Friday, May 8, 2009

Real Madrid

There's a rumours saying that Real Madrid will reshuffle the whole team next season including replacing Juande Ramos with a new coach, Jose Maurinho was tipped to be a coach next season. It is undeniably that Jose Maurinho is a good coach, his records says that. But the question is, do Juande Ramos is wasn't a good coach? His records with Sevilla says that except with Spurs. Probably English Premier League could not suit to him, I think so. But his record so far with Real Madrid so far is pretty encouraging, Real managed to collect 52 points out of 54 points available, won 17games out of 18 games.  This is absolutely such a great achievement, not many former Real coach's achieve this achievement.

Even if compared his records with Pep Guardiola (current Barcelona coach) in terms of point scoring, his records is better than Pep Guardiola. Real Madrid should look into this record before making any decision to replace him. For my point of view, Real should give him a chance for another one more season to lead Real Madrid. It is unfair for him since he was taken over from Benr Schuster when Real having 12 points deficit from Barcelona.

His ability to narrow the gap to just 4 points from the top leader (Barcelona) is absolutely fantastic, only the inability to up the pace during big games i.e. during against Barcelona and Liverpool seems a bit distraction to him. But I'm truly believe that he aware about this scenario which need to rectify by next season if he remained as Real Madrid coach.  

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