Monday, July 6, 2015

LGBT and Social Impact

1) Recently my colleague have discussion on the acceptance of LGBT in the public realm. As a hard devotee of Catholic, a friend of mine clearly unfavored to the acceptance of LGBT in public domain, using her belief in Catholicism and teaching, she failed to convince my other colleague on her stand.

2) In parallel with general opinion on this issue, I have my own point against this LGBT, on the pretext of their demands to be accepted by the public on the basis of their human right. Is their right to be a gay or lesbian or transgender, I have no problem with that to be honest as long as it's do not detrimental to our society at large.

3) But its also become my concern when this minority start demanding their right to be accepted by the public. Clearly it wasn't down well to the public, and will create public unrest, since it wasn't suit to our general public/social customs.

4) To me when a certain group or individuals or minority demanding their right to be accepted by the majority, it was a sign of arrogance of extremism by the minority, and the majority of moderate of course will feel their right are in jeopardy, then the social unrest would occur.

5) First of all, the public must understand why this LGBT is no good to our social. When the British law started to accept gay marriage, the British people would gonna have problem in the future. It shows the British parliament now succumbed to LGBT extremist demands. It's means the right of the moderates now under treat, and in the end will create a social unrest in the next 20 to 50 years.

6) I can't imagine what would happen to Elton John son when he grew older. Definitely he would become confused when discovering his mother have the same gender with his farther, contradicted to the majority of general parenthood. This is the social problem that Islam and other religions against, because it would create havoc to our society. This sort of reason never been explained by our religious preachers, apart from explaining that it was forbidden in Islam.

7) That is why Islam advocates moderation, and against extremism, because of negative impact that would occur when the extremism rule the world.                    

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