Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zionism & Jews

There was wide misconception on Jews particularly by most of Muslim community. I'm not intended to defend or by far to protect Jews. The reason why I say this, it is of course Jews and Zionism were two different thing. Jews is referring to people who born from Jews parent and embracing Judaism as their religion. While Zionism was a political view by most of Jews in which secularism as their principle in order to establish Zionist State of Israel.

Zionism movement founded by Theodor Herzl in 1896 whose goal is to return Jews to mount Zion or Land of Israel. The name Zionism came from Hill Zion on which the temple of Jerusalem was situated. The Jews in the ancient time were banished from the land of Israel because they had failed to fulfill their obligation to the God. Every Jews acknowledge this in his prayer, they accepted the penalty of exile and were expressed their sworn by God and would not accelerate their redemption on their own, not to rebel against nation under whose rule they were found. To the contrary, Jews is commanded to pray for peace and well being of government of which he is the subject. Jews as a whole will continue to pray that the God will send hid Messenger who will lead all the Jews who scattered around the world back to their holy land of Israel and finally will built the temple.   

Zionist movement which was formed at the latter part of the last century endow the Jews with nationalistic character. It sought to deprive them of their historically religious character and offered in substitution of faith and adherence to the Torah, and believe in their ultimate redemption by the coming of messiah, a nationalistic ideology and establishing through political media, a Jewish national homeland.

The Jewish immigrant started to increased and eventually exceeding the Orthodox Jewish settlers since The Balfour Declaration, which recognised a Jewish national homeland in Palestine. Since then the Arab inhabitant started to exhibit it open hostility to their Jewish neighbour.

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  1. Assalamualaikum saudara bey.
    Saya memang cetek ilmu, terutama tentang zionis. Dengan penerangan saudara sekurangnya saya dapat pengetahuan tentang, apa itu Zionis.
    Teruskan usaha menulis.