Sunday, May 27, 2012

Licensed Criminal

1) Never crossed in my mind that one day I would see our Police Department being regarded as licensed criminal. Although I used to have at each other's throats with some of the police officers, but it wasn't a split second I would think that our police as licensed criminal.

2) To me our Police Department has done fantastic jobs in upkeeping our public order and security, thought our police department wasn't 100% perfect. Most of the high profile cases were able to be solved and public at large in the safest state generally.

3) Its make me very awkward to see our Police Department embroiled in the political games of the opposition party and with their advocate Bar Council. A police officer who was clearly beaten by criminal and can be seen via video on YouTube and pictures over blogs and newspapers, was instead labeled as criminal. How on earth are we, still couldn't see the truth even though it was visible and explicitly shown to us.    

4) If not because of  the police, our country might not be able to sustain a peace and harmony since independence. In fact our police playing a key role in keeping public order ever since during state of emergency since 1948 till 1960. Without them, Malaysia might be ruled by communist guerrilla, and of course there will be no democracy at all.

5) Unfortunately, this fact alone can't be seen by us including Marina Mahathir, which supposed to know it's very well. Our society generally immature, we would like to believe something that we like, and most of the cases its derived from mere speculation and hearsay story. The things could have been passed from mouth to mouth over hundred or few thousand people already, and we the last person who hear that story would swallow and accept it blindly without qualm.


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