Tuesday, March 8, 2011


1) I wish to congratulate BN/UMNO for having successfully defending Kerdau and Merlimau by-elections.

2) The result has shows a clear indication of people acceptance to current leadership of UMNO/BN. This result reminds me of my meeting with Datuk Nasir at Taman Sri Gombak recently. He confidently believed that BN/UMNO would easily win if GE held soon.

3) I am refused to get carried away with this momentum, yes it is true, there is a sign of voters returning back to BN. But it is only applied to Malays, but what about other races i.e. Chinese and Indian? Aren't they also returning back to BN? Unfortunately, the sign isn't too clear at this point of time.

4) How about the urban Malays, who live in big cities i.e. KL, Penang, JB and etc? Forget about the other races because I am pretty sure those people wont come back to BN yet. They still need more time to think and see.

5) What I am pretty sure is that one day, when Malays started to give their solid votes to BN/UMNO, sooner or later these races i.e non-Malays would return back to BN after their bread and butter are well taken care of by BN. Currently, their minds are too distracted by opposition party who keeps on playing racism sentiment by portraying PERKASA as racist Malay group.

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