Saturday, September 1, 2012

UMNO Kedah Polemic

1) The Star reported, PM urged UMNO Kedah to stop bickering and get down to work after visited Baling, Kedah recently.

2) I am sure the PM has getting fed up and annoyed with internal bickering and pointing finger among the so called "UMNO stalwart" in Kedah. Its make me wonder, aren't they really UMNO stalwart? If they really UMNO stalwart, they would get down to work, stop the internal feud among them and focus for next GE to recapture Kedah back to BN. Clearly they are more concern on their personal gain rather than the party itself. Therefore, they are not qualified to be called as UMNO stalwart. I think "Trojan horse" or traitor could be the best description or terminology that may suit them.

3) The election is just round the corner, the current development in Kedah surely is not a good news to UMNO loyalist. These people who really love the party and gave undivided support all this while would received another disappointment in the next GE. My worry was, they might leave the party altogether and would not render their support to the party anymore.

4) What was happening in Kelantan should served a lesson, since 1990 UMNO/BN never regain the state. Its all due to disunity in UMNO, eventually PAS managed to built strong foothold in the state until it became elusive to UMNO/BN to regain the state.

5) What Tun M has said about Malays easily forget is true, Malays never learn the past, they never learn history, their mind was blinded by egoism and prejudices until lose focus on their objective. Their mind always too tactical never been objective.

6) If they have to step down for the sake of the party, they wont do that, because their personal objective is far more important than the party itself. The party has to step down to make way for them, not the other way round. They are more important than party itself.        

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