Friday, May 8, 2009

Chelsea vs Barcelona

At last Chelsea failed at home the hand of Barcelona after draw 1 - 1. Barcelona qualified to champion league final to face MU another English club and also defending champion.

I'm not an English soccer fan, so I'm so delighted when heard Barcelona managed to beat Chelsea at semi final and subsequently qualified to final to face another English soccer club. Hopefully, they will succeeded in defeating MU and lift the crown for the third times.

To me personally, Barcelona truly deserved to be crown as champion since this club have played a beautiful game  and always entertaining except their most recent game against Chelsea which in my opinion Chelsea is more deserved to win in terms of statistic and tempo of the game. Clearly, Barcelona were outpace tactically by Chelsea, fortunately due to weakneses by the referee and plus with luck they managed to beat Chelsea on away goal difference.

Hopefully Barcelona will not do the same thing when against MU. We will see it latter in the final. 

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