Sunday, August 3, 2014

Interesting Piece of Knowledge

1) Few months before fasting, my usual visitor Najieb visited my home. As usual we had casual discussion on wide ranging of topics. One of the topic that interest me - about human mentality and psychology.

2) While discussing Mr Najieb have drawn a piece of sketch of human psychology which I would like to share with any visitors in this blog. With this sketch it does help me to understand further about human psychology and mentality. It is actually a set of words that describes actual meaning of human behaviour and mentality.

3) Our topic of discussion derived from our day to day human interaction in political context. This subject is relevant to all of us and politician especially, because all of us are interacting one another and politician especially must know how to deal with people by knowing human psychology and what to react upon response they gather.

4) Human psychology as described above separated by a few branches, with the top of it lies faith and believe as we seen were based on reactions by several politicians against issues that happening to them. By having a deep faith and believe, then comes redha that leaving his or her fate solely in the hand of God. Faith and believe (Islam) lies ahead of maturity, whereby maturity developed through the circle of life that human encounter daily. The mistake committed is part and parcel that eventually will build up human character maturity.

5) Generally there were no wright or wrong in any path taken, it is maturity and principle that will determine our fate. We must "yakin" believe in it and must know it is not morally wrong and must redha (leaving it to God) after everything has been done - an instance of Mahathir decision during his premiership has been used as a topic of discussion. Wether it is wright or wrong, eventually the truth will prevail - the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim is a clear example (it may not popular decision at that time but it was wright decision). In the prologue of his book in Dr Mahathir's Selected Letters to World Leaders, he has mentioned in quote "Wether I was a good or a bad Prime Minister is, of course, not for me to say. When I am dead and gone, the judgement would be more accurate. Since I would not be around then, it would be quite meaningless to me. My children and friends would be the ones to savour the truth and bear the pain of whatever I am condemned for." This quote revealed a deep faith and believe in God that Dr Mahathir have in his heart, a redha to whatever consequence that might befall to his children.

6) There's also arrogance and pride being discussed, what differentiate between arrogance with pride?. For example, does having a national car will be considered a pride or arrogance? Or an inferiority complex? Malays as example alway labeled an inferior race, lacking in technical know-how, thus shouldn't build their own national car. A German's never considered arrogance by having their own national car, instead it was considered a pride. Being a Muslim we must have a pride not arrogance, since Islam forbid it followers from being arrogance, because it will leads us off the rail. We always fail to differentiate between a pride and arrogance, thus resulting us uphold a mislead believe.

7) Education also playing a part in shaping human quality - a step to maturity. Education not only happen in school but also happen outside of school. Children generally inherited some sort of qualities from their parent. This quality will be pass on from one generation to another. Life experience also sort of education for human maturity and character building "life is a journey not a destination".

8) Dr Mahathir is no longer a matured politician, he has exceeded that path by becoming a season politician - a quality that statesman must have. He has passed all the characteristics sketched above, which ultimately lies the concept of faith and believe that creates a redha. 

9) I am quite sure, none of our ustaz ever taught of this, in fact it is also part of teaching that Islam taught us. As Dr Mahathir have taught us, Islam is a way of life or ad-Din, not only a set of ritual or "ibadah" that our ustaz usually teach us.                                                                        

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