Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bible Study

1) My colleague a hard devotee of Catholism, who occasionally will have bible study with her church friends. They would discuss and understand the teaching brought through their "words of GOD" in Bible.

2) This has remind me of how about my fellow Muslims, are they do the same thing? - reading Quran and understand our "words of GOD". Why I am asking this? It is because our Muslims world too much confine ourselves in understanding the teaching of ustaz / Islamic preachers until neglecting the main teaching of Islam brought through our Quran. Consequently it has produced too much confusion and branches, resulting deviation by some our brothers.

3) We may forget what Quran has taught us, that all Muslims are brothers. This basic teaching taught in Quran is no longer followed. And yet we are more believe to the teaching of our ustaz / preachers than the Quran itself, resulting disunity within our Muslims world.

4) GOD will not change the fate of His believers unless they change it. Understanding this would allow us accepting the fate that befall upon us.

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