Thursday, August 6, 2009

Umno Youth may join Pas in rally


Sajahan Abdul Waheed

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth may walk together with Selangor Pas
Youth in a rally tomorrow calling for Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu to be stripped of his local government portfolio.

Umno Youth executive council member Tengku Azman Tengku Zainol
Abidin, however, set a condition that Pas Youth must first obtain a police permit for the demonstration.
“We are ready to join forces with Selangor Pas Youth and participate in the rally as we are on the same wavelength in this issue.
“We hope they can tell us the place and time but on condition that they obtain a police permit. Otherwise, we will not get involved,” said Tengku Azman yesterday.
Tengku Azman said he had discussed the matter with Umno Youth head Khairy Jamaluddin and had obtained his approval.
On Tuesday, Selangor Pas commissioner Datuk Hasan Ali had called for Liu to be stripped of his portfolio for interfering in the work of local councils including in a beer seizure operation last week.
Hasan cited another example of interference when he claimed Liu

allegedly spoke to the State Islamic Religious Council officer over a raid they were conducting in Bandar Sunway.
The planned Umno Youth and Selangor Pas Youth walk is the latest
development arising from what has been described as trouble or a

deepening friction in Selangor PKR.
Meanwhile, Selangor Pas Youth chief Hasbullah Mohd Ridzwan said
the planned rally would proceed at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul
Aziz Shah Mosque in Shah Alam tommorow whether or not there was
a police permit.
“We will apply for a police permit but even if it is rejected, we will still proceed. It is our practice to organise demonstrations with or without police permits.
“Normally we organise demonstrations when we feel that there is no other way to resolve the problem.”
However, Hasbullah said a final decision on whether to proceed or not with the demonstration would only be made today.
“We have submitted amemorandum to Liu on Tuesday and we want to see his response first on the matter.
“That aside,we also want to see whether the state executive
council meeting had discussed the issue. Only then will we make our decision whether to proceed or otherwise with the demonstration.”
On Umno Youth’s offer to participate in the demonstration,
Hasbullah said: “We invite any fellow Muslims to participate
in the demonstration and there is no restriction to those who are interested.

My view:

1) I don't agree with UMNO youth decision to joint PAS youth in demonstration to force this bloody Ronnie Liu to step down.

2) Let them solve their own internal problem until Selangor people make their own decision when the time come.

3) Demonstration and street politicking is not UMNO/BN way, by doing so, it will force UMNO/BN to swallow it own spat.

4) This is a cheap politicking played by opposition which is against UMNO/BN way. By dancing the same rhythm with them will vulnerable to UMNO/BN in the future or it may regarded to "the pot calling the kettle black'.

5) Clearly, it is the most stupid thing ever done by UMNO/BN who is already lead by stupid and bloody corrupted leader.

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