Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Court Battle

1) It look like this word ALLAH issue is not going to end yet, to rub further salt into the wound, there is another new court battle between Melanau woman to challenge Home Ministry decision in confiscating 8 cds of Christian religious teaching containing the word ALLAH. Please clicks here for more info's.

2) Probably this is the high time for the government to act more proactively and more firm over this issue as to avoid further public uproar which could even deteriorate our nation image.

3) There is wide crying from the people who requested government to start reviewing in imposing ISA against the real culprits behind the church's arson.

4) But the question is, who is the real culprits? Can anyone prove it that the real culprits is from Muslim people, the authority need to find sufficient evidents and the real culprits before prosecute them. The authority cannot implement their authority blindly as it could increase the damage that has been done already.

5) As a responsible citizen, we need to stay clam and be matured, let the authority exercise it duty.

6) Apparently, this is a real acid test to 1Malaysia concept which need to deal with delicately.

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