Saturday, April 27, 2013

Storm Thorgerson in Memory

1) Not many people knows him I am guess. But if I mentioned Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Muse, David Gilmour, Genesis, Peter Gabriel etc, I am sure many of us knows these notable names. There are all used to acquired his genius creativity in cover art album design. 

2) To me personally, his most brilliant hand work would be Pink Floyd cover art album The Dark Side Of The Moon.

This 1973 recording album elevated Pink Floyd into international stardom. Have been one of my personal best album apart from Division Bell, The Wall, Wish You Were Here etc. It has its own class, and Storm Thorgerson has pulled it together with his genius design art. A simple but bold design that translates the album concept / theme wrote by Pink Floyd. 

3) The Dark Side Of The Moon themes include human conflict, mental sickness, greed and passage of time was partly inspired by their former band member Syd Barrett. This album immediately topping The Billboard Top Charts for one week, and subsequently remained for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988, and includes in the Guiness World of Records. It is most commercially successful album and one of the best selling albums wold wide. 

4) Always regarded as unofficial member of Pink Floyd, remained as a good friend since their school days, came from the same village with Syd Barrett in Cambridge, England. Syd was a year behind him in school, and former bassist Roger Waters, who was a year ahead. Thorgerson and Waters played rugby together. They went separate ways in college, but end up together in London during mid sixties as rock and roll culture took over the city. In fact Roger's mom and his mum were best friends. David Gilmour also used to hang around with them, even though he was younger.

5) They went to architectural school in London together, where they met the other 2 band members the late Richard Wright and Nick Mason.

6) I am sure the current technology will help the art designer create more creative piece than the older generation. Nonetheless, they still could produce this imaginative and creative design as Storm did. The same goes to music industry, as what Pink Floyd does. The limitation of the studio equipment technologies does preventing creative art from blossom, but it does raised the bar of creativity among artists as Pink Floyd and Storm Thorgerson does.            

7) I send my deepest condolence to his family, and dedicate this song to the late Storm Thorgerson. May him rest in peace.


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