videos about him circulating in the media.

5) The attitude of some BN politicians doesn't helpful either. Its remind of my experienced when seeing former works minister Mohamad Zin during M Nasir concert in KLCC philharmonic orchestra auditorium somewhere a year ago. He behaved arrogantly, do not reflect a good exemplary behaviour of a leader, which gave wrong signal to public and voters.

6) BN have to be looked innocent but firms in making decision and no flip flop in its decision. UMNO has to be seen a supreme representative of the Malay rights - the role being played by Perkasa is too divisive. Perkasa role should be limited to as a check and balance to UMNO. And UMNO cannot be apologetic either.

7) The top ladder of UMNO supreme leadership should review and remedy the problematic UMNO divisions throughout Malaysia - bold and decisive decision have to be made to resolve the problem occurred.

8) Sabah and Sarawak never failed to deliver substantial seats to BN. This is the time to repay their loyalty by giving more ministerial posts from these states. Without fixed deposits from Sabah and Sarawak, BN may loose GE13.  

9) This is also a time for DS Najib to test KJ ability to woo young voters by giving him ministerial post in Youth and Sports Ministry. I am believe there will be disagreement from UMNO staunch supporters - to me it was a political decision as what Dr Mahathir did when he still selected Zahid Hamidi as candidate during 1999 election, although Zahid was seen as pro Anwar Ibrahim. If KJ failed to deliver, DS Najib have every right and reasons to remove him.

10) In order to avoid being mislead once again, DS Najib should seek advise from former senior leadership of BN i.e. Tun Dr M, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Tun Daim Zainuddin, Tun Lim Liong Sik, Samy Vellu etc. As their inputs may valid and relevance as an experienced leaders. As what Tun Dr Mahathir once said "look the past to see and serve the future".              

Saturday, May 4, 2013


1) Today will be a final day of election campaign for all contesting parties. Tomorrow the people of Malaysia will decide who going to rule and administer this country for the next 5 years.

2) It is a D Day for BN, to me BN must reclaims 2/3 majority they lost during GE12. Surely it is not an easy task, an uphill battle. We have gone through one of the most turbulence period for the past 5 years since GE12. I am sure the current leadership of BN have done their best to woo back people support towards BN. There's  so many flaws committed by previous leadership, but current leadership are doing their best to rectify it.

3) To BN supporters - please votes irrespective who are the contestant is. It is time to vote the party not the individual. We need to give a strong mandate to current leadership to fulfil their promised. So far they have done quite a good job to turn around the economy and public welfare, and needs strong mandate to continue it. The current economic circumstances proved that, nevertheless there's still a lot of works or flaws need to be done and rectify or removed.

4) But please be realistic, there's no heaven on earth nor utopian state ever existed, nobody is perfect, neither BN nor PKR is immaculate. A state of equilibrium supposed to be desired.

5) What has happen surround us, proved that. In fact our own history supposed to teach us. George Santayana once quotes "Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat again". I am hopeful the maturity of Malaysian citizen will prevail during GE13. 

6) A mature person should use the maturity wisely, they will throw away the sentiment and emotion when casting their votes. Because they knows their future hold, and responsible to the future generations. Indeed, they are honest and loving people. A person who love the peace and harmony is a person who embrace the true teaching of their religion.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Storm Thorgerson in Memory

1) Not many people knows him I am guess. But if I mentioned Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Muse, David Gilmour, Genesis, Peter Gabriel etc, I am sure many of us knows these notable names. There are all used to acquired his genius creativity in cover art album design. 

2) To me personally, his most brilliant hand work would be Pink Floyd cover art album The Dark Side Of The Moon.

This 1973 recording album elevated Pink Floyd into international stardom. Have been one of my personal best album apart from Division Bell, The Wall, Wish You Were Here etc. It has its own class, and Storm Thorgerson has pulled it together with his genius design art. A simple but bold design that translates the album concept / theme wrote by Pink Floyd. 

3) The Dark Side Of The Moon themes include human conflict, mental sickness, greed and passage of time was partly inspired by their former band member Syd Barrett. This album immediately topping The Billboard Top Charts for one week, and subsequently remained for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988, and includes in the Guiness World of Records. It is most commercially successful album and one of the best selling albums wold wide. 

4) Always regarded as unofficial member of Pink Floyd, remained as a good friend since their school days, came from the same village with Syd Barrett in Cambridge, England. Syd was a year behind him in school, and former bassist Roger Waters, who was a year ahead. Thorgerson and Waters played rugby together. They went separate ways in college, but end up together in London during mid sixties as rock and roll culture took over the city. In fact Roger's mom and his mum were best friends. David Gilmour also used to hang around with them, even though he was younger.

5) They went to architectural school in London together, where they met the other 2 band members the late Richard Wright and Nick Mason.

6) I am sure the current technology will help the art designer create more creative piece than the older generation. Nonetheless, they still could produce this imaginative and creative design as Storm did. The same goes to music industry, as what Pink Floyd does. The limitation of the studio equipment technologies does preventing creative art from blossom, but it does raised the bar of creativity among artists as Pink Floyd and Storm Thorgerson does.            

7) I send my deepest condolence to his family, and dedicate this song to the late Storm Thorgerson. May him rest in peace.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Lawatan PM ke Gaza Palestin

1) Secara jujur aku berasa amat tersentuh dengan usaha dan kesungguhan Datuk Seri Najib melakukan lawatan ke Gaza Palestin baru - baru ini. Ternyata beliau merupakan seorang Islam yang jelas amat simpati dan tersentuh dengan apa yang menimpa saudara beliau di Palestin.

2) Jelaslah bahawa beliau merupakan seorang Islam yang berpegang pada ajaran Islam, yang telah menyatakan setiap muslim itu bersaudara. Inilah ajaran Islam yang dipegang oleh Perdana Menteri yang sering dilupakan kebanyakan orang Islam ketika ini termasuk parti PAS yang kononnya bejuang untuk Islam. Malah beliau merupakan PM Malaysia pertama melakukan lawatan ke Palestin [Atas kapasiti PM].

3) Aku tak pasti Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang atau Anwar Ibrahim pernah melakukan perkara yang sama dan sangsi yang mereka akan sanggup melakukan perkara tersebut, pada mereka ini, politik itu lebih penting daripada hubungan sesama Islam, perpecahan sesama Islam itu lebih penting untuk mencapai matlamat politik mereka. Mereka ini lebih kurang sama dengan puak - puak Khawarij.

4) Inilah kali pertama aku mendengar Datuk Seri Najib rupa - rupanya pernah mengambil anak angkat Palestin, malah telah sudi membayar segala tanggungan persekolahan mereka. Aku tak pasti yang Nik Aziz juga telah melakukan perkara yang sama, yang sering aku dengar beliau banyak melakukan sembahyang hajat termasuklah sembahyang hajat menjatuhkan saudara seagama beliau. Aku tak pasti adakah ini merupakan ajaran agama Islam?

5) Apa yang Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang dan PAS telah lakukan untuk membantu saudara seagama di Palestin selain dari sembahyang hajat, derma dan doa? Parti sekular macam UMNO telah lakukan sesuatu dalam membantu saudara mereka. Sekurang - kurangnya Tun Dr Mahathir telah banyak lakukan sumbangan terhadap rakyat Palestin melalui Perdana Global Peace Foundation [PGPF], malah Datuk Seri Najib sendiri telah melakukan sumbangan peribadi beliau sebanyak RM 3 juta kepada PGPF. Ia telah dilakukan tanpa pengetahuan sesiapa, tanpa perlu digembar - gembur oleh media, semuanya didorong oleh niat ikhlas.

6) Kalau kita ikhlas, kita tidak perlukan apa - apa sebagai balasan, semuanya atas dasar ikhlas. Seperti keimanan kita kepada Allah SWT, tanpa perlukan sebarang balasan atau pahala atas setiap derma dan ibadah yang dilakukan. Kita bukannya berurus niaga dengan Allah SWT.

7) Aku keliru, adakah benar Nik Aziz dan Hadi Awang seorang Islam? Pada aku kalau kita benar - benar seorang mujahidin, kita tidak akan melakukan perkara yang telah dilakukan oleh Nik Aziz dan Hadi Awang. Konsep bersaudara dalam Islam pun Nik Aziz dan Hadi Awang pun tak faham,  bolehkah mereka ini dinobatkan sebagai pejuang Islam hatta orang Islam sekali pun. Tak payahlah sembahyang sehari 5 waktu siap dengan sembahyang sunat sekali pun, kalau konsep keimanan dan bersaudara sesama Islam kita lupakan. Serban dan jubah bukan tiket keredaan Allah di akhirat kelak.