Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pink Floyd and 70s Rock Bands

I grown up being influenced particularly in music by my elder brother, his name Doli Dolkis b. Ahmad. During my early days I had listen to Sweet Charity, Search, Wings, Deep Purple and etc. Consequently, it was indirectly has shape my view towards music in particular. Deep Purple for instance has been around since late 60s, while Pink Floyd started in playing their own music during mid 60s, the original band members are actually architectural students of London Polytechnic, they originally came from Cambridge. During mid to late 60s, most of British musicians has by far were influenced by Black American blues musicians. By 70s they have introduced a new wave of music which having a basic root from blues called rock. 

Early Pink Floyd line up comprising of Syd Barret, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason. The name Pink Floyd was invented by Syd Barret, this name were derived from 2 Blues musicians which Syd Barret admired namely Pink Anderson and Floyd Counsil. Syd has set a Pink Floyd music standard which we can hear until today. Pink Floyd in early days having moderate success in British psychedelic rock scene. Pink Floyd became famous among popular club notably UFO and etc. After Syd left the band due to physiological factor, David Gilmore joint the band just to replaced him. Since then Roger Waters started to play important role being main source of idea, thus most of Pink Floyd songs was invented by Roger Waters during 70s. This period was considered the most creative period of Pink Floyd which we can hear it in Dark Side Of The Moon (considered the most creative album of all time and highly successful album which stayed in Billboard top chart for 14 years - none others musician could do that until now), Wish You Were Here, Animal and The Wall. This period can be known as golden era of rock music. The well elaborated live concert, colourful ligthing, creative cover art album and sonic sound recording has put them as the most creative band in the world.

What make Pink Floyd special is liaise to it band members notably Roger Waters and David Gilmore who playing a key role in determine Pink Floyd sound even though there's many cases that both of them indulged in creative argument in setting up Pink Floyd songs which eventually had bursted by during 80s. Since then, David Gilmore has taken a role as band leader and consequently brought a new direction to Pink Floyd songs. Even though, during this period their lyric was not as creative as during 70s, but generally their musical arrangement and song became more melodic than those during Roger Waters.

The true blend of cooperation among all of band members is during Dark Side of The Moon and the late 60s. While Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, The Who, Queen, Genesis and etc has brought another direction so called heavy metal. These bands has shape most of 80s rock bands namely Metallica, Gun & Roses, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake and many more. If we look back to the root of music that we listen nowadays, whether it rock or hip hop or R&B or anything which called modern music all are derived from it root called Blues.


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