Friday, April 16, 2010

Inter-faith Committee or Inter-Racial Committee?

1) I support the decision made by Islamic Scholar Committee over the establishment of Inter-racial Committee instead of Inter-faith Committee to avoid the confusion among Muslim devotees in the country.

2) For over 52 years since independent, Islam has gain special status in the constitution as an official religion of the country. For over the same period, none of other religions question this position. In fact other religion devotees are free to practice their believe in the country.

3) Why is this thing happen? Why we must have a sense of prejudice among us? Islam never robe or taken other religions right or vice versa. Or could it be unseen hand who has political agenda or something else to tear apart the harmonious state of the country and trying to incite hatred among us? We should be mindful with these factors.

4) The formation of this committee could possibly provide a stepping stone to opposition parties to politicize certain issue brought up by this committee with regard to religious issue as to gain popularity among the people. Thus, this committee shouldn't be given any authority as it would jeopardize the status of Islam or could be interpreted as to interfere in Islamic affairs of the country.

5) I would only support the formation of this committee if the main objective of this committee is to promote inter-religious understanding and will not touch on the position of Islam or its teaching.

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