Wednesday, July 6, 2011


1) I think Marina Mahathir has personal character problem - trying to be seen differ with her father. The common definition on human conceptual character is that they would describe someone would have the same character or being better than his / her father or at least equal. Tun Dr. Mahathir has left a huge benchmark to his son and daughter to be catches on. The general tendency between people is, he / she would follow the same footstep as what the father has did.

2) In trying to be seen differ, Marina decided to support Bersih rally - joining the other mobs i.e., Ambiga and Mat Sabu etc. While her father point of view over this issue can be clearly seen through his blog Chedet - which is totally opposite to her view. It is like American way of thinking - about the human right, freedom and liberalism - these are sacred American cardinal rules, which you cannot question someone right even though its may caused huge distress to the public at large. These cardinal rules is above everything else i.e., the national security and safety, the general acceptance of status-quo, the right of the majority etc.

3) After read Tun Dr. Mahathir memoir which he had described on Marina manner after she came back from US. It seems to me it is all about her ego - Tun Siti Hasmah did mentioned about Marina manner when they were told to shift to KL after the farther has been appointed as Ministerial post in KL. What she did was in answering "so what". It shows to me how big her ego was.

4) This is how American teaches their people - being arrogance to their inferior counterpart - believing they are most civilised people than the rest of the world. Going to America, you have to accept their cardinal rules which are American law, everyone in the US is subjected to that rule, while being outside America, we are subjected to their Patriot Act, an act the would applies to anyone deemed terrorist or any countries deemed promoting terrorism or seen against American homogamy. The freedom of speech, the human right or democracy is just a tool for their homogamy, anyone who against it, would be described as uncivilised, backward or against their cardinal rules. Their enemy would be threaten with psychical or psychological force i.e., through sanctions or even military force or by pomposity of their media.

5) Is that the country that Marina Mahathir look up to?

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  1. will marina one day also face the same fate as anas zubedy?

    ... I suggested that as the NEP has helped many Malays out of poverty, we should have a similar policy for the Indian poor, too. I stressed that zakat should also be channeled to all who are poor, not just Muslim poor.Again I was lauded as a good and true Malaysian.

    But a while ago I decided to speak on behalf of the Malays, explaining what hurt them most, what they consider sensitive in an open letter to YB Lim Guan Eng and the DAP; showing them a way to the hearts of the Malays …

    … suddenly I am chauvinist.