Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thank You PAS

1) UMNO / BN should thankful to PAS for their decision to abandon Islamic state of PAS. What was PAS did was to garner non Muslims or non Malays votes in order for them to secure victory in 13GE. Then of course, their coalition partners would welcome it, since it would benefit them most than PAS.

2) It also would benefit UMNO greatly, since the Malay votes would shift towards UMNO/BN because PAS would be deemed no longer fought for their original goals to establish Islamic country of Malaysia. To establish benevolence country, was already in place since 1957 under current leadership of UMNO/BN, therefore I found their motto wont be appealing to masses. In fact, they are digging their own graveyard should UMNO managed to exploit this issue wisely.

3) Tun Dr Mahathir through his blog Che Det has given a very sarcastic view over Nik Aziz commentary in defending PAS decision to abandon its Islamic state, see here. To PAS, thank you very much, you make our life easier.

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