Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mukhriz Berani Berubah

1) I had a long sms conversation with good friend Arbain regarding UMNO election result recently. Both of us agreed, the transformation promoted is merely a rhetoric by current leadership as to maintain the status quo, not about UMNO or Malay future in this country. In fact it is contradictory when president wish delegates to maintain the status quo while at the same time promoting transformation. The elected leaders in UMNO hierarchy doesn't mean acceptance of the people of Malaysia since UMNO only represent a small fraction of people of Malaysia. This result would not dictate much in coming GE14 result.

2) In this election Mukhriz has lost by mere 9 votes despite none of Pahang and a handful of Johor divisions voted him. Nonetheless he still racked up more votes than Hishammuddin - an achievement despite being not the chosen one by top leadership. Hishammuddin on the other hand has caught red face dissatisfied although being announces retained his position despite received a helping hand from president through his elusive campaign. While the UMNO supreme council has seen only 4 young leaders elected from 25 available. The rest are the same old faces and some dinosaur species elected.

3) I am speculate Hishamuddin post VP is a must for president as he need an ally since his cousin is a perfect choice to do that job as to contain his deputy influence in Johor since the latter came from the same state as his cousin. Johor is known a backbone of UMNO, a strong support from Johor is a must to maintain influence in UMNO. Without strong support from Johor means a sign of political demise.

4) Actually I am not too concern on who is the president, deputy president or VP of UMNO. What worries me more is what future hold for UMNO after this election. Are the 146,000 of UMNO delegates represent a true representation of the 28 million population of Malaysia? All of these will be answered in next GE14.

5) I am dare to say if Shahrizad elected to contest in any election that BN have an equal chances as opposition, the latter will lost in that election. Why? It is simply because her tainted reputation will drag UMNO/BN together. Unfortunately UMNO delegates doesn't see this, they are more incline to succumb president wish of maintaining status quo rather than thinking UMNO future. UMNO members doesn't see what happening outside of UMNO, they are tend to living in the comfort zone. But when the reality started to bites in, it was too late already and UMNO will gone with the wind. Consequently Malays fate will be gone too. All of these due to UMNO members and leaders failed to acknowledged and adjust to current situation or reality that happening around them.

6) This scenario prompted Mukhriz vying VP post as he has seen this reality that happening in recent GE13. Probably his idea and effort would bring sustainability to UMNO in the future. The party needs to be progressive and up to date with current scenario happening surround them, while at the same time maintaining its fundamental cause. Unfortunately UMNO members and delegates do not see this.

7) In today reality politic is about walk the talk, being dare and bold in every decision made, while at the sane time being inclusive to everyone - not only in the comfort zone but also in the outside world. Dr Mahathir has these qualities, 1999 election has proved that. He was once labeled Malay ultra, but during his premiership, he was seen as PM for all Malaysian. At one stage even DAP members voted him in the election.

8) To avoid from these unwanted scenario happen to UMNO and Malays, one need to go back to its original cause. Malay proverb once says "kalau sesat balik ke pangkal jalan". And this Malay proverb suits to current polemic. If no bold and brave decision made, UMNO can kiss goodbye in next GE14.

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