Monday, December 7, 2009

BTN - Nazri Aziz

1) I do not interested to talk about the BTN syllabus, how it was implemented all this while or whether the government make right decision or not to overhaul this programme. But I do really care on how Nazri Aziz responded to Tun Dr Mahathir opinion over this issue see hear

2) Its ok for us to have different opinion or disagree on whatever issues we talk about. But we must express our opinion in a professional manner as to show our integrity as good politician. Nazri Aziz seems failed in this regard. As politician, the way you talk and do will be watched by the people, in the end they will decide whether you will remain or not as their leader.

3) I felt pity to Nazri Aziz because he failed to lead by example as BN politician. For me, he seems have a personal vendetta against Tun Dr Mahathir since during Tun Abdullah era.

4) Furthermore, I totally cannot accept over his opinion on Chedet blog which he had regarded as racist. I would like to ask Nazri Aziz, how should you do if your own race were attacked left and right upside down by other races. Or you just simply keep quiet let them do whatever they like without do anything to defend ourselves? It this Nazri Aziz wanted? If it is true, it shows how bloody irresponsible he is.

5) It is not my prerogative to ask Dato' Seri Najib to replace him with other responsible leader, but I do believe people out there felt annoying with his behavior. Otherwise, in the end BN will bear the cost.

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