Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PRU 13

1) PM made a good answer when commenting on Tun Dr. M suggestion that GE should be held soon since Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research latest survey carried out showed that Najib's approval rating had risen to 72% higher than 69% in April 2010.

2) The answer is, cannot call for elections based on one survey opinions. In fact, if we grind through very details on Tun comments, he did said that "it would be good to know who actually conducted the survey".

3) Tun suggestion is mere sarcastic words which normally came out from his mouth. We have to think the other way around in finding his true meaning in his comments. To me Najib really understand the real meaning of Tun point of view. In fact, Najib had even said, the government would not dissolve parliament to make way for general election based on one opinion that people favored him.

4) This have shown that, he is listening to the people view, even it was against his view, which seems have lost for quiet sometimes. It is, one of the key element of Tun Dr. M success in being a PM of Malaysia for 22 years.

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