Sunday, February 6, 2011

Egypt Crisis

1) The political riots which took place in Northern African Countries i.e. Egypt and Tunisia as well as in Arab countries i.e. Jordan and Yemen may happen to our nation as well if current government failed to deliver or forgotten its responsibility. In numerous occasions, an opposition politician seems trying to be a champion of this issue. Mahfuz Omar in particular, has challenged PM to pledge his support the removal of Hosni Mubarak by Egyptian. Meanwhile, Dr. Asri over his facebook wall has sought our students in Egypt to learn from the crisis and have sharp sighted over the issue. Dr. Asri has even goes beyond that, he in-fact has asked our student to be involve in the crisis either directly or indirectly. To me it was such an irresponsible act by our Islamic scholar, who should lead by example and show well behaviour to its follower. By educating it followers in resorting for street democracy and also be involve in the crisis was a blatant interference other country sovereignty. One of his followers through his facebook wall, has described me as turn a blind eye to Egyptian fought against tyrannic Mubarak regime by describing me as unconcerned brother on the fought of its Egyptian brothers. They have described the Egyptian fought as religious jihad against tyrannic pro US government by chanting Allahhu Akbar .

2) As a non Egyptian, we should not be involve in whatsoever roles either directly or indirectly over the crisis engulfed by the Egyptians. We should let the matter be resolved by the Egyptians as we have no right whatsoever to be involved in. What we should do is just by learn the Egypt lesson and move forward.

3) The question is, if Mubarak steps down, does it would help Egyptian people to resolve their unemployment rates, high inflation rates, sky high price of goods as well corruption and bribery that has struck them all this while? The answer is of course, there still no certainty that new regime would able to solve these problems. It is for sure, will take lengthy period for new regime to deliver its responsibility as better alternative for its people. Otherwise, the same fate could happen to them either, if the matters do not well take care of.

4) All the facts mentioned above are the key factors for any government to stay in power regardless of whatever political systems one has. China and Cuba for instance, are the clear examples of this analogy. For your info, these countries still ruled by authoritarian communist rules. It is clearly shown that the democracy was not the only absolute solutions for mankind socioeconomic problems.

5) Indeed democracy has failed in delivering its duties as socioeconomic solutions for these countries. Instead it has resulted an unpleasant experience to these countries where the democracy has taken its heavy toll due to its people resorted for street democracy.

6) Malaysia on the other hand has experienced the same fate during 1998, when former Deputy Prime Minister was sacked from government. The crisis that struck Malaysia those days was due to deception of conspiracy. It is absolutely has a nothing to do with unemployment rates or higher price of goods. Instead Malaysia has enjoyed its economic growth for over 8% of GDP growth for 10 consecutives years before Asian financial crisis struck Malaysia during 1997.

7) Coming back to the Egyptian issue, I assume Mubarak was reluctant to step down at the moment due to his concern over the security he may receive if he steps down. It is believe, the Egyptian would turn their vengeance against him since he has no power already. The new regime would of course has to bow to its people demand to avoid as not listening its people voice. Otherwise they may have same fate as Mubarak regime has.

8) For over 31 years of authoritarian rule, Mubarak regime has enjoyed the political stability despite been denying its people rejection over his alliance with US, which means pro Israel. Indeed US also currently playing essential role to ensure her homogony remain intact with new regime. I thinks US has use its political influence to ask Hosni Mubarak to step down in allowing new favoured regime take over. It was because; Egypt is holding key roles for Israel security in West Asia. Therefore unsurprisingly, US willing to fund Egypt Mubarak regime with USD 30 billion bribe over the past three decades.

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