Friday, May 25, 2012

Good News to Malaysian Football

1) Clearly it was a good news to Malaysian football when our national youngster Nazmi Faiz Mansor become the first Malaysian to play in European top league. His agent has confirmed the deal that Nazmi has signed 3 year contract with Biera Mar's of Portuguese.

2) As I always firmly believe, in order to step-up our national football level, we need to send our national player abroad, notably in European leagues. We can't rely anymore to our national football league since the level of competency is not even as high as J-League or Korean League. I do believe that one of the key success of Japanese and Korean football is that when they sent their players to play in major European leagues. The experience they had these players will benefit their countries significantly when they are competing in the international level. Therefore Japan and Korean especially never fail to qualify in world cup since 1982.

3) It has been many decades that our national football plunge in the doldrums. Surely this news could become a turning point to our national football out of stagnation and ranked national football team at higher place. I do hope this achievement would bridge a road to the other young talented national players in following the same footstep casted by Nazmi Faiz Mansor.

4) Since 1985 our national football team never won any major tournament except 1989 SEA Games. It took 21 years for our national football team to won the international competition, when our Malayan Tiger team won Suzuki cup in 2010.

5) The stagnation of our national football team could be partly blamed to FAM due to its lack of long terms talent breeding. We have seen many projects has been carried-out by FAM. Starting from Semi Pro, Professional league, bring in imported players etc, none of its bear fruitful. Its only recently, we could see some progress has been made, and Suzuki cup 2010 is the testament of hard works and long terms plan that being carry-out by FAM, fingers crossed I wish it could be maintained.

6) FAM also one of national football association that cannot be criticized. Anyone including FAM official who dares to criticize openly must be ready to received severe punishment. The most recent case is FAM vice president Tan Sri Annuar Musa who received 3 years suspension by FAM for openly criticizing our national football team. Before this, Raja Ahmad and Allahyarham Datuk Paduka Ahmad Basri Akil did received the same fate.

7) This barbaric law imposed by FAM will befall to anyone including some of good officials that has a honest view and good idea to ascending our national football level. Unfortunately, these officials has been kick-out from FAM due to feudalistic behaviour of some of  their top officials.

8) I am pretty sure all Malaysian love their national football team. Otherwise, they would not coming to stadium every time our national football team play. This huge support was obviously seen during Suzuki cup 2010. Even my own brother willing to come all the way from Kedah to see for the first time our national football team play in the final Suzuki cup 2010 in Bukit Jalil stadium.             

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