Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lesson and Learn - The Art of Thinking

1) The problem to most of people was, failed to demarcate between the speculation with fact. I had a one clear example, when I had an argument about politic between me and my colleague recently.

2) He has putting a speculation about political scenario in BN component parties i.e., MIC, MCA etc during Tun Dr. Mahathir period as BN chairman and PM. The weight that he is trying to put in is, there is an influence from PM Tun Dr. Mahathir on the selection of president of respective parties mentioned above. To me it was a clearly speculation which has no credible ground in that view. The fact was, the presidents of these parties were elected by their own party members which has no direct connection between them and Dr. Mahathir. Although he could argue that Dr. Mahathir is BN chairman and PM which were the influence lies on the selection of the president of these parties, my answer is YES, he did has a power to choose whoever he wish to be his Minister, but to be elected by their own party members was a speculation in its nature i.e., lack in weight, merely a logical point of view. Because being elected as the president of any political parties is different in its nature. But of course PM has to choose whoever elected by these parties to represent their political strives and views in the government policy administered by him. It was called sharing the power between each party involved. So if we are talking about logical thinking or reasoning, we could create 1001 of logical reasons to prove ourselves. Whether it was fact or fiction is another matter.

3) To me, before we started to argue on whatever issues, we must know how to demarcate between fact and fiction. That is one of my guiding principles in assessing the info available before being criticizing to that notion. It will putting you in more credible ground before could argue about it, in fact lawyers and judges always did it in court.

4) Back to the issue about my argument with my colleague, its help me to assessing his thinking patent actually has not changed since he was a remiser in those days. As a remiser who needs to keep updated with the current  issues whether its true or fiction in the local bourse. The shares being trade by these share traders, is in the way of  speculating the certain share stock in order to raise the price of that share, eventually it will profiting them when the share sold. That is how fund managers, stock brokers and remisers playing their game in the local bourse. This is the thinking patent that I could see from him.

5) I have to admit that I am could very judgmental towards my own friend, which I am not supposed to, but to me he was very judgmental towards me either. By putting a weak and logical reason against me, by assuming me being bias towards Dr. Mahathir since both of us came from the same state, was a logical reason but lack in weight. I am don't really care whoever is the PM and where is he came from, but what I am do really care is the PM who can lead the country and putting the right aspiration of most of its people.           

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