Thursday, November 12, 2009

F1 2009

1) 2009 F1 season just been curtain down with Jenson Button crowned as world champion for driver where his team Brawn GP on the other hand won best F1 team by collecting more points than any other teams. Another British driver and British team had won world F1 championship. Congratulation to them, a well deserved crown.

2) For many years since the beginning of F1 in 1950 until present, British never failed to bring many good drivers into F1, to name a few, Jackie Steward, Nigel Mansell and most recently Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

3) However, this season also marked one of the darkest period in F1 history. Started with Liargate scandal which could resulted McLaren expulsion from 2009 season after steward had found unparalleled statement made by Lewis Hamilton during steward interrogation about McLaren's version of events in the post-race hearing and then learns Hamilton has told a different story to journalists. Consequently McLaren had been summoned by FIA to face FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris to face 5 charges against them, fortunately McLaren was handed down with soft punishment.

4) After that, as the season goes by, emerged new controversy when FOTA threatened to form a rival breakaway championship for the 2010 season. The FOTA teams issued the split threat after failing to resolve a long and controversial dispute with the FIA and its president Max Mosley over a proposed budget cap. Mosley was determined to introduce the cap to prevent a “financial arms race” in the sport.But the Formula One Teams Association, representing the teams, said it had acted because Mosley and F1 commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone were unwilling to compromise.

5) Then emerged Renault crashgate scandal which even worst than McLaren spygate scandal 2 years ago which had cost McLaren USD100 million fine and stripped of its points in the constructors' standings. Renault were handed down with two-year suspended ban for ordering Nelson Piquet Jr to crash during last year's Singapore Grand Prix.

6) As for the championship competition, the small team like Red Bull Renault and Brawn GP managed to eclipse big teams such as McLaren and Ferrari in getting limelight of media attention since both teams has shown better performance than those two big teams.

7) When the season come to end, F1 world received another 2 shock news when BMW decided to pull out from F1 by the end of the season and subsequently followed by Toyota F1 team. Despite various application to be involved in F1 coming from new F1 teams including Lotus F1 team, USF1 team and others has generate wide limelight among F1 community. Nevertheless, the leaving of big names would possibly left huge amount of impact to F1 as a whole. Therefore, for the time being I remained skeptical on F1 future until there is a sign of long gone light coming back to shine F1 again.

8) Hopefully Jean Todt a new FIA president who had been elected to replace Max Mosley could bring back the glory days to F1. Only the time will tell.

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