Monday, April 12, 2010


1) What I have seen in today world, there is a lot of hypocrisy, be it from Islamic, Christianity or even Jewish world. It seems those who has personal or political agenda willingly to misinterpret its own original religious teaching as it would like to be parallel with his own agenda or political will.

2) What we can see in our current political affairs locally or internationally, the willingly of interpretation of cause of action taken by our political counterpart as it would like to be in contrary with our foes. 1001 reasons will be given to justify our cause of actions.  

3) The political will has already destroyed our religion, Christianity and Judaism, we have seen there were many sects among us due to politic, claiming each other weren't not religious or swayed away, the fact is, it is the pot calling the kettle black. As a result, our religion was regarded a religion who promoting a violent as a means of solving the differences.

4) There are one political party who claiming to uphold Islamic state with hudud law in place, willingly to cooperate with other non Islamic party which they had opposed earlier. But today, their spiritual leader had even claims that they willing to cooperate with devil. How easy we are changing our view as to accommodate our current political view. We are actually living with full of lies.

5) There were many politicians in today world would change their skin when meeting with somebody out of their skin, come out with many empty promises to entice votes.

6) The same goes to ISA, many lawyers would claim that the ISA which provides for detention without trial as a bad law, many have urged government to remove that law. The reasons cited is that without a hearing in a court of law, the executive has assumed the role of prosecutor, the judge and the executioner.

7) But the same people, who strongly object to ISA, support the law providing for contempt of court in which the aggrieved judge becomes the prosecutor, the judge and the executioner. Clearly, we are seeing the double standard in the implementation of justice. The hypocrisy was at stake in our today society.

8) The world political affairs also having the same direction, the world super power have spreading lies to the whole world saying the country they don't like having Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) to justify their own course of action.

9) Its only after damaged has been done, the whole world found that there was no WMD at all and after the regime has been removed and the dictator been executed in the court of unjust with full of manipulation.

10) It only just because of political differences and probably there was a hidden agenda behind it, the civilized society resorted to uncivilized means to settle the differences. It clearly a caveman way of doing things.   

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