Tuesday, May 31, 2011

F1 2011

1) I am fully agree to Fernando Alonso point of view, which I think he is realistic. Of all 6 grand prix, Sebastian Vettel claims 5 victories with 1 second place. Which mean, he just throw away 7 maximum championship points.

2) Given example of 2009 championship, which Jenson Button took 6 grand prix under his belt during early season, he just maintaining his consistency during 2nd part of the season which already enough for him to be crowned as world champion of 2009.

3) Seba and Red Bull Renault has learned a lesson from last season. They are not waste too much points this season, where Seba has translated 5 grand prix winning out of 5 pole positions. Unlike last year championship, Seba have to wait until final grand prix to be crowned as world champion despite having quickest car. Red Bull so far has shown good reliability and maintaining its aerodynamic competitiveness whiles Seba on the other hand has committed less mistake. Unlike last year, those are the mains flaws which haunted Red Bull and Seba dearly. Luckily, it was Ferrari and Fernando Alonso mistake during final grand prix had handed Seba with world championship crown.

4) Probably McLaren and Lewis Hamilton is closest contender who could squander Red Bull and Seba chance. But with 58 points different which equal to more than 2 races winning proved too far to catch. However, mathematically it is reachable, considering the current season has only completed just 6 grand prix so far.

5) Luck and competitiveness must work of Lewis / McLaren hands, otherwise there would be another empty handed season for Lewis / McLaren.

6) Lewis / McLaren cannot throw away another golden opportunity as they experienced during recent Monaco grand prix. Monaco circuit demanding high mechanical grip, as compared to other circuits which require more aerodynamic grips which tend to be on Red Bull hands.

7) Hence I can understand Lewis disappointments even though they simply have pace to compete with Red Bull and Seba. It is all due to strategy mistake during Q3 plus with bad lucks. They cant afford to do the same mistake again, especially when it comes to circuit that is more suit to their car. Otherwise they can throw in the towel again if they keep repeating mistake when in need most.                    

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