Saturday, February 20, 2010

Abbey Road Studios & Pink Floyd

1) It is believed that currently EMI searching for a buyer who interested to buy over the legendary Abbey Road Studios they hold.

2) Lloyd Webber is reported have a keen interest to buy this studios, please clicks here for more info's.

3) This studios must be preserved since it already placed itself as one of most historical site of British musical industry. The Beatles recorded many of their 1960's singles and record albums in this studios. Therefore, Andrew Lloyd Webber decision are most welcome.

4) This studios remind me of Pink Floyd who recorded their highly successful albums notably Wish You Were Here in 1975 and Dark Side of The Moon in 1973 which I got both albums at my keeping and became one of the my most favorites albums.

5) To understand Pink Floyd, one need to have deep understanding of their music in general as well as must knowing their history because every albums starting from Dark Side of the Moon to The Wall their lyrics and music always have deep appreciation towards of their past history and current socio-political during that time. It can be seen in Animals, but this album it was recorded in their own studios Britannia Row.

6) I have started to follow Pink Floyd when one of my good friends who had introduced The Division Bell, since then I became avid fans of Pink Floyd and started to listen most of their albums during Roger Waters era and David Gilmour era as well.

7) Unfortunately, Pink Floyd might not recording albums anymore, especially after Richard Wright passing. The original band members were seen played together for the last time during Live 8 concerts promoted by their old friends Bob Geldof who used to starred as Pink in Pink Floyd's 1982 film Pink Floyd The Wall.

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