Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chelsea and Football Development

1) As expected Roman Abramovich decides to sack Carlo Ancelotti, 2 seasons after he guided Chelsea its first double championship crown.

2) This is the price that football manager have to pay, how good you are and how much the success you have brought to the club, wont guarantee your position in the future.

3) Of all European clubs only English Premier League clubs would tolerate with it managers except Chelsea - who own by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Roman has so far sacked 7 coaches since all of them failed to deliver an overnight success to Chelsea.

4) Unlike Manchester United, Arsenal, Everton or even Barcelona - the board of management is more patient and give ample time for its manager to deliver success. The good example is Sir Alex Ferguson, who took 9 years to deliver MU with the first EPL after 26 years drought. Arsenal also following the same footstep - Arsene Wanger thus far completed its 15 years as Arsenal manager. For your info, both managers remain coaches of both clubs.

5) I was told, both Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wanger has full authority over club youth coaching - to ensure smooth succession of young players to senior level. These are the key ingredients of Barcelona success recently - the senior player has been playing together for over 10 years since their youth apprenticeship. To name a few Xavi Hernandez, Pedro Rodriguez, Andries Iniesta, Victor Valdez are the products of this youth development program initiated by Barcelona. The success of this program has not stand still but also has spilled over to Spain, where the same players brought Spain to be crowned as World Champion and European Champion.

6) All these successes are due to tireless works, good working program and good implementation by these clubs. Without this initiative the club or any country would not go far in the domestic or international competition. France also has proved that by being World Champion in 1998 and European Champion in 2000, all of this is due to bunch of good talents blended with good coaching staff who brought their first ever World Champion. As Aime Jacquet and Vicente Del Bosque enjoyed, they came at the right time with good the stuff for the right players.

7) Probably these are the things that Roman Abramovich should learn. It is no point spending on good players and sacking coaches if you neglected the youth breeding in your team. Of course it would take time to see the result, its the matter of patient and right ingredient for it's to bear fruitful. In the end it is better to safe your financial burden from having to buy expensive players, its more wiser to invest on the youth development program  for long lasting of talents breeding. In fact Ajax Amsterdam, Barcelona, MU, Arsenal and etc has did it.  

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