Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something To Think About

1) I might be accused of being secular and non-Islamic. To me its doesn't matter since I know who I am, and know how deep my faith is to God. Only God knows it.

2) I have several questions would like to raise here about PAS state government decision to ban 13 types of entertainment outlets during Ramadhan.
  • Who going to pay for losses incurred by owner of the entertainment outlets during Ramadhan? Aren't they are willing to use people money to pay for it?
  • Aren't they are willing to shut-off Kedah-Thai border in Bukit Kayu Hitam to stop from Malaysian Muslim going to Danok, Thailand for non restriction of entertainment during Ramadhan?
  • Aren't they are willing to bear the losses incurred by tourism industry particularly in Langkawi?
  • Aren't Muslims would behave accordingly to Islamic rite during Ramadhan?
  • Is this measure / enforcement would justify them as Islamic state of Kedah?
3) What a pathetic decision DAP had, all this while DAP has given unreserved support to their PAS friend. This decision would of course will haunt DAP Chinese votes to Kedah- PAS lead government. The decision would mean of reverting to Islamic state, which is contradict to benevolent state as they had declared recently. It does make me wonder of Kedah-PAS government stand over its party decision during muktamar day recently - to establish a benevolent state rather than Islamic state? I am sure their allies would not happy either.

4) What is Islamic state all about? Is it by enforcing of prevention of un-Islamic activities i.e., going to entertainment outlets, drinking alcohol etc. Or imposing Muslims to wear turban, preserve beard, putting jawi signboard by the road side etc. Is that Islam all about?

5) What about the right of non-Muslims to practice their rites? Is this Islam really means, by enforcing law against Muslims, but on the other hand have a repercussion against non-Muslims?

6) Its  same goes to hudud, can anyone prove to me that hudud can be executed fairly to all races in this 21st century. The facts was that NO you cant. We cant execute hudud law as what has been practising during 6th century in the 21st century. We always neglected that hudud is about being JUST to Muslims and non-Muslims. We are more emphasize on the manner its supposed to be executed.

7) How about the other values that we should promote i.e., the right of Muslims to be judged in Syariah court, the right of Muslims to use Islamic banking as means to avoid "riba" in conventional banking, the right of Muslims to have a convenience in performing pilgrimage through Tabung Haji, the right of Muslims to have a proper Islamic education via public religious schools or Islamic public higher learning i.e., UIA etc. Aren't these are not the values of Islam?   

8) PAS have no idea and being "jumud" as Muslims. Whereas Islam is progressive religion since the beginning of life.

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  1. Rasullullah SAW bersabda: Sesungguhnya ALLAH tidak mencabut ILMU daripada manusia, tetapi akan mencabut ILMU daripada para Ulama. Sehingga jika Ulama itu tidak ada, maka jadilah manusia itu dibawah pimpinan mereka yg BODOH, lalu org2 itu diberikan pertanyaan2 yg akan dijawab tanpa ILMU, sehingga sesatlah mereka serta menyesatkan yg lain.