Saturday, September 17, 2011


1) The main problem with most of the people are judge the book by its cover. Failed to articulate the things happen rasionally and wisely, which consequently would fustrate us from reaching the ultimate truth.

2) This is what happen to most of us when DS Najib announced to abrogate ISA. As a substitution to it, 2 new laws will be drawn up by the government, please clicks here. The details of the new laws could not be reach out, believe its still pending government study, before it could be tabled in the parliament.

3) At the first glance, it seems that government of BN through DS Najib was trying to grab popular votes from people - another indication of 13GE drawing near. Nevertheless, as Tun Dr. Mahathir said, he knows DS Najib well, but he did not know what circulating in his mind. What we can do is just judging and predicting based on certain circumtances and evidence.

4) As we all knows, DS Najib has pledged since the first day he has taken over the PM office, that he would review the ISA. Therefore, during the eve of Malaysia day, he walk the talk by keeping his early pledge. Judging from the first day until today, most of the people including us tend to forget what was said after many years passed especially when the things receded.

5) I dont asked us to support this decision, but to me it is still too early to judged.          


Why are we need ISA? Initially ISA was meant to curb comunism by using pre-emptive strike against PKM during Malayan emergency. But today comunism is no longer treat to national security, therefore government should devise a new ISA as to accomodate with current needs and circumtances. It could be named ISA, ISA II, SIA or whatever names, as long its stay relevance with current needs and be progressive.

The greatest treat of being progressive is conservative which would frustrate any development of any society.

Most of us always forget that Islam also is a progressive religion. The values that being practicizing during 6th centuries ago may not suit nowaday i.e., hudud law [I was not meant to oppose hudud law, but its clearly could not be implemented nowaday]. The syariah laws have to be relevance to whatever circumtances in order for Islam to remain relevance and exist.

Unfortunately, there were too many politicians nowaday are trying to be a champion of Islam but instead they were being ignorance and interpreting Islam as they wish to suit their political ideology.  

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