Monday, May 9, 2011

Where We Are and Where We Heading to

1) The issue of congregation of several pastors from Sarawak in Penang recently would definitely will put our racial and religion segregation into the deepen. It is indeed unbecoming situation and will put another blow into already hostile relation among races and religions in the country. That mater has persisted since general election in 2008, where the current government is perceived weak. To worsen this already fragile relationship, Perkasa has made the police report throughout country, demanding police to investigate the allegedly meeting as highlighted by Big Dog and Marahku blog.

2) To find the root caused of the whole episode, first and foremost, one should do is to find the role being played by every political parties, whether from opposition or ruling party. The failure to introduce vision school plus with PAS political motto to introduce the so-called Islamic country [according to their own interpretation], has contributed dearly to our racial and religious division. It was further boosted by the introduction of Islam Hadhari by previous government. To my best understanding, these are the roots causes.

3) These things happen when UMNO decided to brand our country as so-called Islamic country in order to compete with PAS brand of Islamic country by neglecting the true Islamic values which are supposed to be the main pillar of the country.

4) One must remember, the citizenship of this country is not comprising Muslims community alone, but its also comprising other Non-Muslims either. Last two weeks ago, I had visited Balik Pulau in Penang, during my journey, I has pass through Ayer Hitam town, which predominately are Chinese inhabitant. While moving along the main road of Ayer Hitam town, I had came across two large Churches which sitting opposite by each other, divided by the main road. What has caught my eye is, how come these same religions have the two churches sitting near within the same location. Soon afterwards, I realized its was for two different sects of Christianity, one is for Catholic, while the other one is for Protestant followers. In Islam, the two and more different sects still can performs their religious indictment within the same mosque and the same time.

5) I am not sure, whether these churches would be filled-up during their Friday till Sunday congregation prayer. But I am guess, its just a branding to show their existence in Malaysia. For your info, this are what PAS currently doing, a matter of branding to show how pious and religious they are than the rest of other fellow Muslims. As I mentioned above and during previous post, Islam is not about the look or branding, but it is about the way of life, the faith of our tawhid. If I am not mistaken, there were certain factions of Protestant called the Navigator also preaching the same value and opposing the preaching brought by the Catholic.

6) Its really annoying to see PAS government of Kelantan introducing the Jawi road signboard as to show to the whole world that they are more Islamic than the rest of other states. If I am not mistaken, there was a mosque lookalike Buddha temple in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan built by the PAS government under Nik Aziz rule to capture Chinese voters against MCA. It was meant to show that the Islamic of PAS ruled state of Kelantan is inclusive to other Non-Muslims either. What we did not realized is that, the impression among the Non-Muslims of the self impose of Islamic rituals upon the Non-Muslims. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the Newton third law of strong action would create strong reaction afterward. To see UMNO follow the PAS footstep, has shows how stupid we are.            

7) One must remember the history of Islamic spreading during our Prophet Muhammad SAW, Khalifah Ar-Rashidun and the subsequent Islamic empire after that. During those days, Islam was not spread by sword or force imposition, instead Islam was spread by preaching the right values of Islam that it is the way of life and the faith of the tawhid. The clear example is our nation history, there was no blood feud occurs when Malays started to embrace Islam brought by Arab and Indian Muslim traders during 12th century. It was all due to good values brought by these traders. Unlike to Philippine history, the Christian missionary has used physical forces when imposing their Christianity among the Filipinos during Spanish colonial era. Otherwise, we could see the Philippines of today would remain in Islamic hands.

8) The whole polemic also remind me the issue of UITM Dungun, Terengganu student who became apostate, he had openly declared renounce from Islam and embraced Christianity, but later return to Islam after serving one week in detention centre as ordered by Syarie High Court. My question is, aren't this poor young boy really re-embraced Islam fullheartly and faithfully? Can anyone answer this question? Can anyone prove to me that they have seen his heart is already return to Islam?

9) I am not intent to belittle to our Islamic religious authority approaches in dealing this matter, but the approaches taken simply not matching with the approaches taken by the Christian missionary. The Christian missionary was able to tackle his heart and soul, while the Islamic religious authority using force imposing against this poor boy. It is simply will make Islam is unattractive to this boy. It shows we have made an u-turn, contradict to the approaches of Islamic preaching during our prophet days and subsequent Islamic empire after that. It shows that the Christian missionary has learned from our Islamic history, while we on the other hands have chose the other way round. How poor we are.           

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