Friday, December 2, 2011


1) To most of us, politics is about seeking power, enriching oneself and family, nothing more than that.

2) There's no doubt, some of politicians did engulfed in corruption. Neither UMNO/BN nor opposition parties could escape from being labeled with corruptions. Its all the pot calling the kettle black. When UMNO/BN politicians accused for being corrupted while staying in power, opposition did the same thing too. PAS for instance, bribe the voters by promise them a stairway to heaven if they voted PAS candidates, PKR in Selangor is equally corrupted as previous leadership of UMNO/BN, in fact their de factor leader Mr. Anwar Ibrahim has engulfed himself with abnormal sex activities and corruptions as well. Because of corruption was too obvious, the general public perception towards politicians remains skeptical and prejudice.

3) Politics supposed to be regarded as a means of helping and defending the right of one community or certain group of people they representing. Because of too many shits being done by politicians, politics has been put to inappropriate place. It was so Pathetic.   

4) If we go back to history of UMNO during 1946, it was about defending the right of Malays and to abolish Malayan Union. When UMNO under leadership of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj, the focus of struggle shifted to seeking the independence from the British. After independence, its all about keeping and maintaining independence and filling with the values of being independence. These all has been done by politics, whether we like it or not, it is all the truth.

5) But after 54 years of independence, politicians turn to be more greedy, self centered, not knowing the true values of being politicians, not knowing it was a responsibility granted by people to serve people, not the other way around of believing that the people who has to serve him, the position that has to be proud of, not that has to be a responsibility granted by the people.

6) That is why, we have seen a lot of politicians walkabout to any functions or to any place together with his/her entourage. His/her courtier would always act boastfully, thinking they have reached to pinnacle level of society that should be enviable. That its so Malay.       


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