Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Petronas - Lotus F1 Team

1) I'm fully support Petronas decision to sponsor Mercedes GP team instead Lotus F1 Team.

2) Lotus F1 Team was very upset with that decision, they even claims that Petronas do not patriotic in making such decision, please clicks here for more info.

3) For me, it very simple, Mercedes is global brand, whatever brand associate with Mercedes would provide a great impact to that brand. Hence, it would provide a good marketing platform for Petronas lubricant market.

4) I don't understand why Petronas decision considered not patriotic, what about Petronas decision to sponsor Mercedes, does it not patriotic either?

5) Tony Fernandez is good marketing men, I'm sure, he has many good contacts out there whether its from international or local company who can sponsor this team. Don't be a crying baby by claiming Petronas should sponsor Lotus F1 Team since Air Asia using Petronas jet fuel all this while, for me it was a different story which doesn't related at all.

6) There will always obstacles when dealing with patriotism while at same time you need to justify in commercial terms either.

7) Since Lotus F1 Team involvement in F1 considered patriotic, what they should do is to find other government agencies who willing to spent people money to sponsor this team, then they can call it a true patriotism, ha ha ha ha.

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