Saturday, May 4, 2013


1) Today will be a final day of election campaign for all contesting parties. Tomorrow the people of Malaysia will decide who going to rule and administer this country for the next 5 years.

2) It is a D Day for BN, to me BN must reclaims 2/3 majority they lost during GE12. Surely it is not an easy task, an uphill battle. We have gone through one of the most turbulence period for the past 5 years since GE12. I am sure the current leadership of BN have done their best to woo back people support towards BN. There's  so many flaws committed by previous leadership, but current leadership are doing their best to rectify it.

3) To BN supporters - please votes irrespective who are the contestant is. It is time to vote the party not the individual. We need to give a strong mandate to current leadership to fulfil their promised. So far they have done quite a good job to turn around the economy and public welfare, and needs strong mandate to continue it. The current economic circumstances proved that, nevertheless there's still a lot of works or flaws need to be done and rectify or removed.

4) But please be realistic, there's no heaven on earth nor utopian state ever existed, nobody is perfect, neither BN nor PKR is immaculate. A state of equilibrium supposed to be desired.

5) What has happen surround us, proved that. In fact our own history supposed to teach us. George Santayana once quotes "Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat again". I am hopeful the maturity of Malaysian citizen will prevail during GE13. 

6) A mature person should use the maturity wisely, they will throw away the sentiment and emotion when casting their votes. Because they knows their future hold, and responsible to the future generations. Indeed, they are honest and loving people. A person who love the peace and harmony is a person who embrace the true teaching of their religion.

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