Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lesson and Learn

1) The latest issue concerning more than 100 traders protested at KOMTAR on Monday morning over state government decision to renovate Ramadhan Bazaar site and disrupting their business are deeply saddened.

2) To me it was an act of disrespecting and revenge over the Malay community by the DAP. This is what will happen to Malays, if they are not united and divided. Example or preview has been shown over and over again if opposition party took over our nation. Penang is one of the example, if Chinese kiasu people lead the country, while Kelantan is another example of weak Malay leadership to run the state.

3) Kedah on the other hand seems moving in the same direction, the only different is, the implementation of policy by PAS wasn't  done in all of a sudden, PAS under MB Azizan look more clever in his approach. Therefore, we could not see much act of protesting by the Kedahan against the current leadership. But the leakage is slowly unfolding.

4) The above example has shown to us, that PAS cannot and even couldn't do anything to protect Malays if people giving the power to them. It is because of all the three parties having different direction and policy, its just for the sake of breaking down the BN in the general election, they were neither real policy nor real direction set by those parties to tackle the people. Only the fools would simply deceived and forever being deceived by these lying parties.

5) Therefore, I'm expecting the people of Malaysia would learn from the lesson they have since last general election. It is up to you whether to let the status quo remained or change for the better future lies ahead of us.

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