Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drive It To Believe It

1) I have to admit I haven't test this car yet. But looking from Tun Dr. Mahathir face and enthusiasm speech by the Proton MD and his team, there are full of confidences given to this new model Preve by the Proton staffs itself. Looking at most of Malays who took in-charged for development of this car really make me proud. Proton has proved that Malay has capabilities to design and manufacture highly technological engineering intricacies. This is a true reflection of Malaysia Boleh and Malay Boleh.

2) Now its up to customers to judge. Probably this is a mirror reflection to prove that Proton also capable to design and manufacture not only a cheap car at minimal specs but  also capable to design and manufacture a car that have same specs and performance with their foreign counterparts. I hope our Malaysian people would use their wise wisdom to judge this car, and throw away any bad sentiment lingering in their minds. Hopefully they will judge with sense of maturity and wisdom.

3) To certain people, Proton possibly is just a CAR, there were no significant importance and pride to all Malaysian, Proton is same with other car i.e. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai or other continental car. Maybe Proton is a burden to the public for causing foreign imported car very expensive. Or even Proton is just a "besi buruk" [scrapped metal] on the road.

4) It would not be surprised to hear any commenter's bitching and moaning about same old story of Proton power window, rusted roof, low quality bumper etc. They will bitching and moaning until Proton failed one day, and will blame to the government for wasting public money. There will always wrong to the governments even if it was right.

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