Sunday, July 5, 2015

Najib's Days are Numbered

1) I would like to look into philosophical view on controversies surrounding DS Najib right now.

2) Everybody knows that mainstream media's i.e. TV3, RTM, Utusan Melayu etc are being used to defend Najib reputation in the public eye. Tun Mahathir was singled out as main enemy and character assassinations being carry out by these media's. Everything related to Tun M, from Proton, Tun Daim, Tun M sons etc being used to tarnish Tun M reputation. Even personalities from opposition parties were called to provide their version of stories to fulfil their wicked lust. Theory of conspiracy [same like Anwar Ibrahim] - were using to denigrate Tun M reputation.

3) Substantial amount of monies in the name of BR1M, and funding to UMNO bloggers and political comrades. Positions either in politic or corporate sector were granted to those who can give their blind supports in order to safeguard and reinforce his political power [the same approach carried out by Anwar Ibrahim]. It is no surprise to see MT UMNO, UMNO division heads and cabinet ministers have given their blind support - even though the magnitude of his offence was crystal clear. If you watching berita TV3, the large amount of time were concentrating to counter attack Tun M. But the real issues of higher living cost, GST etc that fall upon people were never or given very limited time.

4) Please read all the mainstream newspapers, from KJ till Zahid Hamidi, all of them are busy defending Najib. The public grouse on the affect of GST, are never considered or given less highlight. All ministers are busy safeguarding their positions, forgetting their true responsibility in representing their own people or constituency.

5) I can understand Tun M feeling or concern after miscalculating, choosing the wrong person to lead our country, from Anwar Ibrahim, Pak Lah till Najib, all of them failed to fulfil their duty as a leader of this country. That is why he refuse to throw his support to Tan Sri Muhyiddin to be a PM, furthermore TS Muhyiddin seems uninterested to move up higher than his current position despite being asked in several occasions.

6) Every time Najib spin doctor up the ante, spinning the stories to damaging Tun M credibility, the bad karma will curse on him instead. Now out of the blue, WSJ came out with damaging story of USD700 million related to 1MDB transferred into Najib personal account. I don't know how true this story is, but certainly it wasn't good for our country image, which will further hampering foreign direct investment and devaluing our currency. Eventually rakyat going to bare the brunt, not Najib.    

7) The only way to end this fiasco and catastrophe, is by releasing Najib from his current duty as PM of Malaysia.  

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